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The motherboard is the foundation of a computer, and these motherboards can help you lay the foundation

The motherboard is the foundation of a computer, and these motherboards can help you lay the foundation

As the base of a desktop computer, the motherboard must not be poor in materials and materials. If the foundation is not firm, the superstructure will be loose. Therefore, if the motherboard is too poor, the performance of the graphics card, CPU, and memory cannot be fully utilized, and it may even cause other problems. A damage to the hardware. Therefore, when we are preparing to assemble a desktop computer, we need to determine the type of motherboard we should choose, and we need to choose a model with excellent materials and quality. So how should we choose in the face of a variety of motherboard models on the market, so today I would like to ask you to recommend a few excellent motherboards.

Onda B550PLUS-2.5GW

AMD processor is a cost-effective choice for many users. Excellent performance and affordable price allow everyone to experience stronger performance. So the motherboard with AMD processor should also have an eye-catching performance in terms of cost performance. A bright performance. Onda B550PLUS-2.5GW is a motherboard with excellent cost performance and excellent materials. In terms of appearance design, this motherboard adopts an all-white PCB design style, which brings a refreshing feeling to users. There are many fashionable trend elements, which are more in line with the needs of young people in pursuit of individuality and trends. And the large-area aluminum alloy heat dissipation armor on the motherboard also adopts white and silver spray color matching, which complements the PCB color of the motherboard. Secondly, these heat sinks cover the power supply, M.2 slot and the motherboard chipset. The main heat sources are all Taken care of.

In terms of processor support, Onda B550PLUS-2.5GW adopts AM4 socket and supports AMD Ryzen 4th and 5th generation processors. In order to ensure that the motherboard can give full play to the performance of the processor, this motherboard uses 8+2 phase enhanced digital power supply, all solid capacitors, low-temperature MOSFETs, and fully enclosed ferrite inductors to protect the overclocking of the processor. With a 6-layer PCB, its stability and durability are greatly improved.At the same time, this motherboard also supports memory overclocking function, providing us with dual-channel DDR4 high-speed XMP memory, which can be set for overclocking with one key, and the frequency can reach up to 3600MHz, which greatly improves the system speed.

Summary: Onda B550PLUS-2.5GW’s white appearance, silver embellishment and various decorative patterns make our eyes shine. These young and fashionable elements, and secondly, the motherboard itself is also made of excellent materials. It supports memory overclocking and brings more nice experience.

Some friends may be more inclined to buy a CPU + motherboard set when buying a motherboard, which is not only more affordable, but also more convenient for everyone. Therefore, we also recommend the combination set of 13490F boxed + MSI B760MMORTARMAXWIFIDDR4 for everyone. MSI B760MMORTARMAXWIFIDDR4 is a well-known mortar motherboard, which must be familiar to many DIY players. This time, the MSI B760M mortar is still so good. The intelligent power supply of 12+1+1 channels can provide Intel 13th generation processors. The power supply is sufficient. In terms of motherboard heat dissipation, there are also extended VRM heat sinks and heat conduction pads, which can efficiently discharge heat from the main heat-generating area. In terms of memory, this motherboard has 4 slots, supports dual channels, and through independent circuit design, effectively reduces impedance and reduces circuit interference, thereby ensuring the stability and reliability of memory high-frequency signals, so this motherboard It can support memory frequency up to DDR4-5333+MHz (OC).

In terms of CPU, the i513490F processor is also the most familiar cost-effective processor for players. The suffix of this processor is F, which means that it has no nuclear display, so not only the cost is reduced, but also the heat generation is also reduced. It can be said to kill two birds with one stone. . Secondly, this processor is built based on the latest Raptor Lake S architecture, with a large and small core design. It has a core specification of 10 cores and 16 threads, a basic frequency of 2.5GHz, and a maximum turbo frequency of 4.8GHz. It performs very well under high loads.

Summary: The combination of i513490F boxed + MSI B760MMORTARMAXWIFIDDR4 is currently priced at 2649 yuan, which is much cheaper than buying it separately, and these two products are high-quality products widely recognized by players and are worth buying.

If you are a user who wants to pursue a flagship-level experience, then the motherboard must also use flagship-level products in order to fully utilize the performance of the flagship-level processor. At the same time, the flagship-level motherboard has more rich configurations and functions. The GALAXY Z790 Metal Master D5 Platinum Edition is based on the flagship positioning, but also adds a motherboard with rich appearance elements. In terms of appearance, the main motherboard adopts white and black contrasting colors, the PCB board and heat dissipation armor are all white, while the PCI-E slots, memory slots, and various interface slots are black, and white is the main color. Embellished with black, this contrasting color design is very visually impactful. In terms of heat dissipation, this motherboard is equipped with M.2 Frost Armor and extended heat sink, and it is guaranteed that each M.2 interface is equipped with an M.2 Frost Armor to assist in heat dissipation, while the extended heat sink can Further reduce the temperature of the power supply area and enhance the performance under high load.

GALAXY Z790 Metal Master D5 Platinum Edition supports Intel 12th and 13th generation processors and has 15-phase high-efficiency power supply. In terms of memory, it supports DDR5 memory, and the memory frequency can be overclocked to 6800MHz or higher through manual overclocking, and it can guarantee Stable operation at such a high frequency. Secondly, it is also equipped with a new generation of PCI-E5.0 graphics card slot, supports PCI-E5.0x16, the peak transmission bandwidth can reach an astonishing 512GB/s, and it is also guaranteed to be backward compatible with PCI-E4.0. In terms of interfaces, HDMI and DP interfaces, USB3.2GenType-A and Type-C interfaces are all available. At the same time, 2.5G wired network card, Wi-Fi6E and Bluetooth 5.2 are provided. The rich expansion performance allows us to easily access various devices. , bringing us an excellent user experience. At the same time, this motherboard also provides AURORASYNC lighting effect system, the unique lighting effect control software of GALAX motherboard, which supports more than 20 kinds of lighting effect adjustments connected to RGB devices and can perform synchronous lighting effect control.

Summary: The appearance of GALAXY Z790 Metal Master D5 Platinum Edition is a clear stream, with white as the main color and black contrasting color design, which is very eye-catching, followed by rich interfaces, excellent materials, and excellent heat dissipation. Demonstrates its flagship position

In this article, I introduce 3 motherboards and 1 processor, one of which is a package of CPU + motherboard, and a cost-effective motherboard for AMD processors, and a flagship motherboard for Intel processors , but no matter which motherboard we recommend for everyone, it is a high-quality product, because we are well aware of the importance of the motherboard. Without a solid and stable foundation, there is no room for the superstructure such as CPU, graphics card, and memory. If you want to If you want to buy a host, don’t let go of these motherboards.

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