The most “U” solution for young families’ life!Jiangnan U2 is officially on the market, starting at only 56,800 yuan


On February 26, at the launch conference site of Jiangnan U2, the “leapfrog U show” jointly created by Jiangnan Automobile and Mango Super Media, the leapfrog smart pure electric car Jiangnan U2 announced its official launch. The 400 version, 400 S version, and 400 Pro version have a total of 6 configurations, and the official guide price is 56,800 to 98,800 yuan. Relying on the four core charms of leapfrog style, leapfrog enjoyment, leapfrog intelligence, and leapfrog peace of mind, Jiangnan U2 will reshape the value benchmark of the domestic small car market and become the most “U” solution for the life of young families!

In response to this listing, Jiangnan Automobile also launched 5 major car purchase rights and interests, so that consumers can buy and use with confidence. From now until April 30 (inclusive), users can enjoy the following benefits after successfully paying 99 yuan to place an order through official online channels such as Jiangnan Automobile’s official website and Jiangnan Automobile APP:

1. The deposit is inflated. If the user successfully pays the deposit of 99 yuan, he can enjoy a discount of 99 yuan to 2,000 yuan when paying the final payment;

2. Free road assistance for the first non-operating car owner for life;

3. Lifetime warranty for the first non-operating vehicle Sandian; 3-year or 120,000-kilometer warranty for non-operating vehicles;

4. The first car owner’s 2-year Internet of Vehicles traffic (5G/month), only limited to 3 configurations of 300 S version, 400 S version, and 400 Pro version;

5. National priority to pick up the car.

  Extraordinary style, bold enjoyment, appearance and strength are all required

The appearance of Jiangnan U2 adopts the design concept of “urban retro aesthetics”. It is inspired by Bingdundun, the mascot of the Beijing Winter Olympics. beauty of. The hidden door handle and warm waistline make the side profile of the whole vehicle natural, supplemented by the short front/rear overhang design, the small, cute, warm and cute shape makes people fall in love at first sight. The 17-inch U-cool cutting aluminum alloy wheels are stylish and stylish, and they are unmatched among models of the same level. They can easily hold the audience when you go out on the street, and you will earn enough heads!

Based on a deep insight into the young family user group, the interior design of Jiangnan U2 is also unique. The interior of “Deep Breath·Ocean” uses digital blue & light gray as the main color scheme, which instantly puts passengers in a relaxed and pleasant cockpit atmosphere and relieves the pressure brought by fast-paced urban life.The seats of the whole car are made of environmentally friendly soft-covering fabric technology, which guarantees the air quality in the car from the source, completely bid farewell to various harmful volatiles, and allows young families with babies to enjoy high-quality and worry-free companionship, and feel at ease in the back row.lie”.

In addition, the Jiangnan U2 has an ultra-long wheelbase of 2521mm, and the rear space is comparable to that of an A-class car. The lighting area of ​​the boundless starry sky on the roof reaches an astonishing 1.24?, which can block 96% of ultraviolet rays. Under the blue sky, white clouds, sunshine and starry sky, it will accompany you to experience the beauty of nature. In addition to the spacious ride experience, the loading capacity of Jiangnan U2 should not be underestimated – after the second row of seats is down, its 300L trunk volume can be further expanded to 750L, which can easily accommodate outdoor camping equipment and meet the diversification of young families Travel needs.

  Powerful smart driving, intimate network connection, the car has become “true and smart” from now on

In the field of intelligent driving, Jiangnan U2 is equipped with the industry-leading Mobileye EyeQ4 chip, 5 ultrasonic radars, 4 high-definition cameras and 1 IFC camera, integrated ACC adaptive cruise, FCW forward collision warning, AEB automatic emergency braking, LDW lane departure Early warning, LCC lane centering control, TJA traffic jam assist, IHBC intelligent far and near beam control, TSR traffic sign recognition, ICA integrated cruise assist, ISL intelligent speed limit, a total of 10 functions, support 0-120km/h full-speed adaptive follow-up cruise , The scope of application covers high-speed, national highways, cities and other scenarios, which greatly liberates the driver’s feet.

On the other hand, Jiangnan U2 proposed the concept of smart playmate cockpit for the first time. From then on, the interior of the car is not only a traditional travel space, but also an entertainment and social space for young families. Through smart devices such as mobile phones and watches, users can remotely view vehicle information, control the vehicle, and share Bluetooth keys with other family members with one click. The immersive voice interaction system adopts full-duplex mode, supports dual-sound zone recognition for the main driver and the co-pilot, and can realize multiple rounds of continuous dialogue after one wake-up. Sitting in the car of Jiangnan U2, young dads and nurses can comfortably enjoy “move your mouth and never touch it”, which adds another guarantee to the safety of car use.

In addition, thanks to the Andriod ecology, the central control screen of U2 can be transformed into a tablet in seconds in the PAD mode, allowing massive applications to be downloaded at will, and you can play however you want. Baby Artifact”. The audio system that supports 360-degree full-vehicle stereo can adjust the time delay of each channel at the same time, and supports front and rear sound partitions to ensure that every passenger in the car can get the best listening experience; in the “baby care” mode, it also It can automatically lower the volume in the front row to reduce the disturbance to the baby’s sleep.

  Ultimate safety, excellent driving control, guarding every trip

Safety is always the hardest trump card for a car. Jiangnan U2 is based on the J-Smart 1.0 pure electric platform, which adopts a flexible chassis design, is equipped with a modular battery pack and an “all-in-one” electric drive, taking into account long battery life and strong power. In terms of body safety, the high-strength steel cage body of Jiangnan U2 takes the battery as the core of the design, and forms a frame-shaped protective structure around it. In the event of a collision, the safety of the battery will be given priority under the premise of ensuring the safety of the driver and passengers.

Jiangnan U2 is equipped with a safer lithium iron phosphate battery. The battery pack has undergone a number of rigorous tests, including more than 10,000 hours of three-comprehensive bench tests, over 1,000,000 kilometers of vehicle road tests, and mechanical tests far exceeding the national standard. After actively triggering thermal runaway on the battery pack, it can achieve over 24 There is no open flame for hours, and after the impact test of the simulated stone on the bottom of the battery pack, it can still meet the IP67 protection standard. The battery pack adopts a multi-level temperature control early warning and protection control system, which can realize 24-hour active monitoring and protect battery safety at all times.

In addition to supporting two modes of fast charging and slow charging, Jiangnan U2 will also launch a 4C overcharging version in the future, which is equipped with a high-rate flash charging core, an intelligent liquid-cooled temperature control system and a quad-core super-power BMS system. It can last for 200km. The maximum motor power of Jiangnan U2 is 80kW. It has three driving modes: standard, energy-saving, and sports, and two steering modes: comfort and sports. It is supplemented by professional chassis adjustment and 4.8m ultra-small turning, allowing users to enjoy hearty driving. pleasure.

  Comprehensive leapfrog can play strength, redefine the car benchmark

As the pioneer of Jiangnan Automobile’s transition to the intelligent pure electric field, Jiangnan U2 not only has a unique design, many leapfrog comfort configurations, and a large space comparable to A-class cars, but also surpasses the dust in terms of intelligence—whether it is hardware The self-developed full-stack J-Pilot 1.0 intelligent driving assistance system, full-duplex voice interaction, and the industry’s innovative car and PAD separation mode can be called the ceiling of domestic small cars.

At the same time, Jiangnan Motors adheres to the user-centered approach, and always puts the ultimate safety concept throughout the U2’s entire life-cycle R&D cycle to ensure body safety, battery safety, and control safety, and eliminate consumers’ worries. With the return of the price and sales policy full of sincerity this time, Jiangnan U2 is bound to lead the domestic small car market into a new era, consolidate the brand mission of “let every young family feel the beauty of smart travel”, and far exceed the same Level product strength, becoming the most anticipated smart pure electric car in 2023!


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