“The Long Season” detonated a new type of “life suspense” Liu Yitie and Fan Wei interpreted the entanglement between father and son

“The Long Season” detonated a new type of “life suspense” Liu Yitie and Fan Wei interpreted the entanglement between father and son


Produced by Tencent Video, produced by Where (Xiamen) Films Co., Ltd., directed by Xin Shuang, starring Fan Wei, Qin Hao, and Chen Minghao, and starring Li Gengxi, Liu Yitie, and Jiang Qiming, the life suspense drama “The Long Season” is currently on Tencent Video Network solo broadcast. The unique “life-style suspense” style of the play made the audience shine. The wonderful performance of a group of powerful actors and the interlocking plot make people addicted. The young actor Liu Yitie plays Fan Wei’s son Wang Yang in the play. The rivalry between the scenes is full of tension, and a pair of “father and son enemies” are played.

Freshness with new faces

Powerful newcomers are not afraid of challenges

Director Xin Shuang and the original team of “The Hidden Corner” worked again after two years, exploring new types of suspense dramas, presenting a refreshing feeling to the audience, and opening the “sinister” mode of “life suspense”.

Brand-new types and excellent scripts are also inseparable from the actors’ performances. Compared with the main actors in the play, such as Fan Wei, Qin Hao, Chen Minghao, Liu Lin, Li Gengxi, and Shi Pengyuan, Liu Yitie, who plays Wang Yang, may not be well-known to the audience, but his performance in the play is remarkable. Provide the audience with a sense of freshness that has not been seen for a long time. Especially in the transition scene at the end of the first episode, as the weather turned from sunny to cloudy, the expression on Wang Yang’s face also changed from the bright “seamless connection” when he first saw Shen Mo to the loss of consciousness after suffering a huge stimulus, highlighting the actor’s skills and talents.

In the just-concluded hit drama “The Road to Life”, Liu Yitie’s Gao Sanxing made the audience “hate” vigorously; in the movie “Sniper”, he is the scout Liangliang who writes blood books without fear of sacrifice; In the TV series “Beyond”, the young Zheng Kaixin played by him made the audience appreciate the cruelty and hardship of competitive sports… As a young actor, Liu Yitie has a “play face” of “only living for the role”. In “The Long Season”, Wang Yang’s story has just begun, what will happen between him and Shen Mo? And why his father Wang Xiang couldn’t let go of his death for a long time? Everything makes people want to explore in depth.

Acting “silky” unconventional

Young actor Liu Yitie speaks by character

Wang Xiang and Wang Yang, who lived in 1998, are not only a pair of “enemy father and son” in an ordinary family, but also the biggest reason why Wang Xiang can’t get out of the “long season” 18 years later. At the end of the first episode, from Wang Xiang sitting at the table with a drenched Wang Yang, to the moment the camera turns and freezes the portrait of Wang Yang on the wall, the mystery of the cause of his son’s death is not only Wang Xiang’s heart knot, but also promotes the development of the plot. important clues.

In the premiere plot, Wang Yang, played by Liu Yitie, played a rebellious boy in the “father and son fight” with Fan Wei; then he met Shen Mo for the first time, and in the scene of revealing his heart in the entertainment plaza and school, he will be ignorant and reckless again. It feels just right, two completely different emotions, and interspersed with the loss of soul due to unexpected events, the “silky” switching between the three states makes it hard to imagine that this is a rookie actor with only a few years of acting experience . As an important promoter of the follow-up plot, Wang Yang’s life experience and actor Liu Yitie’s careful interpretation are also worth looking forward to!

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