The template for the career coffee counterattack is released

The template for the career coffee counterattack is released


Usually, March and April are called the golden period of job-hopping. However, the general environment in recent years, not to mention the golden period of job hunting, is really “burning incense” to “not be laid off”, especially embarrassing middle-aged people who move bricks The family has to face the life pressure of the old and the young, and is either struggling or walking on thin ice in the workplace, and faces various “beatings” by the society at any time.

At this time, some realistic and passionate dramas are needed, and Yang Ma made a decisive move to launch a new template for counterattacks for middle-aged career fans!

“City of Youth” starring Qin Hailu, Lin Yushen, Reyiza, and Zhu Yuchen is perfect for a closer look. Xia Mo, played by Qin Hailu, truly reproduces the difficult road of most 35+ middle-aged people. Aoli Electric Power Equipment Company, which was operating in the late summer, is facing a severe test on the road to transformation. She went through the process of recovering the owed money and was almost cheated.

At the end of Xia, when the workplace is not going well, the “love field” is also full of difficulties. She is divorced and has a baby, and she relies on this nanny to take care of the family. Who knows that while the company is in dire straits, the nanny is also clamoring to resign. Life at the end of Xia can be described as a mess.

But Xia Mo was not overwhelmed by these challenges. She is very forward-looking and has taken a fancy to the field of “science and technology innovation”. But the reality is not so simple. Under the guidance of others, Xia Mo started to get involved in smart charging piles for new energy vehicles. After getting the initial results, she was determined to expand the research and development field, but this decision was dissuaded by her partners and friends around her.

On the other hand, the Fang Yuan ship played by Lin Yushen is also on the road to research and development. Fang Yuanjian, like Xia Mo, believes that technology is the core of development. He painstakingly researches a technology related to intelligent AI, but this extremely innovative road faces constant difficulties in the early stages of research and development, and it can be described as internal and external troubles. A certain previously developed technology of the Fang Yuan ship was actually mastered by a foreign company with funds. The other party not only opened his mouth, but also wanted to swallow all the subsequent research results. Fang Yuan’s technological development fell into a quagmire for a while.

Whether the company was on the verge of bankruptcy or was questioned by the company’s employees at the beginning, and then faced all-round challenges in focusing on the development of “scientific innovation”, Xia Mo and Fang Yuanjian never said a word “no”. In fact, both Xia Mo and Fang Yuanjian have gone through too many choices that may be more difficult and painful than ordinary people, but they gritted their teeth and persisted.

Sometimes a crisis can also be a turning point. Just like Xia Mo in the play, if the factory hadn’t gone bankrupt, she might not have realized the importance of the scientific and technological innovation field. In addition, people’s “life and death” are often decided in their own hands. There may be many disturbances and crises in the outside world, but as long as you are not afraid to move forward, the future is really full of opportunities!

For the blood, you have to watch “City of Youth”!

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