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The HIC 2023 Strategic Upgrade Ceremony ended successfully, starting a journey of all-round empowerment

The HIC 2023 Strategic Upgrade Ceremony ended successfully, starting a journey of all-round empowerment

From March 2 to 4, 2023, Hangzhou Haicheng High Choice Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as HIC) held an industry peak event at Kaiyuan Senbo Holiday Manor, Mogan Mountain, Deqing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The HIC 2023 Strategic Upgrade Ceremony, titled “All things are bright and new”, was attended by thousands of people. It lasted for three days and included industry peak forums, new strategy releases, new empowerment plans, debuts of potential new products, and big names in the industry. Keynote speeches and other content not only set up an important milestone for HIC’s overall strategic upgrade and phased development, but also pointed out new opportunities for HIC’s future development.

“Vientiane on a New Journey” – Respect for the Present: Raise a toast to meet each other and embark on a new journey together

At 19:08 on March 2, the HIC Strategic Upgrade Ceremony officially opened. At this event, senior executives from HIC gathered at the scene to discuss the current stage and future development direction of HIC.

[Picture Notes: CFO Dom on the left, CEO Da Bai on the second from the left, Chairman Liu Jie in the middle, CMO Julia on the second from the right, COO Figo on the right]

At the beginning of the dinner, HIC Chairman Liu Jie delivered a speech to welcome the participants present, and then HIC CEO Dabai explained the theme of the conference, and also explained the goals of HIC’s overall strategic upgrade and phased development.

During the meeting, HIC commended and highly affirmed the outstanding entrepreneurs and teams of the year. Among them, 50 outstanding distributors were awarded the “HIC Pilot Star” award, and 14 teams with outstanding performance were awarded the honorary title of “Star Team”. ” and “New Team Title”. The story of HIC helping entrepreneurs achieve self-achievement continues, and in the future, HIC will work with these entrepreneurs to create a better future.

“Juguangye Xinhui”——respect for profession: enlighten the spark of profession, respect the ability of ingenuity

This grand ceremony is honored to invite world-renowned brands such as Bio-E, BeauEver, Wonderlab, EZZ, Dermalogica, Kohel, FULL POPO, as well as 20 platform group buying brands such as Dr. Brand power, continue to empower the brand.

At the Bio-E brand oral beauty summit forum, Ms.Lauren Gilbert, commercial consul of the Australian Consulate General in Shanghai, talked about the development and prospect of bilateral trade between China and Australia. She highly affirmed the HIC cross-border e-commerce model in the current transnational trade The advantages also express the bright vision of working hand in hand with HIC in the future for in-depth cooperation. In addition, Dr. Feng Hua, the godmother of the beauty industry, Usui Shi, a Japanese raw material expert, Chen Siting, a Taiwanese product research and development expert, Zhang Yingxia, the head of the Health Research Institute, Yang Wenjing, deputy beauty director of “ELLE”, Du Peng, senior editor of “Ruili”, Bio-E product development Elaine and other industry experts discussed the future trend and application prospect of oral beauty.

It is worth noting that Diana, CEO of Bio-E Asia-Pacific region, Dabai, CEO of HIC, and representatives of 12 major R&D laboratories, health research institutes, and Australian R&D teams signed contracts at the meeting and established a long-term cooperative relationship. In the future, HIC will cooperate with the above-mentioned The three major R&D teams work together to lead the new future of beauty.

“Chasing the light to the future” – Respect the future: give yourself light, respect the infinite future

On the last day of the HIC Strategic Upgrade Ceremony, HIC Chairman Liu Jie, who is also a senior investor, senior AI expert, and senior strategic consultant, combined with HIC’s past achievements, stated the vision of HIC’s 2023 development in the keynote speech on the last day: continue Help individual start a business, manage innovation, and make lasting profits. Chairman Liu Jie also systematically summarized the help that HIC can provide to thousands of entrepreneurs: brand-new ideas, innovative models, standardized processes, leading tools, and nanny-style services. At the same time, HIC executives and distributors jointly held the launch ceremony of the 2023 annual target on the stage.

In addition, the sharing session of HIC entrepreneurs on the stage is also impressive. The stories of some entities operators, overseas purchasing agents and micro-business representatives from all walks of life successfully transformed into HIC dealers are shown from multiple dimensions. The excellence and bright prospects of the entrepreneurial model of “HIC+entrepreneurs” attract more and more people to join HIC.

The HIC 2023 Strategic Upgrade Ceremony came to a successful conclusion in three days, and the all-round empowerment journey started from this has officially started. HIC will continue to make efforts on the e-commerce track with its unique market positioning and a complete set of empowerment systems, interpreting a new chapter of public domain global brand management and private domain full-chain services, let us wait and see!

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