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Yingke Medical’s new operating philosophy? When doing good deeds drives business

Yingke Medical’s new operating philosophy? When doing good deeds drives business

What is the nature of an enterprise? There is a view that the existence of an enterprise is an economic organization that conducts production and operation for the purpose of profit, and provides products and services for the society.

As a company with an important position in the field of global medical consumables, Yingke Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Yingke Medical or the company), on March 3, the only national public offering fund in the field of voluntary services under the supervision of the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China The meeting – China Volunteer Service Foundation, held the signing ceremony of Yingke Medical’s “Firefly Guardian Midwest 100 Plan” public welfare activity at the Sina headquarters in Beijing.

In this public welfare program, Yingke Medical will continue to donate protective consumables such as nitrile and PVC disposable medical examination gloves to 100 county-level hospitals in the central and western regions, and jointly improve the diagnosis and treatment of county-level hospitals in the central and western regions by uniting professional physician volunteers level. This coincides with the content of the 2023 government work report just released. The report pointed out that in the future, it is necessary to promote the expansion and sinking of high-quality medical resources and the balanced distribution of regions.

Behind the good deeds are driven by corporate values

Fireflies can start a prairie fire.

People are individuals who pursue meaning, and business is the same. Ingram Medical’s public welfare actions do not only pursue social effects, but project the ideal and vision of a medical enterprise behind it.

Yingke Medical was established in 2009 and is in a leading position in related fields. Due to his long-term experience in the international market, Liu Fangyi, chairman of Yingke Medical, has an international perspective in business operations. He not only recognizes the practical significance of corporate social responsibility, but is also committed to bringing Chinese manufacturing to the center of the international stage.

Driven by corporate values, Yingke Medical takes the protection of people’s health and safety as its own responsibility, especially during the three years of the epidemic, Yingke Medical has fully demonstrated the responsibility of a medical company. It is not difficult to imagine that if medical staff do not wear gloves and carry drug-resistant bacteria, and through contact with other medical staff or patients’ hands, it may cause bacteria to cross-parasitize among patients. Correct and timely wearing of disposable protective gloves can reduce the chance of patients being infected with germs on the one hand, and on the other hand, can also reduce the risk of infection among medical staff and improve occupational safety and happiness.

To this end, Yingke Medical has continuously achieved new breakthroughs through its global upstream and downstream layout. At the same time, to some extent, the development of Yingke Medical also promotes the improvement of the national medical level.

However, due to the abundance of raw materials and the impact of cost, the distribution of nitrile and PVC disposable medical examination gloves, a common and extremely important medical product, is uneven across the country.

From the perspective of the regional distribution of medical and health resources, the problems of uncoordination and imbalance in the eastern, central and western regions are prominent. The resources of high-quality tertiary hospitals are mainly concentrated in first- and second-tier cities, especially in the north, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The allocation rate of medical and health resources in the western region is obvious. On the low side. In this context, Yingke Medical’s donation plan will provide a comprehensive guarantee for the improvement of medical protection conditions and optimization of the medical treatment environment in county-level hospitals in the central and western regions.

Yingke Medical has always adhered to the corporate values ​​of “to love, to be kind, to seek truth”. Among them, “to love and to be kind” is the underlying logic of the company’s decades of dedication to public welfare. Driven by this logic, Yingke Medical, headquartered in Shandong, always exudes “fluorescence”.

According to public reports, during the epidemic, Yingke Medical could be seen in Shandong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Beijing and other places across the country.

It can be seen that the deep integration of a company with the city where it is located not only pays taxes and promotes employment, but also empowers to solve urban emergency problems and maintain the normal order of the city.

Putting into production against the trend highlights the big picture of entrepreneurs

In the process of building Yingke Medical’s business map, the company’s helmsman’s dedication to society and the quality of being responsible for customers run through every stage of enterprise development.

Since its establishment, Yingke Medical has always been customer-oriented and committed to providing high-quality medical supplies and services for the global medical industry, industry, service industry and individuals. Its products are widely used in medical institutions, elderly care institutions, household daily and other related industries.

The company’s current core business is disposable gloves, and it has an excellent market share in China and the world. It is worth noting that in the past year, under the constraints of multiple factors such as raw materials, the company still insists on deep cultivation of the industry and orderly production, and has always maintained the same frequency resonance with the development of society.

In fact, the development of enterprises and society is a “community of destiny”. Only when an enterprise achieves a harmonious and win-win situation with the society can the enterprise itself achieve steady and long-term development. Conversely, if the operation of the enterprise and the social system are separated, it will lose the soil for a win-win situation. In the end, it proved that Yingke Medical’s decision was correct, and the company’s profitability is still leading the industry.

△Intco Global R&D and Production Base Source: Intco Medical Official Website

At present, the company has multiple production bases in Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, Jiangxi and other places, and also has a production capacity layout in Vietnam. At the same time, the company has deployed four overseas marketing centers in the United States, Canada, Germany, and Japan, and has also actively launched the construction of marketing centers in countries and regions such as South America and Southeast Asia.

In the process of forming Yingke Medical’s business map, Liu Fangyi’s international vision and strategic wisdom can also be seen. Like Richard Branson who founded the Virgin Empire, pursue “anything can be done and any conditions can be created”.

Doing good deeds expands the business boundary of Yingke Medical

Liu Fangyi has always upheld the idea of ​​doing good. Under his leadership, the company has been involved in public welfare for many years, especially in the past three years, Yingke Medical has contributed its own strength to the fight against the epidemic.

From the perspective of globalization, there are many entrepreneurs in the world who regard goodness as their business logic.

Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group, has always been leading by doing good deeds and exporting strong social responsibility actions to help and improve the lives and systems of people in African countries and regions. The business philosophy of doing good has run through the development of the Virgin Group.

Richard Branson started doing business at the age of 17. He is the most legendary billionaire in the UK. Activities are admired by the world.

Richard Branson believes that “Corporate social responsibility has begun to take root in the hearts of the people. Only by changing the existing business model that worsens poverty and environmental problems can we benefit more people and continue our journey.” From a business perspective When the enterprise develops to a certain stage, it is difficult for the traditional profit model to adapt to the new development goals.

With the consumption upgrade brought about by the normalization of post-epidemic protection and the arrival of the aging era, consumers’ demand for disposable protective gloves may be further stimulated. In addition, judging from the per capita consumption of medical gloves in 2018, there are 276 in the Netherlands, 250 in the United States, and 108 in Japan. In contrast, the per capita consumption in China and India is only 6 and 10, which is lower than the global average. , far lower than Europe, America and Japan, and there is huge room for improvement in the future. This shows that Yingke Medical has broad market prospects in the future.

Enterprises, society, and individuals are in the same social operating system, and every part is connected to each other. Neither individual success nor corporate success can be separated from the system. The construction of a business empire is the result of the harmonious coexistence of enterprises, individuals and society, and this requires love and kindness. As advocated by the ESG concept, the multi-dimensional balanced development of the enterprise in the environment, society and governance is the concrete projection of the concept of sustainable development in the enterprise, and this is the implication of Yingke Medical’s new operating philosophy.

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