The “Extra Real” Special Edition of the Movie “Amoai” Reveals Shaoxing’s Screening of the Winning Movie “It’s So Beautiful”


  March 7, ethnic minority education-themed movies“Amoai”Held in Shaoxing“Knowledge gives wings to dreams and dreams fly high” themed screening event, event siteFilmdirector,screenwriterMiao YueSurprise appearance,Share the creative experience of the film with the audience.“Amoai”mainThe story revolves around the schooling story of Amo Ayi, a girl from an ordinary Yi family in Xiaoliangshan.,The film focuses on the experience of innovatively establishing Tonghua Class and Tonghua School in the process of education support in the context of poverty alleviation in Mabian, and uses a brand-newofperspectiveand ultra-realistic portrayal techniquesIt presents the development and depth of education support work in minority areas, and discusses the practical significance and inheritance value of education.  

  The point-and-shoot scene immerses the characteristics of the Yi people The theme of ethnic minority education has received much attention and support

  “Amoai” screening scene in Shaoxing, many leaders from Sichuan and ZhejiangMake a grand debut, watch the movie immersively with other guests and audiences and experience the mysterious, beautiful and long-standing customs and cultural heritage of the Mabian Yi people.

  In the movie protagonist Ayi, we seeThe true embodiment of “knowledge changes destiny” is that it is the strong support of the country and the dedicated efforts of the working group that can give more “older out-of-school children” like Ayi the opportunity to make a new choice, have the wings to pursue their dreams, and move toward a wider world.

  The movie “Amoai” allows more viewers to see the importance of educational development in blocking the intergenerational transmission of poverty, and also allows more people to understandThe hardships and difficulties of carrying out education support work in Mabian,rightThe changes brought about by education support work on local education and culturealsoHave a more concrete and profound senseby.  

  Vegans truly restore the story of studying in a simple and touching way Screening scenereceived a strong response

  As a film that describes the life and education path of Yi girls, “Amoai” boldly uses amateur actors to restore the real life of the Yi people, and depicts it in a more original and realistic way.TechniqueTells a touching story.MovieThe “Extra Real” special episode truly restores the work content at the production site.

  Faced with the praise of the amateur acting skills from the audience,Miao Yue, the film’s director and screenwriter, said that although many of the actors in the film had no acting experience and the co-creation of the film was therefore quite challenging, each actor used their own life experience and a down-to-earth spirit to complete the filming.

  In addition, the director also shared the challenges encountered during the creation process and the efforts he made with the crew.The joint efforts of all the creators and actorsWillFilmmore perfectly, more trulypresentIn front of everyone.In the end, the director emphasized that the film was able to be shot smoothly during the epidemic, thanks to the support and help from all departments of the Mabian government from top to bottom.“This is the biggest support I’ve ever encountered in a film with the main theme of directing.”

  in the videoAyidrop out7 years laterwere ableGood luck againback to schoolBehind going to school isAssist educationThe result of countless efforts of the work team, and inIn addition to the video, the continuous efforts and dedication of batches of education workers,Party committees and governments at all levels are determined to spare no effort in education.Let more flowers be as beautiful and precious as Davidia involucrata“Older students” return to school and find their own dreams.When the director answered the audience’s expression of the image of “Davidia flower”, he mentioned that he wanted children to be like the Paulownia flower and try their best to bloom even though the flowering period is late. From the film to reality, from the benefits of policies andEducational support workThe team’s efforts have improved children’s understanding of readingEnthusiasm and persistence,All these give “Amoai” the charm that can touch people’s hearts.There areMany viewers brought their children to watch the movie,andmeans beingAyi’s efforts to improve herself in the film deeply touched herWith,And these are precisely the huge energies brought by the film’s truth and depth.

  “Amo Ayi” is produced by Emei Film Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Film Distribution and Exhibition Group Co., Ltd., Pearl River Film Group Co., Ltd., Chongqing Film Group Co., Ltd., Sichuan Province Leshan Fuhuanong Technology Investment Group Co., Ltd., Leshan Giant Buddha Tourism Investment and development (Group) Co., Ltd., Mabian Ancient Yi Cultural Tourism Investment and Development Co., Ltd., and Shandong Lehu Film and Television Media Co., Ltd. are jointly produced. The film will be released in theaters nationwide on March 16.The involucrata flowers bloom, let us go into the cinema and experience this simple and touching story together.


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