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Spoiler alert! “Inheritance of Civilization: Inspired by Mountains and Forests? Centennial Art Exhibition of Masters” Six highlights are previewed

Spoiler alert! “Inheritance of Civilization: Inspired by Mountains and Forests? Centennial Art Exhibition of Masters” Six highlights are previewed

Poster of “Inheritance of Civilization: Enlightening Mountains and Forests—Century Art Exhibition of Masters”

After winning the first place in the “Most Worthy Exhibition in Beijing” – “Imprint of Civilization: Dunhuang Art Exhibition”, Beijing Minsheng Art Museum will launch another exhibition from July 8 to October 16, 2023. The heavyweight exhibition “Inheritance of Civilization: Inspiring Mountains and Forests – Art Exhibition of Centennial Masters”. The exhibition is the “Inheritance of Civilization” chapter of the Minsheng Art Museum’s series of civilization exhibitions, and it is also a summer vacation cultural exhibition that has attracted much attention. The exhibition will be officially open to the public from July 9.

The exhibition originated from the large-scale documentary “Century Master” exclusively sponsored by Minsheng Bank. This documentary has been reported 13 times by the “News Network” program. It has become one of the most high-end phenomenal brands in the cultural field and has been widely praised by people from all walks of life. The exhibition is organized by the National Library of China, Central Academy of Fine Arts, China National Academy of Painting, Hunan Museum, Shenyang Palace Museum, Zhejiang Provincial Museum, Beijing Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing Cultural Relics Exchange Center, Ma’anshan Lin Sanzhi Art Museum, Wu Zuoren International Art Foundation, Pinghu Li Shutong Memorial Hall, Jingzhou Museum, Taiwan Huang Junbi Art Association, Hong Kong Baiyuntang Art Research Association, Beijing Minsheng Art Museum, Minsheng Calligraphy Art Museum, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, Beijing Minsheng Chinese Calligraphy Public Welfare Foundation, Beijing Minsheng Culture and Art Foundation , Shanghai Minsheng Art Foundation Co-sponsored.

Highlight 1: very fresh!A large-scale special exhibition of modern and contemporary art masters

Wu Guanzhong’s Map of Ten Thousand Miles of the Yangtze River (partial), 22.5×509cm, long scroll of oil painting on paper, 1973-74, collected by Minsheng Bank

Li Keran’s Qingli Scenery, 298×155cm, green landscape on paper, vertical scroll, collected by Beijing Cultural Relics Exchange Center in 1977

This exhibition is a large-scale special exhibition of modern art masters in 2023. With super classics, rare high-quality original works and immersive experience scenes, it fully demonstrates the grand layout concept of Chinese art masters in the 20th century and the strong family and country feelings in their works. And the century-old masters are working hard to realize the century-old picture of Chinese art renewal and iteration under the background of difficult times.

Among the many explorers in modern China, the calligraphy and painting artists who are at the forefront are a very special group of people. This exhibition brings together the classic works of more than 40 Chinese art masters in the 20th century. Qi Baishi and Zhang Daqian are the leading figures in this “all-star lineup”. The exhibition will not only display the important works of the two art masters and other masters in different ages, but also present the historical context of the masters in a holographic and scene-based way, and provide the contemporary perspective of the masters in an innovative exhibition method, so that the public can truly feel To the art exploration process of centuries-old masters.

Highlight 2: The main feature is super value!”Top class” lineup of China’s century-old art, a collection of rare works unveiled this summer

Zhang Daqian Trees and Two Apes 275×107cm Ink and color on paper 20th century Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum Collection

Li Kuchan, Mount Zhongying, 146×362cm, ink and color on paper, collected by Beijing Academy of Fine Arts in 1961

The artistic style of any artist cannot escape the era they correspond to. The biggest era variable in modern China is the strong import of Western art. The centuries-old masters have used their ingenuity to create a new world between Chinese and Western fusion. He opened a new road and made his own outstanding contribution to the development of Chinese art.

The list of “All Stars” exhibited in the exhibition includes (calligraphy and painting): Qi Baishi, Zhang Daqian, Xu Beihong, Fu Baoshi, Wu Changshuo, Huang Binhong, Pan Tianshou, Lin Fengmian, Li Keran, Liu Haisu, Li Kuchan, Wu Zuoren, Jiang Zhaohe, Wu Guanzhong, Shi Lu, Guan Shanyue, Zhao Wangyun, Ye Qianyu, Huang Zhou, Zhang Ding, Puru, Gao Jianfu, Huang Junbi, He Haixia, Dong Xiwen, Wu Hufan, Yu Feiyu, Yan Bolong; (Calligraphy): Li Shutong, Zheng Songxian, Yu Youren, Gao Ershi, More than 40 art masters including Shen Yinmo, Zhao Puchu, Lin Sanzhi, Qi Gong, Deng Sanmu, Sha Menghai, Liu Yazi, Guo Moruo, etc., rarely “fit” beyond time and space.

Key exhibitions include Qi Baishi’s “Pine and Eagle Picture” (withdrawn after one month), “Ten Books of Juzhen”, Zhang Daqian’s “Viewing Bamboo Picture”, “Huashan Sky Stack Picture”, Fu Baoshi’s “Thousands of Rods and Rain”, Wu Changshuo’s ” Banana and Pine Plum Four Screens”, Huang Binhong’s “Binhong Ink Wonderful”, Lin Fengmian’s “Tasting Tea”, Li Keran’s “Clear Scenery”, “Infinite Scenery on Dangerous Peaks”, Li Kuchan’s “Mountain Bell Ying”, Wu Zuoren’s “Panda”, “Water Is Not Deep “, Wu Guanzhong’s “Ten Thousand Miles of the Yangtze River”, Huang Zhou’s “Fengle Picture” and “Zaige Xing”, Guo Moruo’s calligraphy “Qinyuanchun·Snow” by Chairman Mao, Lin Sanzhi’s calligraphy “Golden Summit”, Li Shutong’s “Portrait of a Half-Naked Woman” ” and many other rare authentic works by famous artists, many of which are exhibited publicly for the first time.


  Highlight 3: Activate and innovate!A major cultural exhibition, highlighting the current practical significance

  Pan Tianshou Ink Dragon 363×144cm Ink and Animals on Paper Beijing Cultural Relics Exchange Center

Lin Sanzhi Golden Top Running Script Banner 228×59cm Ink wash on paper 1989 Collection of Lin Sanzhi Art Museum

Beijing Minsheng Art Museum launched “Inheritance of Civilization: Inspired by Mountains and Forests-Century Master Art Exhibition”, which has important cultural and practical significance for the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese culture. The exhibition aims to focus on and discuss the classic works of century-old art masters, touch the pulse and style of the times, respond to the inheritance and innovative spirit of the current cultural roots, and pay attention to and call for the return of the “master spirit”.

Regardless of concept or technique, the masters have fully artistically condensed the spirit of the times in their works, making us fortunate to still have the opportunity to feel the impact of these fresh and vital works of art today. The rediscovery and rediscussion of these modern art masters and their works is the continuation of the traditional context, and it is the activation and innovation of the contemporary context.

This is definitely not just a nostalgic exhibition of classic masterworks, but a feast of art legends dedicated to the summer of art museums, traveling through the time and space of history, and deciphering how the super masterpieces of century-old masters are refined. The peak art experience scene. Through the works of each great master, the exhibition will lead the audience to open a new viewing perspective and perception: how are the art masters of each era generated in a special period?


  Highlight 4: Different!Strong family and country feelings, innovative narrative of Chinese century-old art

Huang Zhou, Fengle, 146×282cm, ink and color on paper, collected by Beijing Academy of Fine Arts in 1962

Through the careful planning structure and innovative narrative logic, the curatorial team academically sorts out the clues of the artistic changes in China over the past century. From the macroscopic perspective of the times to the microscopic daily life of art masters, they have integrated the unique and deep Family and country feelings.

The highlight of this curatorial plan is the formation of four sets of exhibition language systems including: title system, classical Chinese system, academic system, and audience tips. Using the discourse system in the traditional Chinese classics “Zuo Zhuan”, “The Analects of Confucius” and “Historical Records” as the main framework of the exhibition, it reflects the representative classic content that should be inherited in the inheritance of civilization, and promotes more than 40 century-old masters of calligraphy and painting to the level of civilization and tradition The category of the main body “scholar” is based on the ideal model of traditional scholars “self-cultivation”, “regulation of the family”, “government of the country” and “pacification of the world”, combined with the background of the century-old masters, the display unit classification of the works is carried out, so as to fit the civilization Inheritance theme.

The curator divides the exhibition into two sections: cultural relics section and digital section. There are two major units under the section of cultural relics, and each unit has four themes. The rhythm of the exhibition is organized according to four or four beats, strong, weak, second-strong, and weak. It is easy for the audience to see the primary and secondary relationship, which is convenient for the audience to visit. The curator also specially set up animal and animal units in the exhibition hall on the second floor in order to attract the attention of young people in view of the fact that there are many parent-child families and students in the summer vacation. The overall structure of the exhibition is as follows: cultural relics section: 1. People’s Livelihood in Diligence (returning to the countryside, benefiting the three friends, respecting the present and loving the past, and looking up to each other) mainly talks about the century-old masters who have “there is a way to see the world, and there is no way to hide” ( “The Analects of Confucius Tabor Chapter”) in the life of “self-cultivation” and “family harmony” scholarly thought. 2. Blue Wisp on the Difficult Road (pointing to the mountains and rivers, inspiring words, white fish and black birds, heavy responsibilities and a long way to go) mainly talks about the century-old masters integrating their home and country feelings into landscapes, auspicious animals, and poetry works. At this time, the landscapes painted by calligraphy and painting artists are no longer simple reproductions of natural landscapes. They are full of the artist’s family and country feelings of “ruling the country” and “peace the world” as a traditional scholar. Digital Section: 3. Thinking is preparing.

  Highlight 5: “Private customization” site!Excellent parent-child summer art class

Wu Zuoren Panda 80×54.4cm Hanging scroll, ink and wash on paper, 1973, collected by Wu Zuoren International Art Foundation

How to present the super works of these masters so that more audiences can feel the spirit of the masters? Beijing Minsheng Art Museum uses a brand-new planning concept, presentation perspective, and unique scene customization method to make every effort to let the audience find the induction scene of “China’s century-old art” quickly, and thus launch a “private customization” master boutique The original learning journey.

“Pay tribute to the spirit of masters and carry forward the excellent traditional culture”. On the one hand, the exhibition “immortal art chapters” written by art masters is the best shortcut to understand the history of modern Chinese culture and Chinese art history; on the other hand, it will be a rare Yu Yu’s century-old art learning “big classroom” not only presents a high-quality aesthetic and spiritual experience feast, but also an innovative way to tell Chinese stories well and a beneficial practice of spreading Chinese excellent culture. Best parent-child art class. Among them, Qi Baishi’s shrimp, Xu Beihong’s horse, Huang Zhou’s donkey, Li Keran’s cow, Li Kuchan’s eagle, Wu Zuoren’s panda and goldfish will definitely be the most popular “visual feast” for children.

At the same time, the art museum will also organize a wealth of research activities, academic public education activities, and co-creation activities with the theme of century-old masters, so that the audience can immerse themselves in the “art master class” experience site. Through precious works one by one, through the turbulent wind and thunder of historical civilization, inherit the life-long painstaking efforts of century-old masters, and fully feel the creative beauty of Chinese century-old art.

Highlight 6: Create “young power”!Digital interactive experience, high-value art experience scene

  In order to create a more popular “young power” art experience site,Through the creative integration of technology and art, the exhibition incorporates multiple innovative display methods such as digital images, technology interaction, virtual reality, and art installations.The curatorial team ingeniously combined tradition with the current popular immersive digital experience to form a new interactive feast after the Dunhuang Exhibition. Through the dialogue between reality and virtuality, the three-dimensional display of the expressiveness, presentation, and appeal of traditional Chinese culture will bring more “amazing” feelings of high appearance, high interaction, and high experience to the public on site.

The exhibition is committed to creating a cultural exhibition with great artistic value and inheritance this year, creating a summer national exhibition with in-depth art learning experience in 2023, and joining more Chinese traditional culture lovers in the Minsheng Art Museum to “enjoy” China’s century-old art , to start a journey of learning, appreciation, rendezvous, and co-creation of aesthetic and spiritual interaction.

  Tips: Please pay attention to the official applet of Beijing Minsheng Art Museum to book tickets

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