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[Special topic on enjoying a slim meal]The calorie difference between the menus of angels and devils is more than 1,000 kcal. Eat a smart meal on Valentine’s Day

[Special topic on enjoying a slim meal]The calorie difference between the menus of angels and devils is more than 1,000 kcal. Eat a smart meal on Valentine’s Day

(Hong Kong News) For a big meal on Valentine’s Day, “saw steak” is the first choice for many couples. If paired with appetizers, soups, side dishes, desserts and drinks… the calories can exceed 2,000 kcal at any time, exceeding the calories required by an adult woman for a day (1,700 to 1,900 calories, calculated based on a body weight of 55 kg)! Calculating the same portion, the calorie difference between the “Angel’s Menu” and the “Devil’s Menu” can be more than 1,000 kcal.

If you want to enjoy “slimness” with your lover, you must understand the devilish details on the menu! Come see a nutritionist to teach you how to eat happily and nutritiously.

Candlelight is lit, and appetizers are served first. Salad, soup and bread are common pairings. Nutritionist Liang Xiyun said that the trap of salad is the sauce. “You can choose vinegar-based sauces such as black vinegar, red wine vinegar, etc., the calories will be better controlled, and olive oil is also better. On the contrary, mayonnaise has higher calories. , try to avoid or ask for ‘other’.”

It is recommended to choose vegetable soup borscht

For meal soups, avoid white soups (such as cream of mushroom soup) and onion soups. Since they contain ingredients such as butter and fresh cream, they are high in calories. It is recommended to choose vegetable soup or borscht. For meal packages, it is recommended to use French bread, sourdough bread and other unseasoned breads. “Try to avoid garlic bread, which will have butter on it.” This way you can “save” fat intake and enjoy main dishes and desserts.

The main course appears. The average adult should consume about 7 to 11 ounces (about 200 to 310 grams) of meat, fish, eggs and substitutes every day. Liang Xiyun pointed out that 5 ounces (approximately 140 grams) of steak is a reasonable portion, and it is recommended to share a large steak with others; “If you plan to have a big meal at night, you can consider not eating meat in breakfast and lunch as much as possible to avoid calorie intake throughout the day. The quantity exceeds the standard.”

In addition, try to choose a simple cooking method. “Frying with a little salt and pepper is ideal. It will have the original flavor and is healthier.” If there is a sauce, you can ask for it to be served “extra”. For the main course of a meal for two, one can choose steak, and the other can choose other lower-fat meats. “Seafood is recommended, such as cod and other white fish, which have almost zero fat content.”

Potato puree with fresh cream is not low in calories

As for side dishes, Liang Xiyun pointed out that the average adult needs to eat 3 to 8 bowls of starch every day. One bowl of pasta and 270 grams of potatoes have the same calories as one bowl of rice; but attention should be paid to the cooking method.

“Pure pasta is similar to white rice, but if it’s carbonara or macaroni and cheese, the calories are much higher.” Potatoes are used as side dishes, and French fries are evil. In order of high to low calories, they are: French fries, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, and boiled potatoes.

Nutritionist Lu Zhaolin pointed out, “Many people think potato puree is ‘light’, but its smooth texture is due to the addition of butter and fresh cream. It has 186 kilocalories per 100 grams, which should not be underestimated.”

If you want to end your dinner with a dessert, soufflé has half the calories of cheesecake.

1 piece of cheesecake equals 2 bowls of rice

Liang Xiyun reminded that desserts also contain starch. If you want to save a “quota” for desserts, you may want to consider choosing vegetables as side dishes. “One piece of cheesecake, chocolate cake, etc. has a high sugar and fat content, containing 300 to 400 kcal, which is equivalent to the calories of two bowls of rice.” It is recommended to choose lower-calorie desserts, such as fruit with sorbet and gel. , Han Tian, ​​etc., “A comb is about 160 kcal, which is also a good choice.”

In addition, it should be noted that alcohol also has calories. Liang Xiyun pointed out that 100 ml (about half a cup) of red, white, and sparkling wine has about 70 kcal, which is higher in calories than the same amount of cola (containing about 40 kcal). If you want to control calories, you can choose sugar-free soda, kombucha, scented tea, etc., low-calorie or even zero-calorie drinks.

Data source ◇Nutritionist Liang Xiyun, Nutrient Database under the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Nutritionist Lu Zhaolin

Nutritionist Liang Xiyun

Eat light for brunch

Take a walk after dinner to burn calories

It’s the same 6-course dinner, but with different ingredients and cooking methods, angels and devils appear immediately, and the calories are twice as different!

Liang Xiyun reminded that even if you choose the “Angel’s Meal” correctly, it still accounts for half of the calories needed by an adult woman for a day. Therefore, you should eat lighter for breakfast and lunch, and take a walk with your lover after dinner to burn off calories.

In the “saw steak” choice, the choice of steak as the main dish has different breeds and parts of beef, and the calories and fat can vary by 1 times.

“Beef is a high source of protein and is rich in micronutrients iron and zinc.” Nutritionist Lu Zhaolin pointed out that protein is an important element that makes up muscles and immune cells. Every 100 grams of beef (85% lean meat) has about 20 grams of protein and about 2 mg of iron and about 4 mg of zinc. Iron not only replenishes blood, but also helps maintain immunity like zinc.

Areas most affected by fat near bones

Different cuts of steak, different varieties, different raising or cooking methods, even the same weight, can have very different calories and fat.

Sirloin, rib eye, beef short ribs… each has its own unique taste and nutritional value. The rib eye is the beef rib, close to the back of the beef. Because it does not move often, it tastes soft and tender with more oil (see the picture “Beef Fat Part”); Lu Zhaolin pointed out, “The position near the bone is the ‘hardest hit area’ for fat.” Beef short ribs have the highest fat content, with 26 grams of fat and 300 calories per 100 grams.

“For sawed steak, it is recommended to choose sirloin or beef tenderloin (also known as filet), because they have lower fat and calories. Sirloin is the back of the beef, because it is close to the hind legs, and has less fat; beef tenderloin is located on the waist. On the inside, they are both healthier choices, both have nearly half less fat and calories than beef short ribs.”

Wagyu Angus butter content

When people think of prime steak, the first thing that comes to mind is Wagyu beef and Angus beef. Many people pursue “snowflakes” that melt in their mouth. “Why does it melt in your mouth? Because it contains more oil, it is relatively less healthy.”

Lu Zhaolin pointed out that Wagyu and Angus beef have 10% more fat content than other breeds. Taking Wagyu as an example, 100 grams of Wagyu beef eye steak has about 30 grams of fat and 312 kilocalories, while ordinary rib eye steak has about 22 grams of fat and 230 kilocalories. Calories.

Grain-fed beef has higher fat calories

Many steaks are labeled grass-fed or grain-fed. What’s the difference? Grass-fed cattle eat grass, mostly free-range, and have firmer meat; grain-fed cattle eat grain feed, such as corn, grains, etc. The feed contains higher oil content, so the meat is fresher and more tender, with plump oil and higher fat and calories.

Slow Cooked Low Heat Steak

Slow cooking has become popular in recent years. The steak is vacuum-sealed and cooked at low temperature for a long time. “The advantage is that the fiber of the meat does not shrink significantly and the meat is softer.”

Lu Zhaolin continued that slow cooking may retain some nutrients that are easily destroyed by heat, such as vitamin B, but in fact there is no obvious nutritional difference.

Nutritionist Liang Xiyun compares slow-cooked and pan-fried steak, saying that the former has lower calories, because slow-cooked steak only needs to be slightly fried after being cooked at low temperature, and uses less oil and absorbs less oil; while pan-fried steak generally starts with raw meat. When fried, more oil is used, and the steak will also absorb more oil.

As for the beef tenderloin Wellington, although it uses beef tenderloin with a lower fat content, it is stuffed with air-dried ham and mushrooms sauteed in butter, and then wrapped in puff pastry. Lu Zhaolin thinks it is not healthy. “The puff pastry is made with shortening. , margarine, and even animal butter, which increase saturated fat and trans fat.”

He referred to the nutrition label of a certain brand of beef tenderloin Wellington, which showed that per 100 grams of beef fillet, there are 360 ​​kcal, 19 grams of fat, and 10 grams of saturated fat.

Looking at the above three cooking methods, Liang Xiyun ranked them from low to high calories, namely slow cooking, frying and beef Wellington. Although beef tenderloin Wellington is the most “evil”, Lu Zhaolin believes that “as long as it is not eaten for meals and there is no need to be very strict about calories and fat, you can just enjoy the food.”

Dry-aged steak is high in calories

Dry-aged steak has become very popular in recent years. Raw beef is placed in a place with strictly controlled temperature and humidity and air-dried for 21 to 45 days. Liang Xiyun pointed out that the water loss of beef can reach 48% during the aging process, but the protein or nutrients do not change much. “The whole piece of beef is concentrated, and the heat will be increased in disguise.” If you order a steak, the same part and the same weight will have relatively higher calories if it has been matured.

Source ◇Nutritionist Lu Zhaolin
Source ◇Nutritionist Lu Zhaolin

Sheet mask is convenient and easy to use

It is not suitable to apply on sensitive skin with wounds

There are many types of facial masks on the market, including sheet, cream, mud, foam, etc., each with its own advantages. However, the one that is more convenient and easy to use is probably the sheet mask packaged in a single piece.

In recent years, sheet masks have become more and more diversified. Do you know the difference?

Sheet masks have many conveniences. In addition to being simple and easy to use, the most common styles on the market are usually made of paper or cotton soaked in rich essence. The texture is light and soft, and can fit well to the skin and help effectively absorb the essence of the mask. of nutrients to keep skin moisturized. Compared with mud masks, sheet masks only need to be removed from the face after use, and no additional washing or wiping is required.

Popular sheet masks in Asia

Sheet masks are very popular in various parts of Asia, especially South Korea and Japan, which have launched affordable sheet masks, causing many tourists to rush to stock up on them, making them the “best souvenir” for gifting and personal use. Known for its rich ingredients, innovative formulas and cute packaging, Korean sheet masks have become a beauty trend in recent years. Cosmeceutical sheet masks tend to be popular in Japan. These masks usually claim to have efficient ingredients and professional skin care technology, and provide targeted solutions for different skin problems, such as whitening, anti-aging, firming, etc.

However, why are sheet masks not as popular in European and American countries as they are in Asia? In addition to the fact that sheet masks emphasize hydration and moisturizing, they are more suitable for Asians with thin skin. Secondly, Europeans and Americans have sharp and angular facial contours and more three-dimensional facial features, so they are not suitable for wearing sheet masks. For them, the use of cream or mud masks can be applied to areas of the face that cannot be covered by sheet masks for focused care. However, as the quality of sheet masks continues to improve, the Asian beauty trend has become more and more popular. Sheet masks have become popular again in different regions around the world. Many international brands have also launched sheet mask series and introduced them to different markets.

Pay attention to environmental protection and promote reusable facial masks

As for ingredients, traditional sheet masks usually focus on moisturizing and moisturizing effects. The moisturizing ingredients contained in them, such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, honey, etc., can provide a large amount of moisture to the skin in a short period of time, helping to improve dryness and Water shortage problem. With the advancement of beauty science, sheet masks have begun to provide more different functions, such as targeting acne, sensitive skin, or improving wrinkles.

In addition, environmental protection and sustainable development have become issues of increasing concern to consumers in recent years. Some brands have also followed market changes and begun to launch biodegradable or washable and reusable sheet masks to reduce the impact on the environment and make sheet masks more popular. Facial masks continue to be popular in the beauty and skincare world.

Applying a sheet mask is a simple and quick way to skin care, but many people still have little idea about its actual efficacy and how to choose a sheet mask. Dermatology and venereal disease doctor Lin Jiawen pointed out that every time after applying a sheet mask, we always feel… When the skin becomes hydrated, dry lines are reduced, and even becomes whiter, the reason is that when you apply the mask, the mask keeps the essence and skin in a sealed state. The essence and moisture in the mask are therefore easier to be absorbed by the surface of the skin, making the skin surface The cuticle becomes fully hydrated.

However, she added: “But whether these essences can penetrate deep into the skin and cause changes depends on many factors, such as the molecular size of the skin care products. It is not easy for these ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin, so after applying the mask, the skin immediately The hydration that appears is usually only a short-term effect. After a few hours, the skin will return to its original state.

However, she believes that applying sheet masks can be regarded as a “first aid” method. For example, if your skin becomes very dry after taking a plane and you need first aid, you can use it.

If you feel a stinging sensation, wash it off immediately

Many people also mistakenly believe that applying facial mask every day can achieve beautiful skin. Is this actually the case? Lam Jiawen said that it does not need to be used every day to avoid over-stimulation. She recommends using it no more than twice a week. As for how to choose a sheet mask, what should you pay attention to when using it? “In fact, not everyone needs to wear a facial mask, especially those with sensitive skin. It is more important to take good daily skin care.”

In addition, she reminded that if there are wounds on the skin, it is not advisable to apply a facial mask; if you feel a stinging sensation when using it, you should wash it off immediately.

Text◇Zhang Shumei, Li Xinmin “Ming Pao”

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