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[Special Topic on Cleansing and Anti-Therapy]Modern Health Care Three-step Cleansing and Anti-Therapy to Relieve Chronic Diseases

[Special Topic on Cleansing and Anti-Therapy]Modern Health Care Three-step Cleansing and Anti-Therapy to Relieve Chronic Diseases

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(Penang News) It is reported that the death rate caused by non-communicable diseases in the world today accounts for about 60% of the total death rate.

Since entering the 21st century, the disease spectrum in Malaysia has undergone fundamental changes.

Malnutrition, infectious diseases and epidemics caused by poverty have been effectively controlled. However, so-called “lifestyle diseases” such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, and diabetes are showing a sharp increase. And chronic diseases that once mainly affected the elderly are now showing a trend of younger people.

Functional food utensils 3 effects

Pharmacist Zhou Yixiang pointed out that in this era, “lifestyle diseases” will constitute the main part of patients’ lives for a long time to come, and form a state of “surviving with diseases”.

“The so-called living with disease refers to no longer having a healthy lifespan. It is usually used to describe people with chronic diseases who continue to live with the disease until they die. In the face of the huge harm caused by lifestyle diseases, in fact, the modern medical model is somewhat helpless. Modern medicine is mainly devoted to solving the problems caused by diseases, usually treating the symptoms rather than the root cause.”

He believes that in this case, with the help of some functional foods, it may be able to truly help people’s health.

“For example, The Original’s ‘clearing and anti-aging therapy’ is a very good functional food. It is a health regimen based on the three principles of removing toxins, repairing cells and resisting oxidation.”

The names of the above three functional foods with health effects are The Original Enzyme, The Original Peptide and The Original Resveratrol.

The Original cleansing and anti-aging therapy is based on the three principles of removing toxins, repairing cells and resisting oxidation.

first step

Enzyme Detox

It is reported that The Original Enzyme, the first step of anti-repair therapy, is a detoxification enzyme that has a clearing effect on the human body. The ingredients contained in it have the following uses:

* Decomposes starch and carbohydrates, which can reduce blood sugar toxins or obesity caused by excessive staple food or indigestion.

* It can digest and decompose the cell walls, toxins, cell debris and undigested protein of harmful organisms in the body, so as to avoid excessive toxins in the body.

* It can decompose foreign oil, so that it will not be converted into fat and stored in the body.

* Help break down sugar, make it into glucose, and convert it into an energy source for human body.

*Decomposes stubborn fat, enables cells to take in enough fatty acids, maintains normal body functions, and reduces the desire for high-fat foods.

* It can decompose and remove wound necrotic tissue, and can also promote cell proliferation and accelerate wound healing.

*Improve blood sugar problems, excrete excess cholesterol, soften stool, and have the function of laxative.

* Strengthen the immune system, maintain the balance of intestinal flora, restore a healthy digestive system, etc.

second step

repair cells

The second step of cleansing and anti-therapy is The Original Peptide, which helps repair cells. The functions contained in its ingredients are as follows:

* Lowers blood sugar, effectively inhibits the occurrence of “postprandial hyperglycemia”, and can also reduce the production of PGE2 (a hormone substance that can promote inflammatory reactions), which has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

*Effectively lower cholesterol, and can also inhibit angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE), thereby lowering blood pressure.

* Promote the proliferation of liver oval cells, while repairing liver cells, it can also lower blood pressure.

*Effectively reduce the generation of reactive oxygen species and enhance the antioxidant enzymes in cells to repair and improve memory.

* Helps repair the structural integrity of the gastrointestinal mucosa, promotes human metabolism, etc.

third step

prevent oxidation

The third step of cleansing and anti-therapy is The Original Resveratrol, which is resveratrol with high anti-oxidation, and its ingredients are rich in functions including:

* Antithrombotic, improve vascular function, prevent cardiovascular disease and other effects.

*Effectively increase the nitric oxide content of vascular endothelial cells, lower blood pressure, promote blood circulation, improve the elasticity of blood vessel walls, and provide essential oxygen and nutrients for the heart and brain.

*Has a powerful antioxidant effect, can enhance the body’s defense system, regulate cholesterol and blood balance nerve calcium, inflammation, protein homeostasis and cell survival, thereby improving neurodegeneration.

*Prevent cell damage caused by free fatty acids, as well as free radical oxidative inflammation, have the effects of protecting meridians, enhancing immunity, antibacterial and antiviral activities, etc.

* It can eliminate the activity of inflammatory enzymes, and then reduce the release reaction process of histamine, so as to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, eliminate swelling, antibacterial and antiviral effects.

* Has high antibacterial activity, can play the role of anti-ultraviolet rays, preventing osteoporosis, and relieving menopausal syndrome.

*It can effectively protect eyesight, prevent eye degeneration, prevent diabetic visual lesions, keep eye cells in a healthy state, and at the same time neutralize free radicals, avoid damage to the retina and lens, etc.

Not a substitute for a balanced diet

Can cleansing and anti-therapy cure the above lifestyle diseases? Zhou Yixiang said that the concept of medical treatment is mainly based on treatment, which is aimed at the symptoms, and can only be suppressed by using drugs after the onset of the disease. The Original “clearing and anti-repair therapy” is mainly aimed at alleviating or improving chronic diseases caused by lifestyle and eating habits (that is, the above-mentioned “lifestyle diseases”).

“Our concept is to remove toxins, repair cells, and prevent oxidation to achieve the effect of solving the source of the disease. Whether it is before or after the onset of the disease, it can help the body recover and prevent it.”

While carrying out The Original “Cleansing and Resistance Therapy”, users should properly adjust their daily routine and eating habits, then the probability of reversing sub-health symptoms will be greatly increased, and chronic diseases will be improved.

“The human body is like a machine that needs regular maintenance and repairs. Experts encourage modern people to use functional foods that are beneficial to health for a long time, and The Original is a good choice. Although functional foods cannot replace drugs, as long as As the patient’s condition improves, there is an opportunity to reduce the amount of medicines that are used to control the disease, and even to suspend or stop taking certain medicines.”

He said that compared with ordinary foods, the ingredients of functional foods contain a certain amount of bioactive ingredients, which will have positive physiological or biological effects on the human body, thus helping to maintain health, prevent diseases or improve specific physiological functions .

But he emphasized: It is worth noting that functional foods are not drugs. They are not used to treat or cure diseases, but to enhance health, promote physiological functions and prevent the occurrence of potential health problems.

“The benefits of long-term consumption of functional foods include: maintaining health, preventing diseases, improving physiological functions, supplementing nutritional deficiencies, increasing antioxidant capacity, and improving intestinal health. However, long-term consumption of functional foods still needs to follow the principle of appropriate amount to Avoid the possible negative effects of excessive intake. In addition, functional foods are not a substitute for a balanced diet, so a variety of foods is still needed.”

“Based on the conditioning of the human body, it is divided into 4 stages, namely: purification stage, correction stage, nutrition stage and functional stage. 2 months is a cycle, so The Original recommends using 3 cycles.”

Advanced Instrument Technical Team

Zhou Yixiang participated in the research and development

“Qingxiu Anti-Therapy” was created by The Original Health Research and Development Team. Research in many aspects, including extraction and separation of biologically active ingredients, structure and function, homology of medicine and food, development and application of functional health food, etc. Zhou Yixiang is also one of the participating developers.

Pharmacist Zhou Yixiang holds a master’s degree in pharmacy from the University of Strathclyde. He has been engaged in drug information provision, total intravenous nutrition infusion prescription design, and high-risk chemotherapy drug dispensing service in the pharmacy department of the National Hospital.

So far, he has accumulated 10 years of experience as a retail pharmacist and 11 years of experience in clinical product development. He has unique insights into the health field.

Unique insights into the field of health

In addition to providing patients with professional drug knowledge, he also has a deep understanding and unique insights in health-related clinical product development.

regain healthy life

The Original “Cleansing and Resistance Therapy” has successfully helped more than 10,000 people regain a healthy life since it was launched on the market for 5 years. Below are some testimonials.

Mental improvement and strong labor

Wang Guanfa (74 years old)

Mr. Wang Guanfa suffered from three-high problems all year round, which caused his vision to become blurred, blood vessels to be blocked, and his feet to turn black.

During that period, he tried many methods, including taking western medicine, but none of them got better.

Later, on the recommendation of his wife, he drank The Original anti-aging therapy, and the three-high problem was significantly improved. The whole person becomes more relaxed, the body is lighter, and the spirit has improved greatly, and I have more energy to work.

The three high indexes have improved significantly

Mrs Cheng (59 years old)

Mrs Cheng has always faced the problem of three highs, and also experienced a stroke because of the three highs, which made her health go bad. And take as many as 19 different types of drugs every day, and have to rely on these drugs for a long time to control the disease.

Later, by chance, she had the opportunity to try The Original cleansing and anti-repair therapy. After 3 months, her three-high index improved significantly, and she could sleep deeply at night, even the medicines she needed to take every day decreased.

Cholesterol blood sugar returned to normal

Siew Giok (60 years old)

Ms Siew Giok was hospitalized for a minor stroke due to high cholesterol and blood sugar. Only then did she know that her health was on the red light. She spent a lot of time healing and constantly looking for health supplements, hoping to improve her health.

Later, I came into contact with The Original anti-repair therapy and insisted on taking it for 3 years. Now my cholesterol and blood sugar have returned to normal levels. The previous stiffness of the cervical spine and numbness of the hands also improved, and the whole person became more relaxed, and his physical and mental strength also improved.

Relieve constipation and sleep better

Anderson (34 years old)

Anderson’s bowel habits have become irregular and his shoulders have become stiff and painful due to prolonged sitting and computer use. No matter how hard you work, it is still difficult to fall asleep at night. In addition, he often loves to eat fried food, and he also has the problem of high cholesterol.

When he took The Original Cleansing Anti-Therapy, the constipation problem was completely improved, the high cholesterol level was also reduced to a safe level, the symptoms of shoulder pain were also significantly reduced, and the sleep became better and the efficiency was higher. up.

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