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Smart TV advertising can not be eliminated!The world is all for profit

Smart TV advertising can not be eliminated!The world is all for profit

When we talked about TV commercials again, my colleagues and I discovered that the current “ad-free TV” is just no boot ads, and waterfall ads are still emerging one after another.

There are many kinds of TV commercials, but I don’t think everyone here wants to watch any of them, so I won’t summarize them for you. Today, let’s discuss with you why TV advertisements cannot be removed. Let me tell you that none of the manufacturers here can escape this pot!TV advertising is a problem for all vested interest groups.

  The prosperity of the world is for profit, and the chaos of the world is for profit

Advertising is for TV manufacturers to make money. In an era when costs are suppressed, it is not bad for ordinary people to buy a TV with a budget of three or four thousand, but TVs at this price do not make much profit at all. Previously, the industry profit of the TV industry was less than 1%, so manufacturers must use other methods to make profits.andAdvertising is undoubtedly the easiest way to make money.

Advertise, advertise. The only reason why advertising can be deeply tied to TV is that it can earn advertising fees. The share of TV commercials is quite considerable,According to different advertisements, a TV can provide advertising fees much higher than the value of its own hardware in its own life cycle..

More and more ads? now it’s right! And if you want to earn more advertising fees, you have to increase your advertising exposure. In the past, the TV UI was simple and clear, and the functions were available with one click. Even the elderly at home could see where the functions were at a glance, but there were no advertisements.

  Therefore, major manufacturers have joined the ranks of the Waterfall UI. The biggest flaw of the Waterfall UI is that the system functions are extremely small and the operation method is anti-human. Although it increases the advertising CPM (charged by the number of impressions) revenue, it greatly reduces the user experience. experience.

Of course, some people will say that the domestic XX has no advertisements. Please, these manufacturers’ no ads are all “no boot ads”, and the internal waterfall UI ads are still emerging endlessly.

Also, even if you dodge TV commercials, you can’t dodge set-top box commercials. In several areas I have stayed in, you basically have to install a set-top box to watch mainstream TV stations, so you can’t escape the advertisement of the set-top box UI.

  Don’t want to advertise?ok but troublesome

It is not impossible to completely block ads, but it may be a bit troublesome for ordinary players. From buying a third-party TV box, which can be solved with money, to using custom hosts to block related websites, to flashing the system… It can only be said that there is no way, but that the masters who have a way often cannot Disseminate these methods widely.

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