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Shopping mall “summer file” beautiful display, exciting exhibitions

Shopping mall “summer file” beautiful display, exciting exhibitions

  Tianjin North Net News: The sun is scorching and the sky is bright. Summer vacation has always been an important marketing node for shopping malls.Now that the holiday is nearly halfway through, this year’s major shopping malls in TianjinWhat new highlights have been added to the “Summer Files” exhibition?

  The types of Mei Chen activities are more diverse. In addition to the seasonal summer Mei Chen, there are also various marketing nodes. besides,Modes such as IP curation, brand flash mob, and multi-media co-creation are also favored by shopping malls, and have become the main forms of current Meichen activities. As the consumer market gradually returns to the right track, shopping malls have reproduced the scene of customers flooding the doors, and the bustling crowds have become the standard equipment of this summer vacation. It also brings warm and healing emotional value to people, and also adds a unique gentle color to the reinforced concrete in the city.

  Check out the “Hong Kong film title scene” to relive the impression of Hong Kong

  From August 15th to August 21st, the “Hello, Trendy Hong Kong!” tour exhibition will be held in the atrium of Tianjin Hang Lung Plaza. On the occasion of the beginning of autumn in August, bring a unique impression of Hong Kong, enter the bustling and diverse “Trend Hong Kong” exhibition, relive the classics, and enter the street market in Hong Kong movies. This exhibition highly restores the famous Hong Kong theater “Lee Theater” and the “herbal tea shop” and “tea restaurant” with strong Hong Kong flavor. Strolling here is like stepping into the movie “God of Cookery” and into the golden age of Hong Kong’s trendy culture.

  Tomb Raiders Notes Theme Exhibition Popular Airborne Limited peripherals, stamp collection punch card

  The 2023 Rice Festival, with the theme of “Mountains and lakes share endless thoughts, and the moon and breeze are another journey”, will reproduce the mysterious institution in “Tomb Raiders Notes” in Tianjin Heping Joy City – Crescent Hotel! This is the place where real experts who play with antiques stay. In “Tomb Raiders Notes”, there is even a section where the Iron Triangle made a big fuss at the Crescent Hotel. The classic scenes, especially the retro elements of the Republic of China on Tianjin Five Avenues, are more interesting! The exhibition perfectly reproduces the Crescent Hotel, with the front desk, Liyuan opera dream, Tianzi box, second-class guest room, collection pavilion, etc., as well as the most ceremonial sign-in wall of the Rice Festival “a lantern”, which will also be reproduced at the same time The classic “lighting sky lantern” element of Crescent Hotel allows everyone to experience the pride of lighting a sky lantern.

The most exciting thing is that this special exhibition of the Crescent Hotel will add script killing elements. Players will go on an adventure with the Audio-Technica from the first perspective to participate in story decryption. Multi-line gameplay benefits continue, among which“Looking for Auctions” can pick up tasks at the front desk, and if you crack the content and location of today’s auctions, you can get a limited warm-up ticket for Peace Joy City-mysterious patterns will appear at different temperatures, and the technology will help you to fill up the atmosphere!

  Hans Christian Andersen Illustration Exhibition“Summer file” continues to be popular

  Hans Christian Andersen Illustration Exhibition fromThe exhibition has been loved by parents and children since the end of July. This exhibition gathers masterpieces of “Nobel Prize” masters in the global illustration industry. In addition to the 2016 winner of the award, the German illustrator Rotrault Suzanne Bernard, this exhibition includes the works of previous award-winning illustrators, many of which are well-known to Chinese readers. For example, “Willie the Dreamer”, “Frog the Frog”, Maurice Sendak, the king of “The Kingdom of Beasts”, and Mitsumasa Anno who wrote the picture book of Journey, etc. Wall Crack recommends everyone to visit the exhibition. Only in front of the paintings can you feel the shocking power of art!There are also free explanations/QR code audio explanations on site, especially suitable for bringing children to understand the history of illustrations in the world, as well as Andersen’s fairy tales behind the illustrations. Not only that, big friends also enjoy it, the scene layout of each exhibition hall is unique Very beautiful.



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