Schneider Electric Appears at MWC2023 in Pakistan, Joins Hands with Capgemini and Qualcomm to Accelerate 5G-Enabled Industrial Automation

Schneider Electric Appears at MWC2023 in Pakistan, Joins Hands with Capgemini and Qualcomm to Accelerate 5G-Enabled Industrial Automation

The three parties cooperated to launch an innovative end-to-end 5G private network solution to promote the upgrading and transformation of industrial automation systems

Using cutting-edge virtual connection methods, it can be deployed in different industrial and logistics sites

At the Mobile World Congress 2023 (MWC2023) in Barcelona, ​​Spain, Schneider Electric, Capgemini and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc jointly announced that they will cooperate to launch the industry’s first 5G for the automation of lifting control systems solution. Currently, the three companies have initiated design and installation work at the Schneider Electric Crane Control Laboratory. The 5G private network solution will uniformly use the existing wireless connection of Schneider Electric’s industrial automation system to replace the original cable connection, and simplify large-scale deployment at various industrial sites such as steel plants and ports.

Schneider Electric Crane Control Laboratory has started the design and installation of 5G private network solutions

Lift control applications play an integral role in supply chains and manufacturing processes, from avionics and automotive to steel fabrication and transportation. In these scenarios, heavy materials and goods are often transported over distances of hundreds of meters. These lift control applications require special designs for challenging industrial environments such as extreme temperatures and long-distance hoisting.

Marc Lafont, vice president of global innovation and upstream markets at Schneider Electric, said: “Digital transformation is bringing our customers a step-change in productivity, efficiency and sustainable development, but no one company can complete all the transformation work alone.” Schneider Electric Electric has always been committed to promoting collaborative innovation. This breakthrough end-to-end 5G private network solution is the result of multi-party cooperation. We will start the pilot work this year. We will also carry out more tests of 5G industrial use cases in the short term, involving Application scenarios such as discrete manufacturing, hybrid automation, and process automation. At the same time, we will try to promote the deep integration of 5G technology in automation equipment.”

  Wireless automated lifting control

Automated lifting control systems improve productivity, safety and operator performance, but also place high demands on reaction speed, precision, reliability, 24/7 availability and the ability to operate manually and autonomously. In addition, multiple systems need to coexist on the same network, such as cameras for monitoring and remote operation, and PLCs that support automation, remote control, and safety functions. The unique low-latency characteristics of the 5G network enable the automated lifting control system to use wireless connections instead of fiber optic cables during remote control operations, thereby simplifying network complexity, reducing wiring and providing long-term stable connections.

Fotis Karonis, Head of Capgemini’s 5G and Edge Computing Division, said: “This partnership with Schneider Electric demonstrates Capgemini’s unique ability to work with customers to leverage technology to drive innovation and create new use cases for the industry. Customized for Schneider Electric’s crane control system The end-to-end 5G solution fully demonstrates the application value of 5G technology in the field of industrial communication and its potential to drive changes in industrial market segments. Advanced connectivity, 5G and edge computing technologies are the key to digital transformation and innovative use cases A powerful enabler and accelerator for industrial customers to redesign systems and processes to be more efficient, agile and intelligent.”

Enrico Salvatori, Senior Vice President of Qualcomm Europe and President of Qualcomm Europe/Middle East and Africa, said: “5G has enormous opportunities to drive the development of enterprise network connectivity, so we are investing in this by providing practical and innovative ways for 5G private networks. Emerging fields. We are working with partners such as Schneider Electric and Capgemini to accelerate the discovery of the value of 5G private networks, and optimize the deployment and management of private networks through pre-integrated private network solutions that support multi-vendor options and Open RAN automation and management solutions and customizability, helping reduce network complexity and speed solutions to market globally.”

Capgemini worked with Schneider Electric to design and optimize an end-to-end 5G solution with excellent results in Schneider Electric industrial use cases. In addition, the solution can also provide system integration support based on Qualcomm innovations and assist Schneider Electric to integrate 5G networks with use cases to optimize the system. Combining Schneider Electric’s expertise in industrial automation with Qualcomm Technologies’ innovations in wireless technology, computing and artificial intelligence, plus Capgemini’s rich experience in network deployment and system integration, the three parties have joined forces to improve system performance. Eliminates network complexity, thereby accelerating solution time-to-market and improving key performance indicators for automated lift control customers.

  5G private network lifting control solution:

Can replace cable connections and other wireless connection methods, and facilitate multiple critical PLC control flows and time-sensitive video flows, providing support for many use cases;

Using the Qualcomm® FSM™ 100 5G RAN platform, with enterprise-grade Athonet core network and Airspan small cell network, operating in the 3.8GHz radio frequency band, significantly improves connectivity performance and creates new use cases.

In addition to being applied in the industrial field, the 5G private network automated lifting control system can also be applied to other digital use cases, such as augmented operators that require extended reality (XR) and wearable device support.

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