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Runbaiyan “Focusing on Love” moves forward with resilience with consumers

With the rise of Chinese people’s national self-confidence and self-awareness, domestic products will have more advantages in brand building. Hyaluronic acid technology skin care brand Runbaiyan has been thinking about building brand power. As a billion-dollar brand, Runbaiyan pays more and more attention to brand building, and gradually strengthens its position as the leader in the hyaluronic acid technology skin care track with its strong technological and product capabilities, and draws closer to the company with its strong brand power. The distance between the market and consumers.

In 2022, around the brand spirit of “focusing on resilience and growth because of love”, Runbaiyan successively created #给爱爱一小红花#, #因爱流袜大通话#, #假气成长#, #健康花开# emotional marketing The “quadrate” has achieved a cumulative exposure of 1.2 billion+, achieving high-frequency resonance in sales volume and volume.

With the topic of #给爱爱一小红花# as the main topic, Runbaiyan launched a wave of intensive brand emotional marketing campaigns with rewards and tributes to love, and conducted in-depth communication with consumers. Runbaiyan set up “love flower workshops” in Beijing and Hangzhou, encouraging every ordinary person who loves life and sticks to the present by sending a flower. Runbaiyan uses the personal participation of consumers and face-to-face contact with consumers to further narrow the distance between them and the brand, and creates hot topics on Weibo in the same city, attracting consumers to take selfies, leave messages, and share, and use their heart Offline activities further feed back online volume.

On the road of resilience, Run Baiyan also explored more heart-warming stories. Runbaiyan joined hands with the stars to approach the Sichuan Liangshan Niuniu Choir to explore their dream-chasing stories, and released the emotional short film “Resilience and Growth”. The film tells the story of “resilience” starting from “being strong” and moving towards “toughness” on the road of growth. “Those great adventures and vast distances were pioneered by strong girls, but in the end, they were conquered by the girl who allowed herself to fall and was resilient.” This is what Run Baiyan gave to all women at the end of the film a sentence. Run Baiyan created this emotional short film with great attitude, and launched a discussion on the topic of “resilient growth” with the public.

What is “Resilient Growth”? Just like people should make their appearance change with each passing day, like a strong and ductile metal that can withstand the tempering of any environment. Runbaiyan regards “resilient growth” as its brand attitude, not only talking about it, but also doing it. Since its establishment, Runbaiyan has been deeply involved in the field of hyaluronic acid, committed to bringing every consumer a perfect product experience, and also hopes to convey the spiritual power of “resilient growth” to them through products and marketing.

At the same time, Runbaiyan closely follows the pulse of the times, and deeply demonstrates the “resilience” spirit of the brand, individuals and even the nation with insights of great social value and a sincere brand attitude. The Miao Lusheng dance “Rolling Mountain Pearl” is an outstanding representative of Miao culture. It is a national intangible cultural heritage and one of the reed dances passed down from generation to generation by the Miao people. It is known as the bright “Pearl of the Plateau”. Due to various reasons, “Rolling Mountain Pearl” has encountered some difficulties in modern inheritance.

Yang Wenyuan, a teacher at the No. 23 Primary School in Zhongshan District, Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province, is also the inheritor of the “Rolling Mountain Pearl” of the Miao nationality. With the enthusiasm of inheriting the national culture, Mr. Yang Wenyuan overcame many difficulties and led the students to learn “rolling mountain beads”. In the past 10 years, Teacher Yang has been teaching tirelessly, and even used the rest time. Every Spring Festival and holidays, Mr. Yang also travels among the major Miao villages in the mountains, visits the old people in the villages alone, records the Miao culture with words and audio recordings, and finds children scattered in the Miao villages to teach them how to dance. “Rolling Mountain Pearl”, strengthen the inheritance team.

This story is vividly reflected in the short film “The Blossom of Resilience”, which has been widely praised by netizens, the media, and various big Vs once it was released. The authoritative media “China Women’s Daily” spoke highly of the positive social significance conveyed by Runbaiyan’s high combination of public welfare and brand concept: “Promote the revitalization of rural culture with rural aesthetic education, and help the inheritors of national culture regain national self-confidence. On the road of inheritance, accumulate strength and move forward with tenacity, so that the national treasures scattered in the land of China will shine again.”

Runbaiyan not only praises the power of resilience with emotional expressions, and promotes the inheritance of national culture through public welfare actions, but also conveys the brand’s spirit of “focusing on resilience and growth because of love” with a sincere brand attitude, encouraging people to face difficulties with resilience, Loving life will eventually usher in the highlight moment of self-blooming. The growth of a brand comes from its social influence, social contacts, and more and more people who can influence and inspire. Runbaiyan is also continuing to move forward on this road with resilience.

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