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RTX 4060 Ti vs. RTX 3060 Ti: Who is more cost-effective? -IT wave-Northern Network

RTX 4060 Ti vs. RTX 3060 Ti: Who is more cost-effective? -IT wave-Northern Network

NVIDIA’s latest RTX 4060 Ti has been released earlier, with a starting price of 3199 yuan, which is actually the same as the starting price of the RTX 3060 Ti, and the performance of the RTX 4060 Ti has improved.

So why is there so much controversy after the release of the graphics card? Which of these two graphics cards is more cost-effective? Let’s go directly to the picture below, and first look at the data comparison.

  performance analysis

In addition, many users do not understand the function of each test, and the following is a brief explanation for everyone.

First of all, it goes without saying that 3DMARK is an industry-standard graphics card testing software, and all performance data comes from it. The FS theory test is based on the scores in the DX11 environment, and DX11 is generally an older generation graphics standard. The third gear test is based on 1080p, 2K and 4K resolutions respectively.

Many online games, or 3A games from 3 years ago, mostly use the DX11 environment. At present, some games also provide switching options, such as “Borderland 3”, players can choose to use DX11 or DX12 to play the game. Therefore, the FS theory test cannot actually reflect some 3A games that are currently released.

The TS theory test is based on the DX12 environment. Only 2K and 4K resolutions are available for this test.At present, most 3A games are built based on the DX12 environment, so TS has a high test score, which is actually more competent for modern 3A games.

In fact, the fields that each product is good at are not the same. For example, AMD’s FS score is often very high in the test, but the TS score will be surpassed by NVIDIA. Due to the relatively new architecture of Intel graphics cards, DX12 was targeted at the beginning of research and development, so the performance of DX12 is better.

PortRoyal is a theoretical test based on ray tracing. The higher the score, the smoother the game will run when ray tracing is turned on.

So in the entire traditional theoretical test, RTX 4060 Ti has improved in FS compared to RTX 3060 Ti13%; Boost in TS11%; Promoted in PR13%.

SpeedWay is the new DX12 comprehensive test that combines real-time ray tracing and traditional rendering techniques to measure graphics card performance. Scenes contain ray-traced reflections, real-time global illumination, mesh shaders, volumetric lighting, particles, and post-processing effects.

That is to say, the SpeedWay test more simulates the results of real light-chasing games. In this test, the RTX 4060 Ti comprehensively improves11%.

Let’s look at the pure DLSS test again. Since the previous generation of RTX 30 series graphics cards cannot enable DLSS 3, the RTX 3060 Ti here is a comparative test of DLSS 2.

The improvement of DLSS switch compared to RTX 3060 Ti at 2K resolution is23%/16%; 4K resolution is almost impossible to run normally when the graphics card is turned off, and the improvement is about51%.

On the whole, the improvement of RTX 4060 Ti compared with RTX 3060 Ti is in11-13%; If you count the improvement of DLSS 3, it is still very large. As the saying goes, there are no garbage products, only garbage prices, let’s take a look at the current actual price comparison.

  price analysis

At present, in flagship stores, the market price of RTX 3060 Ti is generally around 2799 yuan (G6 and G6X memory prices are the same), while RTX 4060 Ti is basically the same as the launch price of 3199 yuan, with a price difference of 400 yuan. In some third-party stores, the price difference is very large.

Among them, the graphics card that does not clearly indicate the G6X video memory, we will all exercise it by default, and the lowest price is around 1900 yuan. And clearly marked G6X memory, the lowest price is around 2600 yuan.

The lowest price of the latest RTX 4060 Ti in third-party stores is around 2,900 yuan, with a price difference of 300 yuan. And new cards are on sale, so there is no need to worry about second-hand issues.

  Note: (G6 video memory is an early graphics card, that is, a product during the mining boom; G6X video memory is a new product launched after the mining boom. The main damage of graphics card mining is the video memory part. From some teardown pictures, it can be seen that the video memory has changed. Yellow traces, although the chip may be damaged, but the probability is not high. And if the chip is damaged, the video card can only be used or not. If there is a problem with the video memory, there is a high probability that it will not be found out, and the problem may occur after a week of use. , the risk is greater.)

So on the whole, the price difference between the two products on major platforms is about 300-400 yuan. If you use the “mining card” to compare the price, this RTX 4060 Ti is really not cost-effective at all. However, the price of 300-400 yuan, in exchange for a 10% performance improvement, is not bad. Moreover, the RTX 40 series can also enable DLSS 3.

However, the problem that players complain about is that the performance of this card cannot be called “iterative”. If it is a product of the same series, a 10% performance difference of 400 yuan is still acceptable. So this card is aimed at users who hold 20 series, 10 series, or earlier users. If you are currently using RTX 30 series products, it is really unnecessary.

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