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Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients Are Troubled by Cataracts Aier Ophthalmology Overcomes Difficulties and Helps them Regain Brightness

Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients Are Troubled by Cataracts Aier Ophthalmology Overcomes Difficulties and Helps them Regain Brightness

  “President Cao, this is a letter from me to you! Thank you for your benevolence as a doctor who didn’t turn us away, and thank you for your superb medical skills, which made me see the light again!” Love at Tianjin University In the cataract clinic of Seoul Eye Hospital, the patient Uncle Wei and his family members sent a handwritten letter of thanks to Director Cao Xiangrong.

  Uncle Wei this year72aged, with both eyes500degrees of myopia and100Degree of astigmatism, usually by wearing glasses to meet the daily eye needs, but in the past year, the gradual decline in binocular vision has seriously affected normal life. “I can’t see things more and more blurry, and I can’t even see the traffic lights when I’m driving, and I dare not drive the car later.” Uncle Wei said angrily. With the sharp decline in eyesight, Uncle Wei was very eager to treat his eyes. However, he went to many hospitals to seek help, but he did not receive treatment. It turned out that Uncle Wei had a history of pulmonary fibrosis and high blood pressure for many years, and needed to use an oxygen inhaler to maintain his body’s oxygen supply. Physical reasons made it difficult for Uncle Wei to see a doctor.

  On the recommendation of a friend, Uncle Wei and his family found Cao Xiangrong, the director of Aier Eye Hospital of Tianjin University.“This is the first time we have come to Aier Eye Hospital. What I didn’t expect is that the doctors and nurses here are so responsible for the patients, especially the Cao Hospital. As the dean, he is so kind to the patients. He turned me away, and even carefully checked us.” The examination revealed that Uncle Wei suffered from senile cataracts in both eyes and urgently needed surgery for treatment. Because Uncle Wei’s eyes are also accompanied by myopia and astigmatism, in order to provide more accurate data for cataract surgery, further examination by dilated pupils is required. “After the nurse dilated my pupils, my pupils still couldn’t open, so the medical staff kept measuring me repeatedly, just to measure the exact degree. Aier Eye Hospital made me feel that everyone is helping us from the heart. ” Uncle Wei said.

  The inspection found that the uncorrected visual acuity of Uncle Wei’s right eye before the operation was0.25the uncorrected visual acuity of the left eye is0.2,Combining various eye examination data and eye needs, Dean Cao Xiangrong conducted sufficient preoperative communication with the patient and chose an astigmatic intraocular lens for him. Dean Cao Xiangrong said:“The patient himself suffers from binocular cataracts, as well as myopia and astigmatism. Implanting an astigmatic intraocular lens can not only help the patient solve cataracts, but also solve the problems of myopia and astigmatism at the same time. One operation can solve three problems, and there is no need for surgery after surgery.” Wear glasses again.”

  Subsequently, Dean Cao Xiangrong performed right eye phacoemulsification combined with astigmatism intraocular lens implantation for the patient.“Because I am in poor health and need to inhale oxygen to maintain lung function, Dean Cao Xiangrong specially arranged for the doctors and nurses in the operating room to take special care of me and provide me with oxygen. Not only in the operating room, but also Director Wang Jinduo , Dr. Liu Erpeng, nurses in the ward, and the enthusiastic service attitude of the medical staff moved us very much.” Uncle Wei said gratefully.A week later, Dean Cao Xiangrong performed the same operation on his left eye, and the visual acuity of both eyes after the operation1.0.

  Uncle Wei and his family were very happy with the dramatic improvement in vision after the operation.“I didn’t expect my eyesight to recover so well after the operation. Dean Cao told me that the operation was very successful. I am very happy! Now that my eyesight is improved, I can drive without wearing glasses. I can’t write or draw anymore. Problem!”

  Dean Cao Xiangrong said:“Today’s cataract treatment has entered the era of refractive cataract surgery. In the past, cataract surgery for the purpose of restoring vision was gradually replaced by functional intraocular lens implantation. This kind of surgery can not only solve the problem of cataract, but also solve patients’ astigmatism and myopia. , farsightedness, and presbyopia, and you can have satisfactory visual effects without wearing glasses after surgery, making your life more convenient.”

  After the operation, Uncle Wei and his family members presented a thank-you letter written by themselves to President Cao Xiangrong, thanking Aier Eye Hospital for its superb medical skills and the meticulous service of the medical staff.Aier Eye Hospital of Tianjin UniversityThe attitude of “finding solutions to problems and solving difficulties when there are difficulties” has helped countless families see light and beauty again.

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