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Product strength speaks for itself. Mei Jian has turned tens of thousands of restaurants in Chengdu into the largest sales showroom for spring candy.

Product strength speaks for itself. Mei Jian has turned tens of thousands of restaurants in Chengdu into the largest sales showroom for spring candy.

On March 15th, the annual Chengdu Spring Candy Festival kicked off.

While thousands of big wine brands are showing off their talents in various hotels and exhibition halls, a brand that does not set up an exhibition at the venue unexpectedly becomes the focus.

From Renmin South Road, the central axis of Spring Tang, to the streets and alleys of Chengdu, Meijian Qingmei Wine is unique. It cooperates with tens of thousands of cooperative restaurants to directly transfer the “battlefield” from the 325,000 square meter venue to the streets and alleys of Chengdu.

It is understood that Meijian, which was founded in 2014 and officially launched in 2019, has sold over 100 million yuan in the Chengdu market; and according to the latest data, Meijian’s revenue from January to February 2024 increased by 39% year-on-year.

The current alcoholic beverage market is in a downward turning period. Some industry observers said that judging from this spring candy, Meijian’s urban exhibition hall built with more than 10,000 terminal restaurants in Chengdu is actually a competition about With the vivid display of alcoholic beverage trends, practitioners deserve to be pragmatic and pay attention to the fresh signals from the real market.


Chengdu’s market exceeds 100 million, and people are drinking heavily in the city

Let’s talk about the phenomenon first!

Whether it is traditional alcohol distribution channels, restaurants or consumers, the brand Mei Jian is no stranger. It can also be described as “drinking in the market” because although Mei Jian has not been on the market for a long time, it is a consumer brand. A major single product in the beverage industry that is “drinkable” by consumers.

Taking the Chengdu market as an example, large areas of Ume materials and display areas can be seen in almost all Internet celebrity restaurants, specialty restaurants and community convenience stores. Meijian has even cooperated with hot pot restaurants to create exclusive style stores, and combined food concentration areas to create exclusive neighborhoods, etc., completing the construction of “people-goods-place”.

This year, Chengdu Spring Candy, the organizers put forward the slogan of “Spring Candy Upgrade” and made every effort to create a “Spring Candy Festival”. Its core purpose is to upgrade the single display function of spring candies to an all-round experience and interaction. Mei Jian followed the trend. Although it did not put up an exhibition in the hotel, it built a “liquor city exhibition hall” besides Chun Tang based on the tens of thousands of core terminal restaurants in Chengdu, which unexpectedly became the focus of the industry.

Obviously, Umejian’s urban exhibition hall is in the same direction as the Spring Candy upgrade. It is the most vivid display, real tasting and strong sales carrier of this year’s Spring Candy Festival.

Let’s look at the essence!

Chengdu has become Mei Jian’s first billion-level urban market. You must know that the Chengdu market is the hardest nut to crack in the wine industry, and it is most lacking in all kinds of alcoholic beverage products. Even the ready-to-drink table wine in restaurants has long been dominated by beer, and Various Sichuan wine products are divided up.

Meijian’s annual sales in Chengdu exceed 100 million yuan, which also shows that its product strength is being recognized by terminals and consumers.

In this regard, the interviewer interviewed Mr. Zhu, a Meijian Chengdu dealer. He mentioned a more specific situation about Meijian: “The products are recognized at the terminal and can be displayed smoothly. In addition to BC restaurants, some are positioned higher-end. Our products can also be seen in clubs and high-end restaurants.” It is understood that Meijian has become the best-selling brand in Mr. Zhu’s hands.

In fact, more and more distributors and even large merchants in the industry are beginning to pay attention to the new alcoholic beverage track where Umejian is involved. For example, a large businessman in Zhejiang once mentioned that the taste advantage of new wine products will first attract young people; a large businessman in Zhuzhou, Hunan, operates Jiugui Liquor, Guotai, Wuliangye, Shuijingfang and some wines. It not only built its own chain stores, but also It has strong distribution capabilities and has been asking around about the Mei Jian brand.

Umejian may have embarked on a development path that is different from that of liquor. It first aroused the popularity of the consumer market, and eventually quickly attracted the attention of traditional alcoholic beverage merchants. This also shows that Umejian is a brand that grows based on the market’s open bottles and sales. A big item in the wine industry.


Big items that are popular in the market: entering into large-scale growth

Generally speaking, enterprise development will go through five stages: “product – channel scale – brand awareness – brand reputation – brand culture”. As long as it goes through the first four stages, it will enter the stage of large-scale growth. The development of major brands such as Moutai, Wuliangye, Fenjiu, and Snow have all proven this.

If we look at the natural laws of enterprise development and Umejian’s growth characteristics, we can predict that Umejian is in a new stage of scale growth.

First, from January to February 2024, Meijian’s revenue increased by 39% year-on-year; the e-commerce platform increased by 48.6% year-on-year.

Second, during the peak sales season for alcoholic beverages, Meijian showed explosive growth that was not inferior to that of liquor. It achieved double-digit sales growth month-on-month through the Yonghui channel, the largest supermarket chain in the country, and the growth rate of large bottles reached 177%. The average sales volume is 23.6 pieces.

These two characteristics show that Umejian’s growth will accelerate in 2024, and both online and offline ends will work together. In particular, offline growth will remain strong, which is crucial for Umejian to become a mainstream wine type and enter large-scale growth.

Third, the Chengdu market has become the first billion-level urban market in Meiji, while Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Changsha, Chongqing and other markets are also of considerable scale. Not only have they achieved wide-area terminal coverage and high sales, some dealers and restaurants have even jointly launched a “plum wine + customized dishes” cooperation model, making operating plum wine an interesting and good business. This is where Ume sees the potential for large-scale growth.

From phenomenon to essence, it is a reflection of the overall rise of new wine drinks. Industry insiders indicate that new wine drinks have gone from the budding stage of dotted tens of billions in the 2010s to the linear and surface scale of hundreds of billions in the 2020s. In the era of globalization, tenfold growth space has been opened.

“Water” means “fish”. As the first large-scale brand in the field of new alcoholic drinks, Mei Jian may be the beneficiary of “water is big and fish is big”.

If we say that Umejian has entered large-scale growth, we may hesitate and think that compared to liquor, Umejiu is still a niche wine; compared to Moutai, Umejian is also a niche brand. But the other side of the truth is, don’t be afraid of the niche. Without the niche, there will be no mass. The consumer market for new alcoholic beverages is not only here, but also very broad. The pre-85s, post-85s to post-95s, and Generation Z take turns affecting the alcoholic beverage market as variables. This is a variable in alcoholic beverage consumption and the basis for the expansion of new alcoholic beverages.

From the data point of view, it is important to point out that the five years that Meijian went from zero to more than one billion coincided with the three-year cycle of the epidemic and the decline in alcohol sales. From the growth characteristics, industry scale and new alcoholic beverages currently displayed by Meijian, Based on the comprehensive judgment of the expansion trend, Meijian will enter a new stage of large-scale growth in 2024, which is promising.


Mei Jian’s next journey?Catering for the super growth of new wine drinkers

Whether it is a new wine or an old wine, the product innovation method is undoubtedly toC, but its business essence is still toB, which is determined by the nature of wine relying on consumption scenarios. Therefore, Ume is in a new stage of large-scale growth, and its growth path is increasingly inseparable from the channel policy of “satisfying customers’ customers” and products that “satisfy customers’ customers’ customers”.

In terms of channels, Mei Jian pursues large-scale growth in product favorability, large-scale growth in scene matching, and large-scale growth in the number of repeat purchase users. This kind of high growth without deliberately pursuing sales results is the essence and advantage of new alcoholic beverage products. location.

It is understood that behind Umejian’s annual sales of more than 1 billion, offline channels contribute the most, and there is no understocking in all markets. Healthy and healthy inventory, as well as the pricing power of category unicorns, make Umejian not only continue to sell well but also have an orderly price Stablize. In the entire wine business ecosystem, Umemi is a maverick. On the one hand, it focuses on catering, convenience stores and other scenes, and its profits are much higher than beer that also values ​​these scenes; on the other hand, it is under operating pressure. It is small and sells quickly. Mei Jian dealers are much happier than liquor dealers.

It is reported that Mei Jian has formulated two major growth paths for this year around channels and terminals. The first is to increase investment in some markets with restraint to achieve large-scale growth of effective customers; the second is to achieve moderate large-scale growth of effective terminals. There is no doubt that Mei Jian is releasing the policy of finding big businessmen and building markets with them.

At the same time, Umejian has also paved a growth path for structural upgrades.

This starts with Ume’s product structure. Ume’s products are mainly divided into three categories:

The first type is the oriental flavor series of Taki products. This type of product is a classic fusion of green plum and oriental flavors. It is mainly composed of 330ml of green plum original flavor, green tangerine flavor, black plum flavor and golden osmanthus. The terminal price is 38. Yuan is the choice of plum wine for its flavor, quality and cost-effectiveness. It constitutes Umemi’s basic market and is also a traffic-based product for dealers.

The second category is the Umami original fruit brew series, which introduces the world’s advanced brewing methods and uses oak barrels for aging. It constitutes the flavor of Umami and is a profit-oriented product for dealers.

The third category is the vintage Umemi series consisting of Umemi three-year-old, Umemi five-year-old, and Umemi seven-year-old, which expresses the nobility of Chinese plum wine in the value sequence of Chinese wine. As the pinnacle sequence, it points to the flavor choice of high-end consumers.


Products and dealers are perfectly matched, and dealers are the driving force for growth. It is understood that Meijian will also empower the growth of both dealers and employees this year, and is committed to helping some dealers transform into a new era. “This is composed of farmers, scientific research and brewing teams, brand teams, dealer teams, catering teams, etc.” A new business practice for end merchants and consumers to jointly create brands.”

The eradication and reduction of consumption of traditional alcoholic beverages are global problems, but they are also opportunities. Many people are following the trend of strong fragrance, combined fragrance and sauce fragrance, but after all, the consumer world belongs to young people, and it is more important to pay attention to the future than to catch up with the trend. From the perspective of China’s largest wine merchants, the largest sales exhibition hall of Chun Tang, which is composed of tens of thousands of restaurants, provides them with a reference for growth in the new era of alcoholic beverages.

Judging from this spring candy, a wine drinking turning period, with the market going down and the market going up, may really be coming.

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