Powerful alliance, NetEase Cloud Music and Xiaomi Auto create a new in-car music smart cabin experience


At 7 pm on March 28 (this Thursday), Xiaomi Automobile, which attracted great attention from the entire Internet, was officially launched at the Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center on Yizhuang Rongchang East Street, Daxing District, Beijing. At the same time, NetEase Cloud Music, as an important part of Xiaomi Auto’s ecological content, has also taken the lead in landing on Xiaomi Auto.

The focus of Xiaomi Auto this time is to release the full ecological concept of people, cars and homes based on The Paper OS. Xiaomi SU7 can realize car-home interconnection, allowing users to prepare their cars at home and turn on the air conditioning and seat heating in the car in one sentence; in addition, it can also control the car in the car. Home, you can call the home camera at any time and use one-touch doorbell intercom; the fully automated feature can set up geofences, and SU7 automatically activates the home mode when it enters the community. Using Xiao Ai, you can deeply control the car with voice, and can also recognize fuzzy commands. Voice interaction in the five-tone zone in the car can accurately respond to all directions. With the empowerment of AI large models, users can “ask where they go.”

NetEase Cloud Music, as the first ecological content partner in Xiaomi Auto’s ecosystem, coincides with the various product concepts of Xiaomi Auto’s launch conference.

First of all, in line with Xiaomi Motors’ “people-car-home” ecological concept, NetEase Cloud Music has also developed the first “cross-terminal playback” capability among domestic online music platforms.

Cross-device replay is the first innovative audio function in China that enables seamless and smooth connection of music and long audio content between multiple terminals and car-side devices based on the same account. It has the following characteristics: it breaks through the car-machine and mobile phone systems and only requires an account; it is smooth Continuous without any delay, long audio is accurate to the second, music is accurate to the song. Based on the above capabilities, users can seamlessly and smoothly connect music and long audio content anytime, anywhere on mobile phones, cars, speakers, TVs and even watches, creating a perfect listening experience.

In addition, with the AI ​​large model empowerment proposed by Xiaomi Automobile, users can “ask where they go”. NetEase Cloud Music has also previously launched AI intelligent recommendations and other related functions to meet the different listening needs of users through a variety of innovative models.

These include: “Private Roaming” that can achieve an immersive music listening experience and update recommendation strategies in real time; “Radar Playlist” that generates personalized playlists for users based on historical tastes and real-time preferences; based on driving itinerary, road conditions, and commuting “Vehicle Scenario Recommendations” with customized recommendations for travel, parent-child, etc., etc.

At the same time, NetEase Cloud Music has also launched innovative functions such as AIDJ. In terms of basic capabilities, it supports vocals of different timbres to recommend music content based on personalized content, and introduces song information and organizes music content knowledge between songs. In terms of in-depth customization, it can not only be integrated into the car voice assistant, but the voice timbre will be naturally connected. Based on the combination of vehicle-specific driving information, it assists in actively and accurately recommending scene-based music content and special string words. At the same time, it supports multiple rounds of question and answer interactions, allowing private DJs to understand users better. The stories, information and real-time information behind the content can be displayed to create a sense of functional surprise for users.

For the 25-speaker luxury setup configured in Xiaomi cars that supports 7.1.4 Atmos, NetEase Cloud Music will also provide industry-leading Dolby Atmos music library content, striving to bring a new audio-visual experience to users.

At the same time, NetEase Cloud Music also plans to explore cooperation with Xiaomi Auto on other high-quality, in-car sound effects, humming, children’s mode, atmosphere linkage, and nap modes. Among them, NetEase Cloud Music uses NPU real-time compression to solve high-quality music car problems. It has achieved industry breakthroughs in the issue of machine data consumption and lag, and will create a new in-car music smart cabin experience for Xiaomi Motors based on three propositions: AI, audiovisual and smart cockpit.

Currently, NetEase Cloud Music has cooperated with more than 50 car companies in the automotive field. In the future, through the cooperation vision of “returning to music and creating a multi-terminal and smooth ultimate experience”, we will bring more ultimate experiences to more users.


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