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Polartec is a leader in innovative and sustainable textile solutions

Planet Earth, the Universe (March 2024) – More than three decades ago, Polartec pioneered fleece fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles, and the Milliken & Company-owned brand has been innovating and becoming more sustainable ever since. The leader in textile solutions. With an unwavering commitment to protecting the environment, Polartec continues to go above and beyond, from using 100% recycled and plant-based materials to developing innovative technologies for certified peel-resistant fleece that reduce its impact on the natural environment, all while pursuing the goal of zero waste. Become reality step by step. Now, Polartec launches a new “Beyond Begins Today” initiative, which aims to increase people’s awareness and unity on important global themes such as sustainability, diversity and positive change in the world.

‘Beyond Begins Today’ is a multifaceted campaign of graphic and multimedia content, including a series of short films that will be released across multiple touchpoints and channels throughout the year. The first short film will be released on Earth Day 2024 to emphasize the basic premise that the future depends on our actions. In fact, Polartec’s commitment to sustainable solutions goes far beyond the integration of progressive manufacturing methods or the ongoing exploration of new fibers and continued investment in the development of sustainable materials. It extends to the fundamental belief that if we change our current behavior, the story of the future will be written by us. For our planet. For our people. for our products.

Change starts with oneself, and change starts with a single step. Polartec promises that every product we launch in 2024 will reduce our impact on the planet, stand the test of time, or contribute to nature’s recycling processes. The “Beyond Begins Today” initiative focuses on the durability of Polartec fabrics and is committed to enhancing the positive impact of fabrics on future generations. The initiative explores Polartec’s innovative monoliths, repurposed plastics and plant-based nylon waterproofing membranes and fabrics that are used to set new standards in high-performance materials; Polartec has ambitious climate-related goals across the value chain and goes beyond existing mandatory requirements . Such a comprehensive strategy enables Polartec to maintain its industry leadership, produce top-quality fabrics, champion environmental stewardship, and pave the way for a more sustainable tomorrow. “This important initiative reaffirms our belief that sustainability is the cornerstone of our past, present and future efforts,” said Eric Yung, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at Polartec. “Beyond Begins Today” aims to enrich the lives of those who wear our fabrics. people’s lives and reduce the environmental impact of Polartec fabrics. We believe it is Polartec’s responsibility to protect everything we love: to our products, to our planet, and to all of humanity. Beyond words, mission and vision, we are doing this through Innovation takes action. Beyond Begins Today, start today and rush towards an environmentally friendly future.”

Ramesh Kesh, Senior Vice President of Global Business at Polartec, said: “For more than three decades, Polartec has proven time and time again that our fabrics are unquestionably durable, breathable and windproof, and that these properties don’t have to be sacrificed. At the expense of the environment. Leaving the world a better place than we found it is a collective responsibility we cherish, and Polartec doesn’t just talk about sustainability; we support sustainability with action, and we are the symbol of sustainability.” For more information, please visit Polartec.com and follow Polartec on WeChat public platform, Weibo and Xiaohongshu.

About Polartec

Polartec, a brand of Milliken & Company, is a premium supplier of innovative and sustainable textile solutions. Since inventing the original PolarFleece in 1981, Polartec engineers have continued to advance fabric science by creating problem-solving technologies that improve the user experience. Polartec fabrics offer a wide range of features including lightweight, moisture wicking, cooling, warmth, water and wind resistance, fire resistance, insulation and durability. Polartec products are used by outdoor, performance, lifestyle and workwear brands from around the world, as well as the contract upholstery market. For more information, please visit Polartec.com and follow Polartec on WeChat public platform, Weibo and Xiaohongshu.

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