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Is Hermix’s anti-aging effect comparable to that of a thousand dollars? The four keys behind confidence!

In the anti-aging skin care industry, doctors and professional nurses rarely recommend products spontaneously. However, there is one product that is an accident. A brand full of magic has been recommended by a large number of doctors and professional nurses, and that is HERMIX’s multi-link anti-aging series products. Many consumers will be curious, what is the magic power of Helai that can be recommended and used by so many industry professionals?

Most people who know HERMIX know that they focus on anti-aging skin care research. In the early years, they mainly provided anti-aging technology and solution support to many brand manufacturers. In recent years, relying on its own anti-aging experience and technology, it has launched a “non-patch” three-stage and six-type anti-aging series products. It has become popular on the Internet with its anti-aging experience comparable to a thousand yuan level. It can be said that it is the best in human body anti-aging. The field has accumulated a large number of far-leading black technologies, and many professionals emphasize that it can compete with many thousand-dollar anti-aging skin care products. This has also aroused the enthusiasm of many media and KOLs on the market. So what kind of magic power does Helai have that can do it? How to meet the high standards of anti-aging experience among different groups of people while achieving an excellent reputation? Let’s find out next!

Insist on the anti-aging experience of international famous brands worth thousands of dollars, and there is no compromise in the anti-aging experience!

In several exchanges with the Hermix team, it was mentioned that Hermix has continued to pursue the creation of an anti-aging experience comparable to a thousand-dollar level. Such principles and pursuits stem from the suppression of domestic brands by international brands, and also stem from After years of research and technological accumulation on the body’s anti-aging, we firmly believe that domestic products are no worse than those of international brands that cost thousands of yuan. Regardless of anti-aging strategies, raw material quality, formula, technology, and R&D innovation, Hera adheres to strict requirements of the thousand-yuan level. . Moreover, after a large number of experiments and tests, Chinese people’s skin is complex, shallow, and sensitive. Hera must provide every girl’s skin with a higher standard of nourishment in order to achieve a long-lasting, safe, and stable anti-aging experience. Anti-aging products cannot With any compromise, there can only be one perfect solution.

Unique in the industry!Rigorous and systematic “three stages and six types” anti-aging strategy

The reason why HERMIX can stand out in the body’s anti-aging market must first start with the current situation of the industry. Among domestic anti-aging skin care products, many brands blindly use repair products in order to cater to consumers’ love for peptides, Bose and other public opinion concepts. , anti-aging strategies of supplementation, and even over-hyped the effects of ingredients, ignoring the complexity of skin types of people in different countries. It causes short-term effects of anti-aging, destroys the body’s microbalance, and causes frequent safety accidents.

Moreover, many anti-aging products only focus on short-term effects and ignore the impact of mid- and long-term products on skin quality. They lack technical standards for key aspects such as product absorption, penetration, and retention. Hermix has used its years of research and development in human body anti-aging over the years. With accumulated experience, we have built a rigorous and systematic anti-aging strategy of three stages and six types of “non-repair”, dividing the anti-aging experience into three stages: short, medium and long, from short-term treatment of single aging problems to medium- and long-term skin ecological balance. Healthy development and promotion, while strictly classifying raw materials, formulas, and technologies into six types of standards, and strictly formulating and designing from penetration, absorption, stabilization, conditioning, repair, and nourishment.

Systemic body anti-aging must be driven by data and closed-loop testing

To be able to have the confidence to benchmark against international brands worth thousands of dollars, another detail that must be mentioned is that Hermix has collected dozens of products over the past few years through its layout in major cities and cooperation with many institutions. Tens of thousands of Chinese body data have been repeatedly and rigorously classified, characterized, and studied through different climates, environments, and regional structures! In order to pursue sufficient precision and accuracy, we spent three years manually classifying them one by one. The significance of this classification is to have a very in-depth understanding of the Chinese people’s body and skin, and to have a deep understanding of the Chinese people’s body and skin. Quality issues require rigorous and careful judgment, as well as what kind of anti-aging strategies and ingredient combinations should be used to target different users.

At the same time, HERMIX always adheres to the closed-loop test drive, creating an eight-layer cyclic testing system at the industry ceiling level, and conducts multi-link, high-density testing of high-quality raw materials and ingredient quality. This includes cross-testing by multiple third-party institutions, full inspection of incoming materials, more than 100 ingredient tests in different dimensions, as well as large-scale real-person testing and crowdsourcing and crowd-testing models. Currently, more than 2,000 people have participated in Hermix product testing. Adhere to the multi-link high-density, repeated and rigorous testing method, so that the products that are finally put on the market can perfectly reach the thousand-yuan level of safety, no harm to skin, high performance and compatibility with people.

Ingredients and raw materials are the key to brand reputation, and strict quality control is required

In terms of body anti-aging, Hera has always regarded the quality control of ingredients and raw materials as the life of the brand. The quality specifications of many raw materials are difficult to define and cannot be identified with the naked eye, and few brand manufacturers adopt full raw material inspection! Therefore, many raw material suppliers will pass off inferior products to deceive brand manufacturers and consumers. In order to ensure the safety, stability and effectiveness of raw materials, Hera adopts more clumsy methods to ensure quality. On the one hand, it insists on importing more than 80% of the raw material components at any cost, which can avoid safety risks caused by fake raw materials and cut corners to a greater extent. Accidents and hazards, and at the same time, all raw material components of each batch are tested instead of random inspections, and an accountability system for production problems is adopted! Strictly control the quality of raw materials.

And on this basis, it is an industry-leading move, adhering to the 30%-30%-30% elimination mechanism (30% elimination of each batch of raw materials, 30% elimination during production and processing, and 30% elimination of finished products), and constantly strives for excellence. , pick out the bones from the eggs, and make every skin care product in the hands of users represent Hera’s pursuit of higher quality! It also means that Helai only provides users with a better anti-aging experience, and there is no compromise!

The founder of HERMIX has a great saying: “Sustainable business must not be driven by profit.” As a brand operator, we must avoid excessive sales volume and profit-oriented. This will lead to excessive market orientation of products in research and development, and excessive catering to user needs. Now in the entire market, we can see that many brands are catering to users’ needs for certain star ingredients, quick whitening, quick results and other gimmicks. This is a pathological vicious cycle that can easily lead to quick success and quick gains in brand research and development, which can lead to hidden dangers such as drug abuse and destruction of the body’s ecological balance.

Hella has always adhered to the strategy of niche products, striving for thousand-yuan anti-aging experience and technology research and development, allowing users to form a reputation through professional product experience, and promoting and attracting more users who understand Hella through users’ word-of-mouth. , and then Helai works hard and perseveres to create better and better products and bring them to the market, forming a virtuous cycle of business.

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