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Place an order in the morning and go to Tmall Supermarket in the afternoon and push it with Cainiao in Tianjin: half-day delivery

Place an order in the morning and go to Tmall Supermarket in the afternoon and push it with Cainiao in Tianjin: half-day delivery


The logistics service war continues to escalate.

On September 5, Tmall Supermarket and Cainiao announced that half-day delivery will open in 6 cities, including Tianjin, Nanjing, Wuhan, Changsha, Nanchang and Jinhua. At present, the number of Kaesong cities in the country has reached 14, and the Kaesong plan will be further accelerated within this year.

The 1212 half-day delivery model created by Tmall Supermarket and Cainiao takes 12:00 noon and 12 midnight as the cut-off time for placing orders and paying, and delivers them before 9:00 pm on the same day and 12:00 am on the next day respectively. The “ceiling” is almost 4 hours faster than the 211 mode that was commonly used in the industry in the past.

It is reported that behind the logistics competition is the competition of the supply chain model. The flexible supply chain integrating warehouse and distribution created by Cainiao is different from the traditional rigid supply chain, and has formed distinctive characteristics such as high flexibility and globalization.

Residents of 6 new cities join Tmall Supermarket half-day life circle

“I received a call from express delivery before 8 o’clock this morning, which was earlier than the alarm clock.” Aunt Lei, who lives in Jinyinhu Street, Wuhan City, places orders for daily necessities in Tmall Supermarket. The faster, the things ordered after 9 o’clock in the evening often arrive at the door of the house before waking up the next day.

Ms. Fang, who works in Yuhuatai District, Nanjing, also felt the same way, “I placed an order for a snack recommended by a colleague at Tmall Supermarket in the morning. It didn’t take long for me to finish my lunch, and the express delivery arrived.”

Getting to Kaesong in half a day has a significant impact on consumer experience. Ying Xinda, the person in charge of the half-day delivery project of Tmall Supermarket, introduced that the improvement of contract performance ability has greatly stimulated the number of orders, the number of users, and the frequency of purchases. It has reached a new high in the past two years.” In order to allow more consumers to enjoy half-day delivery, Tmall Supermarket and Cainiao are also speeding up their openings, and the pace of openings has exceeded expectations.

Half-day delivery also brings new opportunities for brands. BESTORE is a local brand in Wuhan, and this year is the 10th year of cooperation with Tmall Supermarket. The vice president of the company, Jie Xiaofeng, said that the essence behind Tmall Supermarket’s half-day reach to the city is an urbanized operation capability, which can help brands quickly reach Reach the consumer groups in core cities and improve the efficiency of business growth.

It is reported that in the half-day delivery cities, after consumers open Taobao on their mobile phones and enter Tmall Supermarket, the product details page has a striking green half-day delivery logo, and shows the promised delivery time, providing a service guarantee that if you arrive late, you will be compensated.

Cainiao Supply Chain: Create authenticity, hard core and quality in half a day

The reporter learned that, compared with many products that are nominally called half-day delivery, the half-day delivery launched by Cainiao and Maochao has three characteristics: real half-day delivery, hardcore half-day delivery and quality half-day delivery.

According to reports, Cainiao half-day delivery is the real half-day delivery of the whole link from payment to receipt, which is different from the half-time limitation of delivery from collection to receipt of express; The estimated delivery time; Cainiao half-day delivery also promises door-to-door delivery and compensation if it is not delivered, and will not ignore consumer experience in pursuit of timeliness.

Behind the speed-up of Half-Day Express is the flexible supply chain model based on the integration of Cainiao warehouse and distribution. In Wuhan Cainiao Park, automated vertical warehouses are equipment that traditional rigid supply chains are keen to use. However, Cainiao uses flexible and flexible AGV robots to link with vertical warehouses. The AGV robots are responsible for receiving and delivering goods, and the vertical warehouses are only used for storage. This solution based on the concept of flexible supply chain transformation makes the utilization rate of the working space in the warehouse higher, and can be flexibly applied to the business of 2B and 2C integration.

The warehouse is also directly connected to the distribution and transshipment center of Cainiao Express. An automated assembly line allows parcels to go directly from the warehouse to the delivery link, and then to the delivery network via vehicles. It even saves the door-to-door collection link on the traditional express delivery link. raised dramatically.

Shuai Yong, vice president of Cainiao Group and general manager of the domestic supply chain division, introduced that Cainiao’s supply chain has core features such as high flexibility and globalization. Adjust the operation link to achieve half-day delivery speed; globalization means that the Cainiao supply chain supports merchants’ online and offline, 2B and 2C integration, and multi-platform cross-platform operations.

It is reported that the Cainiao supply chain has opened up half-day delivery capabilities to merchants and launched half-day delivery products with optimized warehouse distribution. Merchants can also achieve half-day delivery after entering the Cainiao Warehouse and using Cainiao Delivery.

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