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[Perspectives of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine]It is a misunderstanding that cancer patients cannot be massaged depending on the type and location of the tumor.

[Perspectives of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine]It is a misunderstanding that cancer patients cannot be massaged depending on the type and location of the tumor.

Text: Su Ziqian (Department of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Oncology), “Ming Pao”

(Hong Kong News) Some patients think that once they have cancer, they must not get a massage, and they must not even sit on a massage chair. Because a massage will accelerate the spread of tumors; in fact, this is definitely a misunderstanding.

There is no evidence that massage chairs accelerate the spread of cancer

Generally speaking, tumors mainly spread through blood and lymph. In fact, even if many tumors are in the first or second stage, for these patients who have not spread, if some genetic testing technology is used, some of them can actually be detected in the blood. Migratory cancer cells. As for whether the tumor will spread to other organs, it depends on whether these cancer cells traveling in the blood (or lymphatic network) can implant and grow in other organs.

These cancer cells in the blood are attacked by immune cells in the blood. Therefore, many cancer cells have actually been eliminated in the blood. Another key is whether the blood can leave the blood vessels and enter the cells of the organs as it travels to other organs. Each organ has a resistance mechanism to prevent it from happening.

Therefore, whether a tumor will spread depends on the body’s immune defense mechanism on the one hand, and the number of wandering cells the tumor has in the blood. If the primary tumor is larger, the chance of spreading will also increase due to the increase in wandering cells. Therefore, if cancer patients do not receive treatment in the early stages, the cancer will gradually grow and spread.

Therefore, whether the cancer has spread or not is a complex process. Generally speaking, there is no indication that cancer will increase in spread after doing exercise. Therefore, it is completely unfounded that after doing some massage or sitting on a massage chair, it will accelerate the spread of cancer.

Acupoint massage helps patients relieve symptoms

Some, such as certain acupoint massages, have been proven to help cancer patients relieve symptoms. For example, proper lower back massage can increase bowel defecation function. In addition, pressing the inner part of the hand can relieve the feeling of vomiting. Appropriate temple or Fengchi massage can relieve headaches and fatigue. Appropriate massage of the shoulder well can also relieve the feeling of headache.

In addition, many patients may have less exercise after surgery or chemotherapy, and their hands and feet may become stiff and weak. Some massage can also relieve the soreness.

Of course, there are some things that cancer patients should pay attention to if they want to do some massage. For example, if there is indeed a tumor that can be touched by hand, there are some situations where it is necessary to avoid massaging in the vicinity of the tumor. For example, if it is unresected breast cancer, try to Do not massage near tumors. The reason is that many tumors actually have a large number of blood vessels. If you use strong massage and pressure, there is a chance that the tumor will bleed internally. If the bleeding can cause pain and inflammation, then there is a real chance of causing it. The tumor expands in nearby tissue.

In addition, if there is a tumor in the abdomen, heavy massage cannot be performed nearby, such as large colorectal cancer, ovarian cancer, etc. If the tumor is pressed through, there is indeed a chance of causing inflammation of the peritoneum, and even peritoneum, and the risk of tumor spread.

On the other hand, we should also note that some cancers, such as lung cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancer patients, may travel to the bones when they spread. If a cancer patient suddenly develops severe bone pain in a certain place, or it is already known that there is bone metastasis in a certain place, then gravity massage is not suitable near the bone in that place, and you must be very careful if you want to perform some joint reduction. Otherwise, the bones will crack and cause fractures.

Talk to a professional masseur about your condition

So, every patient’s situation is different, if the tumor does not go to the bone. Generally, patients suffering from back pain will not have much of a problem with light massage. It should also be noted that if the patient needs massage, he should discuss his condition with a professional masseur and ask for the doctor’s instructions first to know which parts should be avoided. This is much safer.

Therefore, appropriate massage for cancer patients can relieve discomfort and help the condition, but inappropriate massage may cause complications. However, there is no scientific basis for massage to directly cause tumor spread.

Taking traditional Chinese medicine to regulate qi and blood and enhance

Rash is a detox reaction

After recovering from bowel cancer, a patient used Chinese medicine to regulate his body. After more than half a year of treatment, she found that her skin, which had been dull for many years, gradually became whiter. At the same time, she also did a lot of exercises, and had a personal trainer and a physical therapist to loosen the tight areas of her Achilles tendon.

But recently I discovered that after some muscles are loosened, rheumatism (urticaria) will appear continuously for several days. She asked if Chinese medicine had made her body sensitive?

I believe readers can also guess that this is actually the “detoxification” reaction in traditional Chinese medicine. Of course, traditional Chinese medicine does not have this word. This is a concept that emerged in modern times.

Traditional Chinese medicine has always believed that the human body has different levels. Therefore, both the Huangdi Neijing and Treatise on Febrile Diseases have pointed out that the human body has different levels and diseases have different shades. When a disease is revealed from a deep layer to a shallow layer, the disease will be cured. condition. Therefore, I finally put a lot of emphasis on eliminating evil and relieving the surface, hoping that the disease will be eliminated from the body from deep to shallow.

Su Ziqian explained to the patient that when the body’s qi and blood are strengthened after taking traditional Chinese medicine, the originally blocked meridians are slowly opened, and exercise increases blood circulation. The physiotherapist also allowed her to return to normal the areas that had been very tight in the past. After a multi-pronged approach, the areas where the “waste” had been hidden were cleared, leaving gaps for the disease to come out.

Therefore, rash is actually a good sign. This kind of physical change is most easily seen in cancer patients or patients with skin diseases.

Exercise increases blood circulation

I gave her an analogy that her body was like a carpet that had not been cleaned for many years (imagine a very large, long-haired carpet). It looks clean, but in fact dirt keeps getting inside. It’s especially okay if you don’t clean it. You might have to pat it when you first clean it, or maybe you might use a vacuum cleaner to pick up the stains and turn them into big dust. But there is no way. If you want to remove these old stains, this is a must. stage.

The state of the body is almost the same.

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