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On hot days, CPIC provides zero-distance service

On hot days, CPIC provides zero-distance service

“The temperature has been high recently, and I always feel chest tightness. Can you help me evaluate my heart health?”

“What is this Chinese medicine smart pulse? Can you experience it?”

On July 5th, the “People’s Tea House” in the neighborhood center of West Zhijiang Road in Shanghai was full of people. After hearing the news, there was an endless stream of community residents who came to participate in the convenience service. Volunteers of China Pacific Insurance who were in various positions performed their duties. Busy for the residents, they served the residents enthusiastically with smiles and professional explanations.

This is the hot scene of the 2023 public welfare special session of “Great Love Warms Shanghai and Huijin Community”. The event was hosted by Shanghai Huibao Co-insurance Group, organized by China Pacific Insurance Shanghai Branch, Youth Daily·Youth Shanghai, and co-organized by Zhijiang West Road Street Neighborhood Center, Taiyi Steward, and Shanghai Taibao Blue Public Welfare Foundation. The event was held on the occasion of the 11th “July 8 National Insurance Publicity Day”, to send the responsible care and heart-warming care from insurance companies to the general residents.

  In the scorching summer, health services are delivered to your door

Bone density assessment, heart health assessment, blood pressure health assessment, intelligent TCM pulse diagnosis… At the “Bao” Wei health gas station at the event site, 12 AI health assessment equipment were lined up one by one. These instruments are supported by the one-stop family doctor and managed medical service platform “Taiyi Guanjia” health cabin, and professional doctors are on site to interpret reports for residents.

Many residents said that it was the first time they had experienced such a wealth of convenient health services in the neighborhood center, which was very beneficial to the people. “When the hot weather comes, the elderly will experience more discomfort symptoms. Thanks to the volunteers for sending love and care to our residents in the hot weather.”

While the convenience services are being carried out, the Huhuibao answering area located in the “Bao” Health Gas Station also attracted many residents to stop for understanding and inquiries. “Huhuibao”, as a customized commercial medical insurance product for Shanghai’s inclusive city, has been very popular since it was put into the market. The staff of China Pacific Insurance enthusiastically and patiently introduced the product information of 2023 Shanghai Huibao, the specific insurance application process and related precautions to each resident who came to consult.

  Get through the “last mile” of serving the masses

“I participated in the insurance of Shanghai Huibao for the past two years. Volunteers from CPIC told me that this year’s deductible is lower than last year, and there are new exclusive health benefits. I ‘continued’ the insurance on the spot.” Mr. Wang, who lives in Pushan Road, said.

There were also some new users of Huhuibao at the scene. “I have been hearing about Huhuibao’s product in the news before. Today I have the opportunity to learn more about it. I found that it is very convenient to apply for the insurance, and the price is not expensive. You can pay for the medical insurance account. It is a product that benefits the people.” Ms. Liu who came with her child said.

On the other side of the “neighborhood big stage” area, volunteers from China Pacific Insurance also brought community residents a unique music public welfare experience. Using percussion music as an intervention method to help the elderly reduce the risk of cognitive decline and dementia, the interesting and novel interactive form has won the love and praise of residents.

“Huhuibao has been in operation for more than two years, with insurance protection covering nearly 14 million person-times, and accumulative compensation of more than 1.1 billion yuan, benefiting 420,000 person-times.” The relevant person in charge of Shanghai Branch of China Pacific Insurance Life Insurance said that Huhuibao has entered the community and opened up the “last mile” of serving the masses. With a public welfare attitude, professional support, and technological innovation, the concept of “Shanghai” related photos has been implemented. “In the future, we will continue to gather good-hearted teams, use CPIC’s power to serve a healthy life, warm up children’s growth, escort young adults, and hold up a protective umbrella for the elderly.”

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