Occupying the C position firmly, Ouxia? Mediterranean Hotel takes the lead with differentiation

Occupying the C position firmly, Ouxia? Mediterranean Hotel takes the lead with differentiation

After years of rapid development, many hotel brands inevitably fall into the “homogeneity trap”. Either the homogeneity of products or the homogeneity of style of play, in short, the similarity between hotel brand positioning and hotel product design, as well as the limitations of brand operation and management have become the shackles of the current hotel brand development. However, Ouxia·Mediterranean Hotel has embarked on a differentiated development path.

Many investors who are committed to the hotel industry say that it is really difficult to find a well-matched brand, either because the hotel products are similar or because of poor operational capabilities. Therefore, for current hotel brands, how to find differentiated positioning, create hotel products different from the market, and come up with a market-leading operation and management model is the key to development.

At present, hotel brands are facing fierce market competition, but the path of scale expansion in the past is no longer applicable. In the wave of the new era, if hotel brands want to stand out, they must not only build excellent products and investment models, but also create The engine of operations management.

As the first innovative brand created by Jinjiang Global Innovation Center (GIC), Ouxia·Mediterranean Hotel has created a very exotic Mediterranean style through color matching, adding accessories and adapting materials. Dimensional innovations have attracted more consumers to experience.

Not only that, Ouxia·Mediterranean Hotel has a distinct holiday attribute, which perfectly fits the current booming holiday needs of the new middle class. The multiple online celebrity check-in points it has created cater to the preferences of contemporary consumers, and at the same time further enhance the hotel’s popularity and reputation.

Under the strategy of “one city, one sea”, Ouxia·Mediterranean Hotel has given full play to the attributes and characteristics of various regions. It can be copied later, so that Ouxia·Mediterranean can be distributed throughout the country. At the same time, Ouxia·Mediterranean Hotel has also gained great attention from investors by virtue of its advantages in multiple dimensions such as design style, marketing, and innovative services.

Compared with other hotel brands, the development process of Ouxia·Mediterranean Hotel is more exploratory and more differentiated. In the course of its continuous development, more possibilities for urban vacations have been explored, and the process of guests’ happiness experience has been continuously constructed, while releasing more investment value.

With sufficiently clear and precise differentiated value and the dual superposition of its own soft and hard capabilities, Ouxia·Mediterranean Hotel has firmly occupied the C position in the segmented field of hotels, leading the investment market for new and cutting-edge brands.

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