Mediacorp artist Sun Zheng’s first film “Seven Days” was released in Singapore for the first time on the big screen and cooperated with a Chinese director

Mediacorp artist Sun Zheng’s first film “Seven Days” was released in Singapore for the first time on the big screen and cooperated with a Chinese director


Mediacorp artist Sun Zheng’s first big-screen work “Seven Days” will be released in Singapore on May 12. The soul wandering in the world for 20 years, spent 7 days to complete reconciliation with himself, his and her unforgettable “life” journey, “Seven Days” tells the story of the hero Sun Zheng being “possessed” by his sister who has passed away for 20 years , 7 days to fulfill the regrets and wishes that I failed to realize during my lifetime. It is a warm family movie. The film has light-hearted and humorous scenes, and also discusses social topics such as postpartum depression and mid-life crisis. As the opening film of this year’s Singapore Chinese Film Festival, “Seven Days” shows the uniqueness of Singapore’s customs and modern diversified cultural integration. sex.

Sun Zheng’s first film work is the first film work with director Wu Kejia from China. At the same time, “Seven Days” is also the first feature film written and directed by director Wu Kejia. It is a sincere work and is worth looking forward to.

  Sun Zheng landed on the big screen for the first time to challenge the conversion between him and her

Mediacorp artist Sun Zheng, as the most popular new-generation entertainer in Singapore, not only has outstanding acting skills, but also is very talented in folk music performance. He is very good at playing the erhu. In his spare time, Sun Zheng likes to play the erhu to relax his mood. In 2019, Sun Zheng officially signed a contract with Singapore Mediacorp Group. His high-quality appearance and rapidly growing acting skills have made him one of the representatives of the new generation of actors in Singapore, starring in many TV series such as “Parasite” and “Secret House”.

In the movie “Seven Days”, Sun Zheng plays two roles, one is the original brother Aixiang, who is rustic and dull, and the other is Aixiang who “becomes” the older sister. Talking about the transformation between the two roles, Sun Zheng said that most of the film is played by a girl, which is a particularly interesting part of the role. There are naive thoughts and behaviors, because my sister was only a teenager when she died, such as shopping for the first time, drinking beer, and using a mobile phone for the first time were all things that my sister was particularly yearning for, and there are also parts that highlight the maturity of “her”, After all, after wandering in the world for 20 years, after seeing a lot of things in the world, things will change. Changing from him to her requires actors to show female body language and thinking, which made Sun Zheng a little stressed before the filming started. After the premiere at the Singapore Chinese Film Festival, the audience and the media recognized Sun Zheng’s performance in the film.

  Cooperate with Chinese directors to find yourself and be yourself

The screenwriter and director of the film “Seven Days” is Wu Kejia from Chongqing, China. This film is also his first feature film. When the Singapore Chinese Film Festival premiered this year, director Wu Kejia and starring Sun Zheng attended the promotion together. Sun Zheng said that the director It was only after I saw myself on the Internet that I got the chance to audition later, which led to this cooperation. Regarding the challenges of the characters in the film, Sun Zheng also repeatedly communicated with the director about the details, striving to present them better. Find yourself and be yourself, the movie is not only the sister’s self-reconciliation, but also the mutual redemption of the siblings, full of warmth and tears in the smile.

In the “Red Star Awards 2023” awards ceremony that ended in April, Sun Zheng won three awards:[Most Popular Potential Star][BIOSKIN Glamorous Award]and[Zeng Brothers My Guide Is Red Star Award]showing a rapid rise , Sun Zheng said in the interview that he would give the award to fans, which is the result of joint efforts between him and fans. The movie “Seven Days” is Sun Zheng’s first big-screen work, and whether he can gain a firm foothold in the local film industry has attracted much attention.

The conversion between him and her, rebirth in seven days, the movie “Seven Days” will be released in Singapore on May 12.

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