The TV series “Houlang” is scheduled for 5.14, Wu Gang, Zhao Lusi and Luo Yizhou perform the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine

The TV series “Houlang” is scheduled for 5.14, Wu Gang, Zhao Lusi and Luo Yizhou perform the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine

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Recently, the realism-themed TV series “The Back Wave” jointly produced by Yaoke Culture and Youku officially announced that it will land on Dragon TV’s Dream Theater on May 14, and will be exclusively broadcast on Youku’s entire network. The play is written by Liuliu and Ge Ling, directed by Han Xiaojun, starring Wu Gang, Zhao Lusi, Luo Yizhou, Zhang Meng, Jiang Shan, Zhou Chengao, Zhu Junlin, Dai Luwa, Li Baihui, etc. The class teaches students with different personalities and occupational backgrounds in accordance with their aptitude, and finally leads them to grow into a hero who inherits traditional Chinese medicine.

  Bringing together powerful actors, inheriting group portraits are eye-catching

Judging from a series of exposed materials, the TV series “Houlang” has brought together a strong lineup of old, middle-aged and young people in the current TV drama industry: Ren Xin played by Wu Gang is a professor of Chinese Medicine University who is dedicated to spreading Chinese medicine. Under his leadership, a The “Traditional Chinese Medicine Inheritance Class” that brings together all walks of life was born.

Sun Toutou, played by Zhao Lusi, is sweet but still has a “heroine” temperament. She is the “happy fruit” of the inheritance class and also the “king of trouble”. Ren Tianzhen, played by Luo Yizhou, grew up in a family of Chinese medicine practitioners. He has a rigorous personality but does not lose his temper. The relationship with his father Ren Xinzheng is a highlight after the plot unfolds.

Lawyer Yang Xiaohong played by Zhang Meng is recognized as an elite lawyer, but after an accident, she put aside her heavy work and chose to enter the inheritance class. The reason behind it is thought-provoking. The famous doctor Song Linglan played by Jiang Shan is gentle and kind. She is not only Ren Xinzheng’s best helper, but also gives meticulous care to the students. Zhou Chengao plays the role of pediatrician Peng Shiyan who aspires to “learn Chinese medicine to defeat Chinese medicine”, and Zhu Junlin plays Zhao Liquan, a Chinese medicine graduate who is diligent and willing to work… How do these students who come with their own questions use the posture of “back waves” in practice? Learning and inheriting the culture of traditional Chinese medicine will be the biggest highlight of the play.

  Talking about traditional Chinese medicine and more about inheritance, traditional cultural elements shine

With a top-notch creative team, “The Back Wave” has worked hard on the creation. The screenwriter Liuliu took 7 years to complete the script, pouring his emotions and thoughts on the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine into it, and even bluntly said that he hoped to write a more profound “passion of spirit” and “passion of thought” in the process of passing on the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine. “. Before the filming started, director Han Xiaojun led the protagonists to spend time learning Chinese medicine knowledge and experiencing the daily life of Chinese medicine students, hoping to truly restore the demeanor of Chinese medicine practitioners. The filming period of the play is as long as 4 months, and the scenes are shot across five different regions, capturing the beautiful scenery of green mountains and green mountains. Traditional Chinese cultural elements such as the twenty-four solar terms are ingeniously embellished in the play.

The play organically integrates young people’s learning of Chinese medicine and the inheritance of Chinese excellent traditional culture. It is a major literary and artistic project supported by Sichuan Province in 2022. The annual State Administration of Radio, Film and Television’s TV drama guides and supports special funds to “deep into life and take root in the people” tilt project.

The front wave inherits, and the back wave rolls on. The TV series “Houlang” is about to “open class”, and it will land on Dragon TV’s Dream Theater on May 14, and it will be broadcast exclusively on Youku.

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