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Make Finance More Warm Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch Improves Services for the Elderly

Make Finance More Warm Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch Improves Services for the Elderly

Industrial Bank Tianjin Branch adheres to the “customer-centered” approach, provides considerate services suitable for the elderly, and does practical things for the elderly.

One weekend, Aunt Wang hurried to the Jinzhong Sub-branch of the Industrial Bank and asked how to withdraw the US dollar cash exchange business in the account, saying that she needed it urgently at home. Seeing this situation, Li Ran, the financial manager, accompanied the aunt to the counter to coordinate the withdrawal of US dollar cash from the warehouse, and handed warm water to the customer to appease the aunt, and answered the questions about foreign exchange raised by the aunt one by one. The professionalism of the business was recognized by the aunt. . During the business process, Zhao Jiaqi, the teller in charge, reminded customers of the matters needing attention in carrying foreign currency cash. The next day, my aunt came to the bank early and sent a handwritten thank you letter, expressing her recognition of the services of the two employees, and praised Industrial Bank as a warm bank,

Tianjin Jinzhong Sub-branch of Industrial Bank always adheres to the internal and external linkage of the counter in the hall. Through communication and cooperation with the operation department, it solves problems for customers by “urgently urging customers”, moves customers with services, and demonstrates warm financial services.

Recently, Ms. Liu hurried to Tianjin Friendship Sub-branch of Industrial Bank and asked how to help her father with limited mobility to unlock the bank card password. Seeing Ms. Liu’s anxious look, the director of the business office immediately inquired about the specific situation and needs of the customer in detail. It turned out that Ms. Liu’s father was bedridden with severe illness all year round, and now urgently needed money for medical treatment. However, the account was locked due to the number of wrong transaction passwords exceeding the limit, and the old man could not come to the bank to handle the unlocking business, so Ms. Liu anxiously asked Come to the line for help. After understanding what happened, Youyi Sub-branch quickly launched a special customer service plan, arranged employees to carry mobile terminals to customers’ homes for door-to-door service, successfully helped customers unlock their passwords, and promptly resolved customers’ urgent needs for money. “Industrial Bank is a trustworthy bank!” Ms. Liu and her family repeatedly praised the special customer service plan and service attitude provided by the branch.

Mr. Wang, a customer of the Jiangdu Road Community Sub-branch, is a 73-year-old retired soldier with hearing impairment and his children are not around all year round. Every Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Spring Festival and other traditional festivals, Jiangdu Road community employees will send blessings. The customer manager will also provide door-to-door business services for elderly people like Mr. Wang who are inconvenient to travel. Uncle Wang said that the Industrial Bank Jiangdu Road Community Branch is the most caring bank he has ever met. He specially asked his daughter to write a thank you letter and send it to the bank in person, expressing his recognition of the service of the Jiangdu Road Community Branch.

For the old and the old, we need more care and patience for the elderly customer group. In daily financial services, only by paying attention to details and keeping in mind that “customer service is no small matter” can we create the greatest value in ordinary positions. It is the warm responsibility of Xingye people to let every elderly customer who comes to handle business experience the bank’s professional and thoughtful financial services.

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