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[Love Wants Sexual Blessing Series 318]Menstrual Pain Don’t Get Used to Endometriosis Difficult to Conceive

[Love Wants Sexual Blessing Series 318]Menstrual Pain Don’t Get Used to Endometriosis Difficult to Conceive

Transcript: Liang Yingxiu

(Kuala Lumpur) How does endometriosis affect women’s quality of life and chances of pregnancy? If women want to conceive, they should first understand that in 50% of infertile couples, the wife will have endometriosis.

And when they came to see the obstetrics and gynecology department, most of them didn’t talk about menstrual pain, but told the doctor: “I have tried for many years, but I have never been able to get pregnant. I really want to know why I can’t get pregnant! “

The discovery of women’s late marriage is the fourth period

Obstetrics and Gynecologist Chen Yiping pointed out that whenever a woman comes to tell the above words, she will suggest a scan to determine whether the patient is endometriosis, but generally it is the fourth stage.

“When I asked the patient again, your condition is very serious, and you are already in the fourth period. Have you never had menstrual pain? Most of them would say yes, and even the husband who accompanied her would say that the wife’s menstrual pain is very serious. Serious. Then the problem comes, most women will treat menstrual pain as a normal thing, and never think about going to the obstetrics and gynecology department.”

She said that many couples have the problem of trying to conceive but can’t conceive. She thinks it’s a pity, because if these women see the obstetrics and gynecology department earlier, or if they are diagnosed earlier and then take medicine or surgery, they don’t have to waste time and energy. , can be a mother very early.

“The biggest problem for modern women is that they get married later and later. Compared with women in the past, because they get married earlier, even if they have menstrual pain or have endometriosis, they may only be in the first or second period at that time. Therefore, they are usually still able to conceive.

“Many women marry when they are close to 30 or older;

If you have always had menstrual pain or endometriosis,

Then when you are in your 30s, many of them are still in the third or fourth period,

When they find it difficult to conceive and even start to get anxious,

But most still keep trying silently,

Until a year and a half later, the “pregnancy” still hasn’t arrived,

Only then did I think it was time to go to the obstetrics and gynecology department. “

She emphasized that some younger women have been waiting until they waited for two or three years before finding an obstetrician and gynecologist. Many of these women are unable to conceive because of endometriosis.

“In clinical practice, when many people come to see a doctor, they are already in the fourth stage.”

release chemicals that kill sperm eggs

She points out that there are many reasons for infertility. When a woman is unable to conceive, whether through surgery or artificial insemination, or fails to conceive, it has reached a serious point. The situation was pitiful, and although she wanted to help her, it was too late.

The so-called endometriosis, can migrate anywhere in the body, no matter where it migrates, the cells of endometriosis will release some of what we call chemicals, and these chemicals are a bit like Toxin, it kills sperm and eggs and even embryos, so how can you get pregnant?

“If you want artificial insemination, you can do it. You do test tubes, and the test tube embryos produced are extremely healthy, but once they are placed in the uterus, they will become difficult to conceive. Therefore, in the case of unsuccessful conception, this is the first most important effect because endometriosis excretes some chemicals.

However, if the patient is in the first or second stage, and the excretion of chemical substances is not too much, it is possible to have a normal pregnancy, whether it is a natural pregnancy or artificial insemination, or even a test-tube baby may be successful; however, but If a woman’s endometriosis has reached a very serious level, whether she conceives herself or artificial insemination, it may not be successful.

Adhesion of ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus

And the second point is to look at this endometriosis, where will its symptoms shift?

“The first place is to remove the ovaries. In the ovary, it can produce hematoma, but it is also possible that it does not produce hematoma, but it just affects the adhesion of the ovary to the uterus, and in the ovary, there will be this chemical substance that will cause Kill eggs, so, if a woman with heterotopia is checked to see how many eggs are left in her ovaries, generally these women usually have a lot fewer eggs than ordinary women of the same age.”

“If only one ovary is affected then it’s possible for her to get pregnant, but once both are affected it’s much harder because endometriosis affects the ovaries and fallopian tubes and sticks to the uterus, It is very likely to cause visceral stickiness.”

For women, it is important to understand that the fallopian tubes need to move freely to find eggs. If everything is already glued together, the fallopian tubes naturally don’t know if they are in their original position, so there is no reason to move freely; therefore It is also difficult to find eggs in the fallopian tubes, and sometimes it is difficult to get pregnant.

Symptoms remove uterine muscles

Embryos difficult to implant and prone to miscarriage

In addition to the fallopian tubes and ovaries, what other parts can make it difficult to conceive?

Once endometriosis has migrated into the uterine muscle, it will be difficult for the embryo to implant. Even if you get pregnant, there is still a risk of miscarriage.

The reason is that the uterine environment is unhealthy, causing the embryo to stop fertilizing.

Chen Yiping pointed out that as a doctor, the most fearful thing is to encounter abnormalities in the uterine muscles, because in this case, no matter whether natural pregnancy or artificial insemination, doctors are helpless.

Test-tube baby may cause menstrual pain more serious

Besides, where else? in the vagina and cervix. Why are the vagina and cervix also affected? That’s because in the natural method of conception, the sperm must pass through the vagina and cervix. If there are toxins in the vagina and cervix, the sperm will die, so it is difficult to conceive.

“If the endometriosis is not severe, half of these women will still be pregnant; otherwise, she may need surgery or IVF to conceive and become a mother.”

“When encountering more serious abnormalities, it may be necessary to try both surgery and IVF; and the most serious thing is that when neither of these two can help them, the doctor can’t help them.”

As for how to judge whether it is a test tube baby or an operation, it depends on the first thing, that is, where is the endometriosis? Second, it depends on whether it will be very hard during menstrual pain.

If so, the doctor will recommend surgery, because doing IVF can not solve the menstrual pain problem, but may make it more serious; in addition, if the menstrual pain is severe, there may be inflammation. But in fact, it will not be successful to do test-tube babies in the case of pelvic inflammation.

Uterine environment is unhealthy and difficult to conceive

If it occurs in the uterus, of course it needs to be operated on. The environment of the uterus is unhealthy, and it is impossible to conceive through artificial insemination or test-tube baby. Only an operation must be performed to “remove” the endometriosis. But rarely in the same place. On the contrary, it is more common to happen in different and many places, so in the end, Chen Yiping said, it is difficult to say that surgery is good? Or is it best to do a test tube? Actually both are pretty much the same.

Obviously, except if it occurs in the uterus, surgery is the best option; most of the others occur in more than one place, so no one is best.

Generally, she would suggest: “One is to do the test tube first, and then perform surgery if it is unsuccessful; or do surgery, and if it is unsuccessful, then do test tube.”

“The answer is as simple as that, if a woman is willing to do what she is supposed to do, every woman should be able to conceive.”

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