[Love Wants Sex]Series 304 Caesarean natural delivery has its own advantages and disadvantages, understand the differences and choose wisely

[Love Wants Sex]Series 304 Caesarean natural delivery has its own advantages and disadvantages, understand the differences and choose wisely


Transcript: Liang Yingxiu

People often ask, is it better to have a natural birth or a caesarean section? In fact, the two delivery methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing is to look at the physical condition of the mother and make the choice together with the mother and husband after the doctor evaluates the risks.

(Kuala Lumpur News) Pregnancy is a happy but also worrying thing for women. The happy thing is that after 10 months of pregnancy, they will welcome a new baby; In, will it hurt? Is it natural? Or is caesarean section better? Also is the process smooth? Whether the baby is healthy or not.

Natural birth can accompany

Huang Guochong, a specialist in obstetrics, gynecology and fertility, pointed out that women who give birth for the first time will worry because they don’t know anything about the experience of giving birth; Pain and so on, so she will be more nervous.

As for natural childbirth or caesarean section? He said that this issue can be said to have its own advantages and disadvantages. He first talked about the benefits of natural childbirth for mothers and babies. For the mother, she can feel the whole process of natural birth, so the intimate relationship between mother and baby will be stronger.

“During the delivery process, the husband can also accompany the delivery by his side, which is also good for the relationship between husband and wife. Moreover, the husband may love his wife even more when he sees his wife’s pain in childbirth.”

“Private hospitals will allow the husband to enter the operating room to watch the moment the baby is born. Generally, the husband is only allowed to stay in the operating room for 5 to 10 minutes. Once the baby is born, the husband must leave the operating room.”

10 levels of natural pain

The advantage of natural birth for the fetus is that the fetus must pass through the birth canal. When the fetus passes through the birth canal, the amniotic fluid in the lungs will be expelled from the body, and the chance of being accidentally inhaled by the fetus will be reduced; Amniotic fluid, in fact, the impact is not very big, just need to give him oxygen and go to the hospital for 1 to 2 days, after the water in the lungs is absorbed by the body, there will be no problem.

“The second benefit of natural birth to the baby is that when the baby is born through the birth canal, he will naturally inhale some probiotics in the genitals, which are called normal flora or lactobacillales in English. These probiotics are good for the baby’s gastrointestinal health. very good.”

The caesarean section baby is taken out directly from the abdomen, so it cannot absorb the probiotics in the birth canal. But recently, there are some milk formulas on the market that are specially tailored for caesarean section babies. These special milk formulas have added some probiotics.

Next, he will talk about the disadvantages of natural childbirth to the mother.

The first disadvantage of natural childbirth is labor pain, which is a grade of pain in medicine. If we give birth pain a grade of 0 to 10, that is to say, if 0 means no pain, 10 means The most unimaginable pain in my life.

He joked that many women who gave birth naturally would score 10 points, and if there were 11 points, I believe they would not hesitate to score 11 points; in comparison, caesarean section is not so painful.

Natural childbirth or perineal incision

Some women have to have a caesarean section because they cannot give birth naturally. After the doctor asks her which one is more painful, they will say it is a natural delivery.

Although childbirth is extremely painful, pregnant women don’t need to worry, because there are many medicines in today’s society that can minimize the pain of childbirth. For example, the spinal painless delivery method, that is, epidural, can reduce labor pain to 0 points, so it is a very good method.

The second damage to the mother’s body caused by natural birth is that the perineum may burst during the birth process.

During labor, do I need to cut the perineum? This is a question worthy of discussion. Most modern doctors do not cut the perineum, so it still varies from doctor to doctor.

“For multiparous women,

That is, women who are pregnant with their second child or more,

Doctors generally don’t cut the perineum.

Unless the fetus is too large.

But about 10 to 20% of primiparas

It is necessary to cut the perineum.

Why? “

He said the perineum had to be incised to prevent the vaginal opening from bursting. But some women or doctors will insist on not cutting the perineum 100%.

“Actually, this will do more harm to the vaginal opening of the parturient, because if the baby is too big, once the perineal opening bursts during delivery, there will be sequelae. If the situation is serious, the parturient may have to be sent to the operating room, given anesthesia and then restarted. The perineum is stitched, so not only the skin and flesh of the mother will be damaged, but the cost will also increase.”

He reminded that if the perineal orifice is torn and the anal muscles are injured, there may be defecation incontinence; if the urethra is injured, it may also cause urethral incontinence.

In addition, it is better to have a perineum incision than not, because the wound that is torn during the delivery process is easier to sew and it is more beautiful after healing.

He pointed out that many cases of perineal orifice tearing and repairing the wound all complained that postpartum sexual intercourse would cause pain, so it would also have a little impact on future sex life.

He reminded that regarding the issue of incision of the perineum, I hope that pregnant women will not be too persistent and persistent, because a small temporary injury will bring more benefits.

The doctor washes with gauze, the cesarean section has less lochia

Why do some women suffer from urinary incontinence after giving birth?

Even the problem of uterine prolapse occurs during menopause?

The problems of urethral incontinence and uterine prolapse usually occur when the baby is sucked out by assisted delivery methods, such as forceps or vacuum, and the probability of such occurrence is relatively high.

There is a difference in the amount of lochia

Huang Guochong said that many pregnant women in foreign countries do not choose to give birth naturally, because they are worried that after giving birth, the vagina will relax and they will not be able to enjoy sex.

After giving birth, lochia will flow out, which is caused by the receding endometrium, which contains blood, necrotic receding membrane, etc. During pregnancy, there will be some changes in the endometrium, and they will be automatically excreted after delivery.

“The amount of lochia will be different between cesarean section and natural delivery. The former will be slightly less. The reason is that after the cesarean section, the doctor will clean it with gauze, so the lochia will be less than in the case of natural delivery.”

Western medicine does not recommend taking Shenghua Tang

Generally, lochia will gradually decrease to stop completely within two weeks to one month. But if the amount of lochia comes suddenly, then you must see an obstetrician and gynecologist for an examination.

“In the Chinese tradition, mothers need to eat some Shenghua soup or Chinese medicine for postpartum care. But in Western medicine, doctors do not recommend taking Shenghua soup, because it will cause massive bleeding, which is not good for the mother. For Western medicine The lochia will eventually stop naturally.”

He reminded that another point is that you must not take too many supplements during confinement. Especially in the first two weeks, try not to eat American ginseng, ginseng or Codonopsis ginseng, because these traditional Chinese medicines will cause the blood to become thinner, and the amount of menstrual blood will also increase. If you really want to eat it, you must wait until the lochia is discharged. .

“As for when you can have sex after giving birth, this is also the difference between natural birth and caesarean section. If the former has cut the perineum, you have to wait for the wound to fully heal before you can have intercourse. If the wound has healed and there is no pain in the caesarean section, two or three A week is enough. But generally doctors will say after one month.”

“According to tradition, people will say that sex can only take 7749 days, 100 days or 3 months. This statement is not true in medicine. As long as both parties have sexual needs and the wound is no longer painful, it can be done after a month. There’s sex!”


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