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[Love Wants Sex Series 356]It feels good to break the traditional taboo on menstruation day and let the children grow up.

[Love Wants Sex Series 356]It feels good to break the traditional taboo on menstruation day and let the children grow up.

Transcript◆Liang Yingxiu

(Kuala Lumpur News) World Menstruation Day falls on May 28. Why is there such a day? The reason is that the menstrual period lasts between 3 and 7 days, so a more compromised five days is used. What is the other 28 days? This means that the normal menstrual cycle is 28 days, so it is scheduled for May 28th.

Menstruation day awakens respect for women

Guidance director and sex educator Cai Fuhua pointed out, what is the significance of World Menstruation Day? In fact, we want to break everyone’s taboos about menstruation through this festival; on the other hand, we hope that through this festival, we can improve everyone’s management of menstrual hygiene, so that we can understand each other across cultures, and respect women of different ethnic groups. They have some taboos about menstruation.

“So, our unit is going to explore: ‘How good does it feel to grow up!?'”

In this unit, it will be divided into three parts: the first part explores the views on menstruation and dispels misconceptions; the second part discusses misconceptions about masturbation; and the third part starts with Self-care tips for kids about menstruation and masturbation.

“First of all, let’s take a look at Malaysia. It is a country composed of people of multiple races and different religious backgrounds, so each ethnic group also has many different views on women’s menstruation. Against this background, all ethnic groups must understand each other’s cultural taboos about menstruation. It’s quite interesting. Parents can use these examples in life to guide their children and dispel misconceptions about menstruation, thereby improving their correct views on menstruation. Through discussions, they can achieve a learning attitude that tolerates differences and learns to respect diversity.”

At school, Cai Fuhua often faces questions from her classmates. For example, students will ask: “Teacher, how many times do you need to masturbate to be healthy?” Parents may also ask: “What a tragedy! Sorry, my child masturbates a lot.” What should we do?”… These issues can cause us to have misconceptions.

Treat masturbation with an open mind

She said that first of all, let’s define “masturbation”, also commonly known as “masturbation” or “water gun”. It is actually touching the reproductive organs with hands to reach a climax.

“Masturbation” and “squirting” are actually names for boys; but in fact, girls also masturbate, but not all women can masturbate. On this issue, I hope that everyone, whether they are men or women, can use it. Look at it with an open mind.

“Masturbation is a natural physiological reaction.

Even babies can accidentally play with their own reproductive organs and then react.

This is a very important concept,

Therefore, everyone must look at it with a scientific and positive attitude. “

Some young people often talk about “masturbating” and joke about what’s so embarrassing?

Teach children how to protect themselves

She also emphasized that we need to bring out a very important concept: masturbation is a personal privacy. There is no need to share your experience with anyone, let alone make it public, or record it; then you have to record it If so, please keep it well and don’t let others discover it and expose it to the world, which would be tragic. Rather than sharing it with others, it would be better to just have fun by yourself.

And more importantly, learn to protect yourself! “So, if someone invites you to share your personal masturbation experience or record you, how should you refuse? As a parent, you need to teach your children, for example, teach them to learn to face the above problems by directly saying: “Please respect me! “; Or just stay away from the other person because you have the right to say ‘no’.”

“Parents should also teach their children that when they refuse, they should speak in a serious tone and not joking. The other party can feel it. Therefore, I would like to appeal and hope that students can understand that masturbation is purely a personal choice and do not force others. , let alone laugh at each other.”

Opening guest: Cai Fuhua
Counseling Director and Sex Educator

Remind people to pay attention to hygiene and lock the door

Don’t panic if you find your child masturbating

Parents often say: “I accidentally found my child masturbating, what should I do?”

This is the point. If you cannot accept it, it is your personal problem and you may even need to adjust yourself.

Next is the most important part, which is the things to pay attention to. First, he is alone, so please remember to lock the door; second, his hands must be clean!

Cai Fuhua said, I want to remind parents to pay attention to the above two matters, but I am not encouraging children to masturbate.

Boys are not dirty if they touch sanitary napkins

The most commonly asked question is “How many times does it take to be normal?” This issue is also an interesting phenomenon. Children who usually ask this kind of question have no experience. Generally, children who masturbate will know that their bodies will be tired, and their bodies will naturally tell you the answer.

In addition, Chinese families often hear elders say that boys cannot touch sanitary napkins because they are dirty. Therefore, women’s sanitary napkins are bought by their mothers or sisters. Cai Fuhua wants to refute such a statement because How can the newly bought sanitary napkins get dirty if they have never been used?

“Some people think that boys cannot touch sanitary napkins because they will have no future; what is even more outrageous is that boys and girls cannot wash their clothes together, otherwise boys will have no future.”

“In fact, whether you have a future or not is related to your own personality traits such as hard work, seriousness, and responsibility. You must have wisdom to judge.”

“Also, there are all kinds of interesting stories about menstruation. We often hear that you are not allowed to drink ice water, wash your hair, or go swimming during menstruation. But in fact, the situation varies from person to person.”

Drink ice water during menstruation to check your physical condition

“Everyone’s body is different. Some people have no problem drinking ice water. As for not washing their hair, it’s because there was no hair dryer before, so the hair was not dry, which would cause headaches in the long run. As for swimmers, they have to swim during sports. If so, you can use tampons!”

In fact, these are issues that we need to discuss and pay attention to in our lives. Some family cultures learn to respect them, but for example, during menstruation, girls cannot go to the kitchen to avoid bringing bad luck. This is an illogical statement in the past.

“If we look at it with our more scientific minds now, we have to argue with reason, but as juniors, we should pay attention to being reasonable and not contradicting our elders. Tell them, don’t blame women who menstruate. Menstruation is normal. The physiological state has nothing to do with superstition.”

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