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[Love Wants Sex Series 326]Creating an atmosphere of love between husband and wife, interactive foreplay is essential

[Love Wants Sex Series 326]Creating an atmosphere of love between husband and wife, interactive foreplay is essential

Transcript Liang Yingxiu

The relationship between husband and wife is the most intimate human relationship, two independent individuals, combined into a harmonious whole.

But the sexual needs of men and women are different. Women want to be treated tenderly, while men are used to going straight to the point. They don’t know that atmosphere creation and foreplay are very important before getting into the topic.

(Kuala Lumpur News) In a sexual relationship, how to create an atmosphere of love between husband and wife? Foreplay is a must, because it determines the quality of sex. The first step in the beginning of sex is the foreplay part, such as hugging, caressing or kissing, etc., which are all familiar elements.

Foreplay can’t be the same

As for how to make the interaction and matching of husband and wife better? Sex consultant Wu Qiming pointed out that couples need to put more thought into foreplay, and they can’t always be the same, otherwise it will be “not fun” when everyone is “familiar”.

“The sex relationship between newly married couples is different from that of middle-aged and elderly couples, especially newlyweds, who are probably in their 20s and 30s. According to traditional values, most people look for women who are younger and men who are older. Although men are relatively older, while women may be in their 20s, women of this age group may not be so open to sex, so it takes a little longer to get involved.”

He said that a very important part of the foreplay of the newlyweds is to first obtain the desire in the woman’s heart, that is, the physical and psychological teasing, both of which must be satisfied.

“But many men often only satisfy the physical teasing when they are ready to start, instead of stirring up the desire in the other party’s heart.”

“Don’t forget that when you are newlyweds,

When you first start dating or even having sex with your partner,

Remember this part of the psychological tease,

Especially for young women,

A must have prelude. “

“Men usually start from watching pornography as an enlightenment education, and they feel that they need to go directly to the point. But in fact, they should start from the non-erogenous zone when they are intimate. Therefore, newly married women should be fully psychologically prepared .”

He pointed out that there is a phenomenon among middle-aged couples: the longer they are married, the less frequent their sex life will be, and in many cases, it is the man who no longer takes the initiative.

“Why did the man take the initiative before, but now it’s gone, and the woman starts to worry and even doubt. There will be a big difference in the sex part between middle-aged couples, because at this time, the woman’s sexual desire has increased.”

Middle-aged sex requires women to take the initiative

“A woman’s desire after the age of 30 will be stronger than in her 20s, but at this time a man’s physical strength and energy have begun to decline. Therefore, at this time, the woman has to take the initiative. But if she still maintains the previous passive posture If you don’t dare to talk or admit that you need it, it will cause the two sides to have an unequal frequency.”

Sex cravings are also evident as women age, he said. Although the husband is well aware of his wife’s “habits” at this time, and he knows everything about the wife’s requirements, but due to age, physical strength, decline in sexual ability, and health conditions begin to decline, the performance of sexual ability is not satisfactory.

For middle-aged couples, therefore, it is often necessary for the woman to take the initiative to make the sex life more colorful. Therefore, women should not be shy, and take the initiative to cooperate with the sexual desires of their husbands. Of course, men can also have some sexual fantasies at this time to add interest.

“Actually, women also hope that men will pay the same for themselves.”

Sexual fantasies help to commit faster

He said that there is actually one more thing about the psychological satisfaction of teasers, that is, women must also be responsible for their own “sex enjoyment”.

“Whether it’s self-relaxation, letting go of reserve, allowing oneself to enjoy pleasure, sexual fantasies, etc., are all ways to get yourself involved faster.”

“Some men may feel that there is no freshness because they are used to seeing their partner’s body, so they want to have sexual fantasies, but if he is willing to express which object it is, it is also based on a kind of trust.”

“Some men also like to ‘do’ while watching pornography to trigger sexual fantasies; therefore, women can also fantasize, even in fantasies, how unrealistic it is, only you know, and it’s just to satisfy yourself Partially.”

He reminded that there is no right or wrong to trigger sexual fantasies, because it is the voice of the individual, but if the partner cannot accept it, then treat it as a secret in the bottom of your heart, and only need to talk about the part that the other half can accept. In a sexual relationship, If it can help you invest more, why not do it?

Therefore, in the love between men and women, in the part of sexual fantasies, middle-aged men and women should be responsible for their actions, while women should take more initiative.

Stir up desire to warm up sex

Demystifying Women’s Erogenous Zones

The so-called erogenous zones include breasts, clitoris and lips, all three parts are familiar to the average person.

But it turns out that women’s erogenous zones are not limited to these, there are also important and secondary parts.

Wu Qiming said that among the three erogenous zones that most people are familiar with, the clitoris is the most concentrated because it is the part that guides sexual intercourse, and the second erogenous zone is the chest.

“Actually, any sex will always start and end with a kiss before it starts. Therefore, if two people have not kissed, it is impossible to have sex.”

If you feel that the woman responds, don’t ask questions

“In addition to the lips, there are ears, earlobes and necks, etc., which are sensitive places for women. When men kiss these sensitive areas, they will bring a lot of numbness.”

In the process of sex, caressing is a very important part of foreplay, and many women also care about back touching, so when touching her, whether it is palms, fingers, or the back of the hand, it feels different, but if If she can’t accept it, the man will change his position.

Next, the breasts, areolas, nipples, etc. that are close to the chest are also sensitive areas for women, but men should never try or ask her if this is okay during sex? You just need to feel if the other person responds.

will be unable to engage due to pain

Finally, a very important part is the clitoris. In fact, when caressing, the man can easily feel whether the other party is satisfied. If it is pleasant and enjoys both physically and psychologically at the same time, then the other party’s lower body will naturally have secretions, and both parties can successfully complete the “task”.

“On the contrary, if the man ‘doesn’t understand tenderness’ and only wants a direct ‘offensive’, the woman will not be able to invest because of the pain.”

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