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[Love and Sex Series 344]To enjoy a good pregnancy and have a safe delivery, regular prenatal check-ups are essential

[Love and Sex Series 344]To enjoy a good pregnancy and have a safe delivery, regular prenatal check-ups are essential

Transcript◆Liang Yingxiu

(Kuala Lumpur News) When a woman starts having sexual intercourse, especially if she is not preparing for pregnancy and her period is late, her chances of becoming pregnant are very high. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a pregnancy test kit first. This is the simplest and accurate methods.

Miscarriage rate is high in the first three months of pregnancy

When the pregnancy test stick showed two lines, Dr. Li Renying, a consultant in obstetrics and gynecology, said, “Congratulations first.” The calculation of the pregnancy period is very simple, counting from the first day of the last menstrual period, and now there are many APPs on mobile phones, so , you can also accurately calculate how long the pregnancy is.

“After confirming pregnancy, if you have severe abdominal pain or heavy bleeding, you need to go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible. The first thing to rule out is ectopic pregnancy. Without emergency treatment or surgery, heavy blood loss will put the life of the pregnant woman in danger. Unfortunately, in this era of advanced medicine, there are still pregnant women losing their lives due to ectopic pregnancy. I personally think this is very unacceptable.”

He said that when the scan confirms that everything is normal and the fetal heart rate is stable, the couple can start discussing where to have prenatal check-ups and deliver the baby. Whether it is a prenatal check-up in a private or government hospital, there are pros and cons. There is no saying where the check-up will be. Even better, if possible, ask the same doctor for examination or prenatal check-up, because the same doctor will have a better understanding and clarity of the pregnant woman’s condition and process progress.

The elders of the older generation said, “Don’t go around telling others during the first three months of pregnancy.” He pointed out that this is actually correct, because during this period, the probability of miscarriage is still quite high, and in many cases, it cannot be avoided. When it happens, the most important thing is to treat it with a normal mind during this period. Pregnant women should eat more folic acid. If you have any symptoms of miscarriage, such as bleeding or abdominal pain, you can see a doctor for examination. You can use tocolytics if appropriate. Come for treatment, hoping to reduce the chance of miscarriage.

He revealed that pregnant women are generally advised not to change their life rhythm or lifestyle too much. After all, pregnancy is not a disease, and it is more important to enjoy the whole process.

“From the beginning of pregnancy to delivery, regular prenatal check-ups are required. If there are problems during pregnancy, the number of prenatal check-ups will definitely be more; the obstetrician-gynecologist will follow the pregnancy status of the pregnant woman and make the best arrangement for the pregnant woman.”

Down syndrome test is 99% accurate

Every prenatal check-up includes basic tests such as urine test, blood type, red blood cell count, human immunodeficiency virus, syphilis, and hepatitis B. I won’t go into details about these.

He said that he would focus on several tests that have been discussed recently, including non-invasive fetal chromosome testing technology (NICC or NIPT), detailed scan (Detail Scan) and blood sugar testing.

“Especially one of the most important tests in the early stage is non-invasive fetal chromosome testing technology (NICC or NIPT). How to detect chromosomal abnormalities?”

“In the blood of pregnant mothers, there will be chromosomes excreted from the placenta, and through these chromosomes, the risk of chromosomal abnormalities can be measured. This test is also very simple. You can draw the mother’s blood at more than 10 weeks of pregnancy, and then find out Just take out the baby’s cells and take them for testing, and usually the report will be available within two weeks.”

“The genetic issues that expectant parents are most worried about are

It’s Down syndrome,

Because these children need long-term care,

It will also bring financial burden to parents.

The mental pressure is not small either.

Therefore, this test will be increasingly valued by expectant mothers.

Although the accuracy of this test is as high as 99%,

After all, it is a screening test. Once the test report shows high risk,

It is also recommended that the mother undergo amniocentesis to determine 100% whether the baby has a genetic problem.

Then decide what to do next. “

“One thing that needs to be mentioned again and again is that this test only checks for abnormalities in a small part of the chromosomes, and the test will not tell the expectant mother whether the baby’s IQ will be normal in the future? Or whether it will be ADHD or suffering from Autism, etc., these are all diseases that have nothing to do with chromosomes, which is very important.”

It is recommended to do a 2D scan at 20 to 24 weeks

He emphasized that at this stage, no test can completely tell parents whether the baby will have problems in the future!

“The other test is a detailed 2D scan, also called a Detail Scan. It is usually recommended to do this test within 20 to 24 weeks. Remember, this Detail Scan is different from a 3D, 4D, 5D or 6D scan. A completely different scan, the Detail Scan is used to find out whether the baby has any physical defects, such as a hole in the heart or a cleft lip. The technology used is the most common 2D scan.”

“The key point of this test is that the person doing the scan must be professionally trained before he can perform this test; and 3D to 6D color scans only look at the baby’s face, and there is no need for any professionals to do it. Do, so it won’t tell you the health status of your baby, so remember that the 2D Detail Scan is the most important.”

The third test, which can be said to be every pregnant woman’s nightmare, is the glucose tolerance test (GTT) or what most people call drinking sugar water. This test is basically to detect whether a pregnant woman has diabetes during pregnancy. If the mother is at risk of developing gestational diabetes, she needs to do these two tests. The first test will be in the early pregnancy, and the second test will be done in the early pregnancy. The second time is around 24 to 28 weeks of pregnancy. If the test fails or is higher, then pregnant women may need more detailed or frequent prenatal checkups.

Speaker: Dr. Li Renying
Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Consultant

Improper care may lead to complications

Beware of high blood pressure during pregnancy

High blood pressure is a common problem among pregnant women, and it is also a disease that obstetricians and gynecologists do not take lightly.

Because if inadequate care leads to complications such as preeclampsia, it will cause certain harm to the baby and the pregnant woman, and no matter at which stage high blood pressure is discovered, the number and frequency of prenatal checkups will increase.

Li Renying pointed out that during every prenatal check-up, the doctor will confirm that the pregnant woman’s blood pressure is at a normal level, draw blood regularly to ensure there are no emergencies, and scan to ensure the baby’s normal growth. If there are any signs of deterioration, the doctor may It is recommended to give birth early to avoid danger to the life of the baby or the pregnant woman. Therefore, if you feel any discomfort, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Diabetes affects baby’s health

The second more common problem is gestational diabetes. Whether it is diabetes before pregnancy or during pregnancy, if it is not taken care of, it will affect the health of pregnant women and babies.

“Pregnant women with diabetes can be controlled through correct diet, medication or insulin. The frequency of blood sugar prenatal check-ups depends on blood sugar control, as long as the blood sugar index is stable. In addition to blood sugar during prenatal check-ups, doctors will pay more attention to the baby’s growth, because if the baby If he is exposed to high sugar for a long time, he will grow larger and have more fetal fluid. For the health of the baby, the doctor will recommend early delivery or caesarean section.”

He said that the last one is a relatively common phenomenon in our country, which is anemia. The two main causes of anemia are iron deficiency and thalassemia. Although anemia does not cause much harm during pregnancy, expectant mothers may be tired for a long time and may also need blood transfusions. ; If it is severe anemia, the doctor will examine the cause in depth.

“If the anemia is due to a lack of iron, expectant mothers will be advised to take some iron supplements, or they can directly inject iron into the body to increase blood volume; if it is hereditary thalassemia, there is no other option except blood transfusions. There is a way. If these situations really happen, pregnant women will have more frequent prenatal check-ups and more tests will be needed.”

Don’t listen to advice that is not based on science

No matter what the disease is, pregnant women can ask their doctor to learn more about their condition by asking the following questions. “What disease do I suffer from?”, “How will the disease affect my health and the health of my baby?”, “How to treat or take care of this disease?”.

He suggested that expectant mothers should read relevant information on more authoritative webpages to better understand their own conditions. They should never listen to advice from unknown sources or without scientific basis on certain social platforms, otherwise it may affect their health. It will also have a negative impact on the health of the pregnant woman or the baby, and will also have a negative impact on the entire pregnancy process.

“I hope that every pregnant woman can have a smooth and safe pregnancy and give birth to her baby safely. The most important thing is to enjoy the whole process!”

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