Light customers are not good for home use?That’s because you didn’t choose the right car. The 2023 Ford Transit has a premium feel like a passenger car

Light customers are not good for home use?That’s because you didn’t choose the right car. The 2023 Ford Transit has a premium feel like a passenger car

Recently, the 2023 Ford Transit has been out of the circle. Compared with other light passenger products on the market, this new car incorporates a large number of passenger car elements, has an appearance and interior design that are closer to common high-end MPVs, the most complete power system, the most intelligent technology configuration, and the safest The best driving experience, the most comfortable driving experience, find the best balance between comfort, functionality, practicability and economy, easily solve travel problems, and better meet commercial and home use with the advantage of one car with multiple uses Demand is the leader in this market.

  Dual power is efficient and economical, 9AT couples can drive

In order to meet the needs of users in different regions, the 2023 Ford Transit is equipped with Ford PUMA 2.0T diesel engine and Ford Ecoboost 2.0T gasoline engine to create the best power performance in its class and bring economical and efficient use effects. The fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 7.4L. Among them, the gasoline models are extremely friendly to users in the Beijing area and can be successfully licensed and put into use.

The above two powers can be matched with the 9AT automatic transmission, bringing a smooth, silky smooth, fast and stable driving experience with free shifting. More gears in the gearbox are relatively more fuel-efficient, helping users save a lot of money on refueling. There is no need to change gears, no oil-disengagement coordination, and the right and left feet are freed, which is very friendly to female drivers or novice drivers. For husband and wife entrepreneurs, the wife can drive this car, and the husband can rest properly. As the so-called husband and wife work together, they will not be tired from work.

In addition, 23 Ford Transit models are equipped with an electronic handbrake, making parking easier. Users only need to press the electronic handbrake, and then press the P gear to get out of the car, which is especially convenient for female drivers.

  The 12.3-inch dual-screen is large and easy to use, and digital services solve your worries

To make a light passenger car have a sense of luxury like a passenger car, it is inseparable from the blessing of technological configuration. The 2023 Ford Transit is equipped with the one-piece dual screen popular among passenger cars, and the large 12.3-inch screen brings superb visual effects. When the user manually operates, the large and high-definition LCD screen arranges each program spaciously, it is not easy to press the wrong one, and the sensitive touch opens it immediately. If you want to switch programs while driving, users can also use voice control, which is convenient to use and improves safety.

JMC-Ford provides 24-hour online digital services, allowing users to know the status of the vehicle and solve the worries of using the car. Through the OTA remote upgrade function, the 2023 Ford Transit will become a mobile smart terminal that will grow and become smarter. Users do not need to go to the 4S store, and the vehicle can be upgraded anytime and anywhere.

  ADAS intelligent driving assistance follow-up and stop for easy driving, high-definition reversing image for easy reversing

The 2023 Ford Transit is equipped with ADAS driving assistance system, which has 13 kinds of intelligent driving assistance functions such as ACC adaptive cruise control, BSD blind spot monitoring, AEB automatic emergency braking assistance, TSR traffic sign recognition, RCTA reversing lateral traffic warning, etc., bringing passenger car L2 Level intelligent driving experience. The unique TJA traffic jam assist and ICA integrated cruise control at the same level bring intelligent follow-up, follow-stop, follow-up steering, lane centering and lane correction assistance, and can easily cope with more congestion. It is also equipped with a 100W pixel reversing image, which fully covers the blind area at the rear of the vehicle, providing convenience for safe reversing and parking.

The 2023 Ford Transit not only has a high-quality appearance and a textured interior, but also uses industry-leading technological configurations to bring comfortable driving control and make the whole vehicle have a sense of luxury like a passenger car. “Hermes” is no exaggeration. Today, this new car is in hot pre-sale, the pre-sale price starts from 139,800 yuan, and consumers who want it can place an order. Immediately place an order to enjoy 5 major car purchase rights, including “1,000 to 3,000 car purchase discount, 4,600 yuan replacement discount or financial discount, and powertrain lifetime warranty”, and the surprises are endless. Interested consumers can call the JMC Ford commercial vehicle hotline for inquiries, enter JMC official website for inquiries, or search the “JMC Ford Commercial Vehicle Mall” applet for more pre-sale information.


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