Lenovo may return to the TV track, what cards will it play this time?

Lenovo may return to the TV track, what cards will it play this time?

As a major PC manufacturer, Lenovo has also accumulated a lot of popularity in the consumer market. After becoming bigger and stronger, Lenovo has also extended its business territory to the TV field. With the rise of many Internet TV manufacturers, Lenovo TV was still shot dead on the beach, and now there are reports that Lenovo may return to the TV track.

According to relevant reports, Lenovo has entrusted Guangzhou Hanlimei Electronics Co., Ltd. to produce some new TV products. At present, the information about the new TV products has been certified by 3C. The products are color TV sets, LCD TVs, and LED TVs. Although the rumors did not clearly point out Lenovo, but as the saying goes, there is no possibility of Lenovo fighting the TV industry again.

Back in 2012, Lenovo launched its first smart TV. It entered the TV industry even earlier than Xiaomi TV. When Xiaomi TV first came out in 2013, Lenovo had already released its second smart TV flagship product.

Although from the perspective of time and qualifications, Lenovo entered the TV industry much earlier, and finally left its name in the TV industry, but until it faded out of the TV industry in 2018, the Lenovo brand had not yet gained popularity in the TV market. In the price war launched by Internet TV brands, Xiaomi and LeTV have gained a firm foothold.

Now the question is, what kind of trump card will Lenovo play this time when it returns to the TV circle?

After all, today’s TV industry has already become a sea of ​​blood. Huawei and Xiaomi have launched an attack on the high-end TV market. Smart TV brands such as OPPO have never been well-known in the TV industry. Half of them are sea water and half are flames. Come out with a different style.

In this regard, some insiders believe that Lenovo’s return to the smart TV track is likely to be related to the development of artificial intelligence. When Lenovo entered the smart TV track, its main focus was “artificial intelligence”. The main purpose of its launch of smart TVs was to make a deep layout of the Internet of Things. Now that the birth of ChatGPT 3.0 has once again amazed the world, artificial intelligence will play a greater role in the TV industry. It is not puzzling for Lenovo to fight smart TV again at this time.

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