Laughing at the trivialities of life and keeping the small family happy “Little Perfection” will be broadcast on Tencent Video on February 24


  Produced by Haixi Film and Television, Chenshuang Film and Television, and jointly produced by 1510 (Beijing) Culture Media Co., Ltd., Xiamen Mengsheng Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Linwen Film and Television, and Tongcheng Travel, the TV series “Little Perfection” will be2moontwenty fourIt will be broadcast on Tencent Video today.The play is based on the Mars ProjectipIt is adapted from the work “Difficult Preparation for Pregnancy” by Xiao Zhiqing, the author of Meng Sheng Culture, starring Tang Yuzhe, Li Yizhen, Shen Chang and Pang Yixin. The series uses a family to protect their emotions while laughing and scolding, truly presenting various practical problems faced by urban families, and actively exploring contemporary family relationships and the meaning of life.

  Talking about family affairs with laughter and tears Reaching common topics in intergenerational relationships

  “Little Perfection” stars Tang Yuzhe as the handsome and responsible husband Gu Jiahui. The character is at the center of the whirlpool of family problems, which brings out the focus of urban families. The actor Shen Chang, who plays the mother-in-law in the play, is an experienced actor who has been in the industry for many years. In this play, there are many sparks with young star actors.The producer of the play, Cai Juntao, introduced: In the play, Gu Jiahui (Tang Yuzhe) ) has always been willing to be his wife Yu Jing (Li Yizhen) )’s strong backing,And Jiahui’s mother Chen Guihua (Shen Chang) ) appears and makes Xiaojia“The situation suddenly changed”, she pretended to be suffering from a terminal illness and prayed for a miracle drug to induce birth, vowing to transform her daughter-in-law from a strong woman into a traditional woman who supports her husband and raises her children.The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law also became tense.At the same time, Yu Jing’s partner Xiao Shan set up a trap to become theThe “pseudo third party” intends to disrupt Gu Jiahui and Yu Jing’s small family. When marriage suddenly lights up,While Gu Jiahui worked hard to act as a lubricant between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, he and his wife searched for the truth behind Xiao Shan’s game.In the process, the hidden secret behind Chen Guihua’s absurdity also surfaced.…Faced with many difficulties, the family started a battle to defend the family with laughter and tears.

  The play presents the characters’ emotions in the twists and turns of the plot.distinctPersonality also shows commonalities in real life. Screenwriter Wang Xueke explained:“Different from the traditional family relationship of ‘the man is the master of the house’Personalityas husband and son, Gu Jiahui willown needs and emotionsAfter putting it aside, he fully supports his wife’s live broadcast career and is an absolute good man; his wife Yu Jing is an Internet celebrity anchor with rational thinking and strong professional ability. Unfortunately, even though she is capable and glamorous in the workplace, she cannot help but have to deal with a problem in life. Earthly chicken feathers; mother-in-law Chen Guihua looks traditional, strong and hateful, but in fact is pitiful and pathetic. She is as tenacious as a weed. She has been facing the pain and setbacks of life alone for decades, and she also longs to heal herself and her loved ones with love.

  “Birth or not” and “mother-in-law and daughter-in-law” are all topics that cannot be avoided in contemporary families, and the key figure in the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is precisely the man in the family who is both a son and a husband.The actor Tang Yuzhe of the play interpreted his role as Gu Jiahui in this way: “What distinguishes this drama from other family ethics dramas is the delicate portrayal of male characters. Gu Jiahui is not good at words on the surface, but he has firm strength in his heart. In ‘Male Virtue’ Under the label of “husband”, he actually has a richer character level.” How will he deal with it?family affection and loveThe relationship between?How will we protect our small family?“Every inch of land must be fought for”? Everything is full of suspense.

  caring for family“Trivia” touches on warm realism themes

  In the fast-paced urban life, home is a person’s emotional destination and a safe haven for body and mind. When faced with various family problems, how to solve them with courage and reconcile them with love has always been a required course for married men and women. “Little Perfection” raises the real problems of contemporary families, but the play refuses to create anxiety, tells the story at a brisk pace, constantly creates laughter in the style of light comedy, and proposes solutions to the problems, allowing the audience to relax The mentality is substituted into the plot, and the“The Other Eye” looks at family issues.

  Whether you want a baby or a career, how to get along with mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and how to resolve emotional crises after marriage…The “trivial matters” of the family shown in “Little Perfection” are also the “trivial matters” of every small family in society. Whether Gu Jiahui, Yu Jing or her mother-in-law, their process of overcoming their own difficulties,TooThe process of finding the truth of life.The series will convey this reality to the audiencepositivelandThe courage to lead and live hard.2022At the end of the year, Tencent Video’s micro-short dramas proposed three major content directions: “fireworks, youthfulness, and freshness.” “Fireworks” means vigorously deploying “warm realism” micro-shorts in a format that young people like to see. “Little Perfection” focuses on “mutual care for family intergenerational relationships” on the theme track, focusing on the real experiences in young people’s lives, arousing strong emotional resonance among the audience.

  Tencent Video continues to develop in the field of micro-short dramas, constantly adding new vitality to the industry and providing audiences with high-quality content.Welcome the trivialities of life with a smile, and love the perfection of your small family. “Little Perfection” is produced by Haixi Film and Television, Chenshuang Film and Television, and jointly produced by 1510 (Beijing) Culture Media Co., Ltd., Xiamen Mengsheng Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Linwen Film and Television, and Tongcheng Travel.2moontwenty fourToday, lock on Tencent Video, let us be warmly guarded in the story, feel the urban fireworks together, and absorb the power of life.


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