Kipling’s official brand ambassador Selina Ren Jiaxuan joins hands with the goddess of LOHAS??


When the bright and brand-new spring day and the 3.8 Goddess Festival are coming together, Kipling, which advocates a positive, optimistic and relaxed attitude towards life, welcomes Selina Ren Jiaxuan, who has the same spiritual philosophy, as the brand ambassador. It aims to encourage women to move forward lightly, maintain the desire and curiosity to explore nature and the world, live impromptuly, and enjoy the present moment. Together with Kipling and the Goddess of Lohas, Selina, “Walk Lightly, Impromptu Lohas”!

Follow the LOHAS goddess Selina, and let’s “do” together for half a day

For Selina, as a public figure, she has multiple roles in life and needs to show her perfect state at all times. Today’s Selina learns to slow down the pace of life. She cognition inwards, trying to understand a more real self; walking outwards, looking for a different kind of scenery. She gradually realized that the more relaxed and comfortable she is, the happier she will live, which coincides with Kipling’s spirit of “doing it lightly, impromptu and happy”.

Photography, mountaineering, flower arrangement, cooking… are Selina’s small fortunes, and also her true self-healing in life. The family, friends, and natural mountains and rivers in her lens are the most beautiful protagonists. It is precisely because of such occasional “willfulness” that Selina deeply understands that keeping casual and free and easy in a moment of leisure can fill the spiritual world more. This is her free “half-day leisure”.

At the same time, Selina also encourages every woman to face challenges, escape from complexity, and uphold a confident, optimistic, casual and effortless attitude towards life. Maybe it’s just a short gap, maybe it’s just the streets of the city, absorb energy in a short break, relax in the tediousness, and use your own light “half-day leisure” way to feel the precious relaxation time.

Kipling hopes that every woman can walk freely with Kipling on her back and travel with “light” clothes. Walk casually in the city, reconnect with yourself, nature and friends, and discover beauty everywhere.

Leisurely “Purple” to unlock the exclusive match of the “half-day leisure” goddess

In this special women’s festival, Kipling specially presents the Spring Lohas series, with soft pink and purple stitching as the main color. This color is inspired by the 2023 WGSN Color of the Year. The lighter tone has a sense of lightness, self-healing and relaxation. A touch of lavender whispers, breaks the busy daily life, and allows women to absorb the spiritual power of being active and happy. Kipling can easily take care of your light moments. The soft pink and purple stitching has also become the exclusive matching color of the “half-day leisure” goddess.

As the early spring new color of Kipling’s classic series, the three main bags continue to use light fabrics, ultra-light weight, very comfortable carrying experience, large-capacity storage space and multiple independent compartments to easily help the escaped goddess in multiple “half-day leisure” “Explore the beautiful spring day as you like in the scene.

The whole series presents three classic models together, the CITY PACK monkey bag for comfortable carrying, the RIRI layered bag for advanced storage, and the GABBIE croissant bag for casual fashion. The softness brought by the light purple makes the spring day light and full of joyful atmosphere, bringing a happy life experience for the leisure time of the Goddess Festival.

Star style CITY PACK, comfortable and comfortable

The star product in this series is the monkey backpack CITY PACK. The original 420D wrinkled nylon fabric makes the bag body light, and with padded shoulder straps, it is easy to achieve a comfortable experience with zero sense of carrying. The practical large-capacity main pocket is suitable for multiple usage scenarios. In a leisurely spring afternoon, put the CITY PACK on your back to absorb the energy of LOHAS during short or long-distance travel, camping, fitness and other activities, and become the best companion for “walking lightly”.

Advanced storage RIRI, portable spring “thousand layer” bag

RIRI is a carry-on crossbody bag for advanced storage. Although the body of the bag is small, it has “thousand layers” inside, which demonstrates the aesthetics of stacked storage and makes the storage orderly. It is smart and light, and the way of carrying it can be switched at will. Whether it is city cycling or walking, outing, girlfriends trip, etc., it can be carried for a long time without getting tired.


Explore the fun of trendy play, “Purple” belongs to GABBIE

The trendy casual croissant bag GABBIE can be worn crossbody or on one shoulder, and can fit perfectly on the side of the body during trendy sports. It is stable and does not shake, and is more suitable for movement. It is also ultra-light and functional, and the zipper can be opened and closed with one hand for easy access. Whether it’s cycling, land rushing, hiking, frisbee, etc., GABBIE can find himself on his back, and his interpretation is straightforward!

This spring, walk out of the house with Kipling, be the goddess of spring, enjoy the current “light” clothing, explore freely, and live happily.

【About Kipling】

Kipling’s success story began in 1987 in Antwerp, Belgium’s fashion capital, with high-quality nylon bags.

By infusing our creativity and out-of-the-box thinking into developing casual, on-trend yet thought-rich designs, Kipling’s products are designed to inspire change and make you Live.Light. Not only as a bag brand, Kipling also represents a positive attitude towards life, a relaxed perspective on life, a free soul, and inclusiveness. Today, Kipling’s famous bags and accessories are sold in 436 retail stores in 80 countries, 7,500 specialty stores, and on

The Kipling brand mascot, the jungle monkey, is inspired by the brand founder’s favorite fairy tale book – “The Jungle Book”. Kipling is the name of the author of this book, and the little monkey is the protagonist of this book. It represents the brand spirit that Kipling has always advocated, full of curiosity to explore.

And our original 420D* crepe nylon is made through special chemical processing—usually every 1 meter of nylon can produce about 65 cm long crepe nylon. Compared with ordinary nylon, crepe nylon is more wear-resistant and durable, easy to wear Clean and water-repellent. All this is the exclusive secret to making the bag light.

【Live.Light Brand Story】

Kipling has always been very obsessed with the quality and functionality of bags. The design is confident, relaxed, relaxed, timeless and free, and can fully express personal style. Encourage everyone to enjoy an unfettered lifestyle, satisfy your curiosity, and continue to explore and experience the world.

We always stay positive, look at things with a positive, optimistic and relaxed perspective, not limited by negative things or various boundaries, and live an unrestrained life. Minimalist, flexible, authentic, self. Kipling conveys this positive brand belief to you through light, multi-scenario usable products, so that you can feel confident, relaxed and free on the way forward.

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