“Decibels Are Escaping” has a perfect ending, and the star of Shaoyin Sports Headphones planted grass and came out of the circle again

“Decibels Are Escaping” has a perfect ending, and the star of Shaoyin Sports Headphones planted grass and came out of the circle again

The New Year’s Eve hit new outdoor music healing variety show “Decibels Are Escaping” has recently come to a successful conclusion. This two-month-long, large-scale outdoor variety show that has repeatedly hit the hot search list combines elements of music, games and reality shows. After the show was broadcast, it was frequently out of the circle because of the relaxed, funny and healing atmosphere, which was full of highlights.

“Decibel is on the Run” was formally established by Su Xing, Zhang Yuan, Zhao Rang, Si Waige, and Yu Gengyin. The decibel family invited singer friends Lu Siheng, Deng Dian, and Zuo Li before the concert ended in their own way. , Zhang Chao, as the guest of the concert, added many highlights and climaxes to the closing stage.

As a non-professional entertainment observer, the author noticed that Shokz, the only officially designated headphone brand in the show, as a world-renowned professional sports headphone brand, Shokz itself naturally possesses sports DNA, which is comparable to this outdoor music variety show. “Perfect combination, a perfect one”, has also become the most memorable commercial cooperation brand among fans in this outdoor music healing variety show.

The producer of “Decibels Are Escaping” has changed the presentation form of traditional music, moved the stage to nature, and used the natural environment to embark on a different musical journey. The brand partner Shokz Shaoyin can not only present the charm of its professional sports headphones outdoor scene application through the stage of “Decibel is Running”, but also let fans feel the focus of the decibel family working together to chase the stage through music. The show is full of joy. The warm atmosphere and life-like healing scenes were successfully released.

From the Casio self-portrait artifact that choked on hot peppers from the early Internet celebrity sisters, to the male god Li Xian planting grass to the out-of-stock Ricoh GR, from the same Sony noise-cancelling headphones of the cello fairy Ouyang Nana, to the most popular face recently The G-SHOCK endorsed by Wang Wanghedi… The three-phase fusion of star internet celebrity, trendy digital, and sports fashion has achieved phenomenal hot-selling products in the fast-moving consumer era, and Shokz Shaoyin is no exception. In “Decibels Are Escaping”, the singers wear Shokz Shaoyin sports earphones and play games with the beat, vividly conveying the concepts of health, exercise, and joy. Even “Decibels Escaping” also cooperates with Shokz Shaoyin, Specially launched the OpenRun Pro sports earphones with a limited edition custom girdle for the fans.

Now that the entertainment industry is getting more and more popular, the choice of variety show IP by the brand party is no longer just based on the traffic as in the past. More and more party A will choose the one that suits them according to their own brand demands, product application scenarios, and target potential customers. Programs and artists, just like Bai An, Li Jianqing and Li Zongsheng were selected for Apple’s New Year’s advertisement, the artist’s reflection of the brand also reflects the tone and style of the brand.

Similarly, in addition to “Decibels Are Escaping”, another star joined by Shokz Shaoyin is from the field of sports, which can be described as the ceiling of human marathon, and the world marathon record holder Kipchoge who has won the world championship many times. His phrase “No Human Is Limited” has not only become the motto of many young people around the world, Shokz Shaoyin even launched the OpenRun Pro sports earphones co-branded by Kipchoge, which set off a rush to buy in the fashion and sports circles.

In this fast-moving era, more and more people like micro-variety shows and slow variety shows. It is a rare and excellent work like “Decibel Escaping” that has both joyful healing and life-oriented music, and Shokz Shaoyin Shaoyin Sports earphones and “Decibels Are Escaping” can be described as the first masterpiece of entertainment marketing in 2023. While we are looking forward to the next blockbuster variety show, we also hope to have the opportunity to see such high-quality, smooth and comfortable brand implantation cases again.

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