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Industry insiders: MediaTek cuts wafer production in 2024

Industry insiders: MediaTek cuts wafer production in 2024

On August 29, Huawei Mate 60 Pro was launched in a low-key manner. After the release of the new machine, it was like throwing a “nuclear bomb” in the technology industry. It caused a global sensation, and its significance went far beyond the product level.

Today, an industry insider “Mobile Chip Expert” posted on Weibo that after the release of H Company’s new mobile phone, MediaTek began to slash the number of wafers in 2024. It is really a butterfly effect.

“Company H” obviously refers to Huawei. After all, there are not many mobile phone manufacturers starting with “H”, not to mention the recent blockbuster new phones are only Huawei Mate 60 series.

The person also mentioned before that, in the absence of external interference, if 60 million 5G mobile phones can be sold next year, and the global TAM remains unchanged, MediaTek and Qualcomm will reduce shipments of 60 million 5G mobile phone chips. After the conversion, TSMC will also indirectly affect the reduction of 100,000 advanced process wafers, not including the supporting Wi-Fi, PMIC… reduced wafers.

It is understood that all parties in the industry have made a lot of private analysis on the chip information related to Huawei Mate 60 Pro. Director Lu Tingjie analyzed Huawei’s new machine chip technology and potential breakthroughs behind it.

Lu Tingjie said that judging from the current dismantling of various institutions at home and abroad, more than 10,000 parts and components used in Huawei Mate 60 Pro have basically been localized. If they are all localized, then in 5G In the field of smartphones, the problem of “stuck neck” has been broken.

Lu Tingjie mentioned that this time Huawei has made very important progress in process control, that is, advanced manufacturing processes. Because the yield rate (yield rate) of advanced process chips directly determines its commercial value, otherwise the cost is too high and no one can afford it.

It is worth mentioning that the vice chairman of TechInsights, a semiconductor industry observation organization, believes that the chip equipped with Huawei Mate 60 Pro is a very advanced chip. Although it is not the most advanced chip, it is also 2-2.5 nodes away from the most advanced technology. Inside.

According to Lu Tingjie, the 2-2.5 node means that we still have a gap of 3-5 years with advanced 5G chips. However, 3-5 years is judged by Western countries based on their speed of technological progress, while our country can often surpass it at the “Chinese speed”.

At present, you can already see Huawei Mate 60 Pro’s chip information, chip running scores, and even chip technology on the Internet. These may be one of the keys to MediaTek’s cut in wafer casting, and it is also the reason why Mate 60 Pro can cause a butterfly effect in the industry. s answer.

The business cycle between Qualcomm and MediaTek may be challenged again, and this time more upstream and downstream are involved. Not only are the two flagship chips, but also mid- and low-end chips are expected to be affected.

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