In the name of love: “Warm and Sweet” interpretation of true love appraisal

In the name of love: “Warm and Sweet” interpretation of true love appraisal

Directed by the famous director Liu Jiang, starring Victoria Song, Michelle Chen, Lu Yi, Jing Chao, and Sun Jian, the national and people’s livelihood emotional drama “Warm and Sweet” has been broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV for more than half, Nan Fei (played by Song Qian) , Qi Jiayi (played by Chen Yanxi), two urban women, after experiencing the “breakup” turmoil, they still stumble on the road of career and love, which truly reproduces the difficulties of modern women’s entrepreneurship, the difficulties of fighting beasts in the workplace, and the difficulties of family filial piety and obedience Contradictions, the exploration of “fitness” in love, etc. “Warm and Sweet” seems to have constant conflicts between the various characters, but after all, “love” runs through the whole play, presenting the real situation and life choices of urban women in the face of career, family and emotional ups and downs. All kinds of “CP” failed role settings are just the true love testimonials of “Is it a journeyman” repeatedly repeated and emphasized in the play.

  Three-dimensional reproduction of the social attributes of female characters, career love, dare to love, dare to hate vividly portrayed

Compared with the “Mary Su”, “White Lotus” and “Big Heroine” shaping methods of individual female characters, or the “mutual tearing” and “rival-style” conflict settings of girlfriends, “Warm and Sweet” always insists on the Reality is the standard, not selling conceptual gimmicks, trying to present the most authentic urban female individuals to the audience. Since the broadcast, the two heroines Nan Fei and Qi Jiayi have distinct personalities. Nan Fei “does not hit the south wall and does not look back”, and is independent and follows his heart in career and love; Qi Jiayi is competitive, kind and lovely, and considers others. There is also a sense of inferiority in the bones. Their “girlfriend alliance” has similar personalities and clear career lines. The social network derived from this is comprehensive and three-dimensional, which always resonates with the audience.


In the face of love, they “follow their hearts”. Nan Fei resolutely chose to break up and start a new life in the face of the troubles caused by Chen Fang’s “hidden divorce”. Don’t look back after that. In the face of their careers, they “remain true to their original aspirations”. Nanfei restarted their careers and focused on plastic surgery repairs and innovative explorations. Conspiracy, gradually grow, counterattack head-on. When facing their parents, they are also “reckless”. In the latest plot, Nan Fei’s mother suddenly arrives, and several girls instantly transform into “good girls” who dare not disobey their mothers, just like us in front of our parents. .

The value of “Warm and Sweet” is that it does not favor a single personality expression of women, but vividly shows the different roles women play in social attributes. They are girlfriends, best friends, career elites, Also a daughter.

  “Trying Love Before Marriage” interprets “Inappropriate Enlightenment”, True Love Appraisal Faces Contradictions

On the special day of confession like “520”, let’s look at the love story of “Warm and Sweet”. Each couple has their “continuity” and “closing ceremony”. For example, between Nanfei and Chen Fang, they love each other and share the same views, but they are hindered by the objective environment. dislocation”. Nan Fei had a crush on Ling Jiaoyang, his male best friend, but Ling Jiaoyang was devoted to her, but Nan Fei’s affection for her was just a friend and could not be converted into a lover. Nan Fei’s first love with Tong Xin, when they meet again after many years, has regrets after all, and it is difficult to regain the emotional throbbing of youth. The director set up a variety of modes of getting along with it, allowing the audience to see how to identify true love in the face of different objects.

Qi Jiayi’s “True Love Appraisal” is also vivid and exciting. After being married, she finds that the relationship with Xu Xi’s mother is suffocating and aggrieved. “The appearance of an emotional relationship, Fang Qiu, an upstart Internet entrepreneur, is young and energetic and understands romance, and clever routines capture Qi Jiayi’s heart, getting along well and sweetly with each other, but when encountering an economic crisis, Fang Qiu’s behavior of borrowing money exposed his mental weakness Immaturity, and the family outlook mentioned later in the talk about marriage that Qi Jiayi should sacrifice his career and abdicate to become a full-time wife reflect the difference in values ​​between the two, and it is reasonable for the two to break up in the end. We cannot deny that Qi Jiayi and Fang Qiu had mutual affection and true love for each other, but there is only love between the two, but the three views are inconsistent, and they still cannot move towards marriage.

The various CPs in the story are very intriguing. Both Nanfei and Jiaoyue are in very good conditions, and the parents of both parties are very satisfied, but there is no chemical reaction of love between the two. Emotions cannot be bundled or matched into groups just by matching external conditions. “Warm and Sweet” faces the obstacles that different CPs encounter when getting along, and uses the method of “true love identification” to continuously express to the audience that true love is precious and hard to find!

  The plot setting is even better, and the audience is looking forward to the “warm and sweet” ending

The love in “Warm and Sweet” runs through all the time. The plot sets various plots such as male girlfriends, fake couples, first love again, ex-boyfriend reappearance, etc., but they all go with the flow, without deliberately intersecting and pulling. “Warm and Sweet” does not evade the regrets that love brings to people, and does not evade the influence of family values ​​on marriage and love, but at the same time, it also captures the intersection of true feelings and the profound “long-term consideration” of parents for their children.

With the deepening of the plot, after eliminating all kinds of “inappropriateness”, whether the two heroines can face up to the true love in their hearts, whether they can shake hands with reality and find a more comfortable and satisfactory way of getting along with their parents and lovers, we will wait and see . As director Liu Jiang said: “I hope the audience can realize the sweetness and warmth of real life, and the taste of life is not that simple.”

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