Before the broadcast, there was no such person. After the broadcast, Wang Jiayu broke the circle to attract fans and interpreted “sincerity is a must-kill skill”

After the broadcast of “Ride the Wind 2023”, it can be said that it set off a wave of ratings boom, which ignited the attention of the whole network. Meiyi Liya’s “Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss” shocked the domestic entertainment “billion” point two-dimensionally, Zhu Zhu’s appearance was frequently searched, and Qu Ying’s status and figure sparked discussions. In addition to these well-known sisters, there are also some fresh faces that unexpectedly became the focus of heated discussions, such as Wang Jiayu, who “found no such person” before the broadcast, but after the broadcast, he won a wave of fans with his amazing stage performance and serious and hardworking attitude.

But unfortunately, in the latest episode of the program, Wang Jiayu was eliminated on the public stage due to the low ranking of the audience’s popularity. As soon as the news came out, many netizens said that they were “difficult to appease”. Wang Jiayu later posted a long farewell post on his personal social platform, saying: “Thank you for your ‘seeing’, you are passing on beauty and kindness to me; in fact, as long as you work hard and be confident, your work and life will become better and better. “Wang Jiayu also teased that he may not be recognized because he has filmed more than 30 films, but he was very happy to be on the stage, and he especially thanked the netizens who supported him and the program staff who gave silently.

I have to say that my sister’s words are full of sincerity, and netizens in the comment area can’t help but express their regrets and blessings: “I got to know you through this show, thank you for coming to this show, let more people know that there is an actor named Wang Jiayu , your performance on the public stage is really great! There is still a long way to go in the future, gold will always shine, and there will be a bigger stage waiting for you to shine besides riding the wind, looking forward to the future you with a The hit masterpiece is back.”

In fact, looking back at Wang Jiayu’s performance in the show, due to his low popularity, there are basically not many shots, and there is only a short initial stage show and a public cooperation stage in the stage part. Under such a limited lens, Wang Jiayu can still make so many people “difficult to appease”, the reason is probably the sincerity towards the stage and the hard work and persistence that are neither humble nor overbearing.

  Stunning debut on the first stage, Faye Wong’s voice received rave reviews

Wang Jiayu, who has debuted for 11 years, has acted in more than 30 film and television works, but unfortunately there are no popular roles for the audience to remember, so at first not many people paid attention to her first stage performance. When Wang Jiayu was wearing a white suit and short skirt, he stood quietly in the center of the stage and sang “It’s You”, with a very catchy healing tone when he opened his mouth, which surprised the other sisters present and the audience in front of the screen. Netizens lamented that they didn’t expect Wang Jiayu to sing so well, with a kind of Faye Wong’s clean and empty inspiration. I’m afraid he is not a singer who was delayed by acting.

After the song was sung, Wang Jiayu also showed a surprise dance. Although it was not as eye-catching as professional dancers, the stage design of singing and dancing was enough to express full sincerity.

  Break through the comfort zone and go all out for every performance

After the first stage, Wang Jiayu joined the “Little Girl Under the Street Lamp” group where Alyssa Chia, Xu Huaiyu, Li Caihua, and Chen Yihan belonged. Singing and dancing is a great challenge for Wang Jiayu who is an actor, but in the reality show, you can see that even in the corner, even with his back to the camera, Wang Jiayu is still practicing dance moves seriously, trying his best to break through his comfort lock up.

When it came to the official performance, netizens found that other sisters had solo parts, but Wang Jiayu had no chance to sing solo, and even there were only a handful of solo scenes. But as long as the lens can take the place, you can feel Wang Jiayu’s strong stage appeal and expressiveness. So after the show was broadcast, many people complained for Wang Jiayu, thinking that she worked very hard and performed well, but there was no camera to show it.

  Friends in the circle call together and sincerity is “nirvana”

Speaking of Wang Jiayu’s fandom, apart from going all out on the stage, being low-key and hardworking, “sincerity” is also the most prominent feature of Wang Jiayu. Wang Jiayu, who was born in Heilongjiang, has the frankness and freedom of a girl from the Northeast, and treats people around him warmly and warmly. So we saw that during the broadcast period of the show, Huang Xiaoming and Song Zuer took the initiative to post Weibo to call her, and Yu Wenwen, who participated in the previous season of Sister Lang, also specially posted a post to solicit votes for her.

In addition, Wang Jiayu also gained a lot of likes from her sisters in the show. For example, because she kissed Mei Yi Liya cutely before, they were popular in the search, and the two even took photos and interacted together; Hugging Wang Jiayu and saying “I really like you”, Gina also shed tears because Wang Jiayu was eliminated. For a while, “Wang Jiayu’s popularity” aroused everyone’s discussion, how can such a sincere and warm sister not be lovable.

Although Wang Jiayu regrets leaving the stage of “Ride the Wind 2023”, I believe that there will be bigger and more stages waiting for her in the future. Recently, the suspense drama “Sleepless Land” starring Wang Jiayu is on the air. She plays the role of hypnotist Xia Mengyao in the drama. Good characters and productions.

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