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Improve financial anti-fraud awareness and let Yixue Academy be the guardian of your “money bag”

Improve financial anti-fraud awareness and let Yixue Academy be the guardian of your “money bag”

In the current era of “universal financial management”, financial management is no longer the preserve of a few people, but has entered the daily lives of ordinary people. What follows is a plethora of investment projects and voices, which not only make the market full of vitality, but also unfortunately provide a breeding ground for financial crimes. In this environment, how to protect one’s “money bag” from damage while pursuing wealth growth has become a question worth pondering for everyone.

As a platform focused on the growth of online financial management skills, Yixue Academy knows that while imparting financial knowledge, it is equally important to enhance the public’s anti-fraud awareness. Previously, Yixue Academy joined hands with the China Siyuan Engineering Foundation’s anti-fraud charity project to donate 50,000 yuan to support the in-depth development of anti-fraud education, aiming to reduce the possibility of people being deceived.

Since its establishment in 2007, “Siyuan Project” has been committed to work in the fields of culture, education, rural development, community services, etc. This donation from Yixue Academy will be used entirely for anti-fraud publicity activities to help improve the public’s ability to identify and prevent financial fraud. Ability.

Investment novices and investors who are new to investing are high-risk groups that can easily fall into investment traps. In response to this phenomenon, Yixue Academy analyzes common investment fraud routines, which can be divided into the following stages:

  Stage one:

Scammers publish information about stocks, foreign exchange, futures and other investment and financial management through online social platforms, text messages, web advertisements, etc., or advertise on WeChat public accounts, Weibo, Douyin, Kuaishou, Zhihu and other online platforms, claiming to have Inside information or special investment channels to attract and connect with potential victims.

  Stage two:

After establishing contact, the scammers will use false inside information and promises to exchange investment experiences, invite into specific “investment and financial management” group chats, and participate in live broadcast courses of so-called “investment experts” or “financial management mentors”. Gain your initial trust.

  Stage three:

Once you gain trust, the scammers will guide you to log in to the fake website they provide or download relevant mobile applications, and guide you in investment operations. They will often lure you into making a small investment with the promise of a small return, thereby further building trust and setting the stage for a larger investment scam later on.

  Stage four:

At this stage, the scammer will continue to promote false promises of “guaranteed profits” and “high returns” to induce you to increase your investment. When it is shown that the account has a large profit and you want to withdraw cash, they will use various excuses (such as “login abnormality”, “server problem” or “bank account freezing”, etc.) to ask you to pay the so-called “unfreezing fee” or “margin” “. If payment is not made, the funds in the account will be frozen or disappear. The scam continues until the victim realizes they have been scammed, by which time they are often unable to contact the scammer or the investment website or app.

On the road to financial management, improving financial anti-fraud awareness and building a secure line of defense are topics that every investor must pay attention to. Yixue School reminds investors to always be vigilant, not to be gullible or blindly obedient, to learn to identify risks and to invest rationally.

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