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ICBC-AXA Life’s first “Love Cube” safety classroom unveiled

ICBC-AXA Life’s first “Love Cube” safety classroom unveiled

On the afternoon of March 22, on the eve of the 28th National Primary and Secondary School Safety Education Day, the first “Love Cube” safety classroom assisted by ICBC-AXA Life was officially unveiled and put into use in the Central Primary School of Bajiang Town, Sanjiang County.

With my country’s overall victory in poverty alleviation, in order to further support the country’s rural revitalization strategy and protect the safety of rural children, ICBC-AXA formally joined hands with China Business News on the “ICBC-AXA Public Welfare Day” on July 19 last year , and jointly launched a new public welfare project “Love Cube” safety classroom. “Left-behind children have weak self-safety prevention capabilities, coupled with factors such as the rural environment and weak family safety awareness, and are more vulnerable to natural disasters and accidental injuries that may occur at any time than their peers in the city. Based on this Thinking, ICBC-AXA will support the national rural revitalization strategy by aiding in the construction of safety classrooms, comprehensively and deeply promote safety education in primary and secondary schools, and protect rural children from growing up healthily and happily.” Zhao Dazhe, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of ICBC-AXA Life Insurance, said at the launching ceremony express.

I saw at the scene that ICBC-AXA has carefully designed and arranged the safety classroom. The classroom is built in a cartoon style that is popular with children. It integrates safety course teaching, safety knowledge display, safety interactive games, and safety skills. Experience four major functions, centering on earthquake, firefighting, traffic, drowning and other themed scenes, equipped with rich books and teaching aids, allowing children to learn about safety knowledge in a relaxed and interesting atmosphere. At the same time, ICBC-AXA has also equipped classrooms with a series of systematic safety education courses, hoping that through the layer-by-layer influence model that teachers pass on to students, students influence parents, schools promote communities, and communities promote society, students can improve themselves. Survivability, teachers strengthen emergency management capabilities, schools establish long-term safety plans, and communities increase awareness of disaster reduction.

After the unveiling ceremony that day, the children of Bajiang Town Central Primary School curiously entered the safety classroom to experience it. Some of them carefully read the safety knowledge books in the classroom, and some played safety games with their classmates…

“Through studying in the classroom, I know that swimming in the small river is a very dangerous thing. I will not go there again in the future. When I see my friends swimming, I will persuade them not to do so. Only in this way can the Don’t worry, parents.” said Wang Tangtian, a fourth-grade student at Bajiang Town Central Primary School.

Since its establishment in 2012, ICBC-AXA Life Insurance has adhered to the corporate mission of “helping people enjoy a healthy, happy and fulfilling life”, actively fulfilled corporate social responsibilities, and served the country’s poverty alleviation and rural revitalization strategies. The company established the “Ai Cube” public welfare brand. Since 2014, it has assisted in the construction of a total of 21 “Ai Cube Love Libraries” in 18 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions across the country, and has donated more than 60,000 books suitable for children to read enrollment, benefiting more than 10,000 students. The company also funded the “New Great Wall High School Self-improvement Class” for impoverished high school students in the Ya’an earthquake-stricken area of ​​Sichuan Province, provided free breakfast for impoverished elementary school students in Xuanwei City, Yunnan Province for three consecutive years, and donated to build No. The modern grotto protection facility project has won praise and recognition from all walks of life. Going forward, ICBC-AXA will continue to contribute to major national strategies such as rural revitalization.

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