Huaxi LIVE’s new art experience: In the exhibition “Don’t See Outside”, creativity ignites a visual feast


On March 8, the high-profile artist duo Craig&Karl’s solo exhibition “Keep Out” officially opened at the Times Museum in Beijing. This exhibition is jointly curated by the internationally renowned curatorial organization R+ Production and Beijing Times Art Museum.

Craig & Karl, a golden couple in the art world, have achieved outstanding achievements in the fields of illustration, animation and art installations with their unique design style and cross-border creative practice. Their works are colorful and creative, and can always touch people’s hearts inadvertently. Covering 2,000 square meters, more than 100 carefully selected works with dazzling colors and unique concepts will bring a unique artistic experience to the audience.

Curator Wang Jiayi said that this exhibition not only displays the classic works of Craig & Karl, but also specially created a Year of the Dragon limited work for the Chinese audience to express respect and love for Chinese culture. In addition, the exhibition also created a mini golf course in the art museum, allowing the audience to participate in the interaction personally while appreciating art, and experience the perfect integration of art and sports.

The exhibition’s various galleries are full of surprises. In the “zoom-in” exhibition hall, the audience can have a glimpse of the artist’s studio and feel every detail in their creative process; while in the “zoom-out” exhibition hall, the artist gets inspiration from traditional Chinese architecture and shrinks the huge building complex into In the exhibition hall, a sheltered space is constructed to encourage viewers to share their emotions.

In addition, the exhibition also presents their most classic series of portraits. These works use diverse colors and smart lines to give the portraits new vitality and meaning. They not only demonstrate the artist’s unique understanding of human figures, but also reveal the meaning of life in different cultures and periods. Human experiences and emotions.

This exhibition is not only an art event, but also a cultural exchange and collision. Craig&Karl’s works, with their unique charm and appeal, allow people to appreciate the beauty and diversity of life while appreciating art. Liu Weiwei, executive deputy director of Times Museum, said: “If you maximize the happiness, excitement, detachment, optimism and positive emotions in life, it can be regarded as a kind of relaxed and moderate life wisdom.”


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