Huanyu Film and Television Won Multiple Awards in the Fingertips 2022 Drama Awards


Recently, the “Fingertip Media List 2022 Drama Series Awards” list was released. Huanyu Film and Television won the “2022 Influential Film and Television Organization” for its outstanding performance in 2022, and the film and television drama “Shangshi” won the “2022 Annual Influential Film and Television Organization”. power network drama”. This time, “Fingertip List|2022 Most Watched Drama Series” focuses on “fingertip influence”, conducts in-depth observation of the film and television industry since 2022 from a professional perspective, through a group of widely influential and representative drama works , film and television institutions, and film and television practitioners, leading more audiences to fully understand the new trend of film and television development.


High-quality content production and imaginative content creativity have always been the premise and guarantee to ensure the sustainable and healthy development of the content industry. In 2022, Huanyu Film and Television will successively broadcast three high-quality drama series, “Shangshi”, “Delicacy” and “The Heirloom”.

Since its establishment, Huanyu Film and Television has always adhered to the strategy of “content is king” and has focused heavily on the production of its main business, film and television drama content. Huanyu Film and Television is good at producing costume dramas and period dramas, so it can also deeply understand the importance of excellent traditional culture and digging into the humanistic spiritual value in stories as the unique spiritual symbol of the Chinese nation to improve the quality of drama series. As the first Chinese drama series to be launched on Disney+ Originals, “Treasures” deduces pure and touching love and the courage to dedicate to love in the thick of human fireworks. The first Chinese original series “Heirloom” to land on HBO tells the story of the three sisters of the Yi family who have experienced growth and choices in the turbulent era. All characters work together to protect the family. Different from the previous romantic dramas of the Republic of China, this drama has more It shows the rise and fall of family businesses in the period of the Republic of China from the perspective of women, shows the noble character of women’s independence, self-improvement and perseverance, and interprets the unique “small family, big love” and strong family and country feelings unique to the Chinese nation.

In the list announced this time, the film and television drama “Shangshi” won the “Fingertip List 2022 Influential Online Drama”. “Shangshi” takes the broad and profound Chinese food as a unique entry point, and follows the growth of a young girl Yao Zijin in the Shangshi Bureau. While telling the story of the court with twists and turns, it also focuses on showing women’s growth and choices, allowing the audience to experience ups and downs in taste While the ups and downs of the plot, feel the true and pure friendship, love and affection. Since its launch, the show has received a total of 3.66 billion broadcasts on both Mango TV and Migu platforms, and has been broadcast in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions of China, as well as the United States, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines and other countries. New media platforms and TV stations in Hebei and the region were translated into more than a dozen languages ​​and broadcast simultaneously. The broadcast of “Shangshi” not only affects the hearts and stomachs of domestic audiences, but also uses “food” as a teaser, and “fans” overseas, creating a golden business card for Chinese dramas.

  Brewed with ingenuity, “food culture” opens a new perspective to perceive traditional culture

“Food is the heaven, and the way of food is the way of heaven.” Chinese food culture has a long history, and the delicacies are amazing, and the special snacks are also unique. Different from the props and dishes used in most film and television dramas, the dishes involved in “Shangshi” have passed the preliminary textual research. There are 15 resident chefs invited to participate in the production. There are more than 200 dishes whose names can be seen by the audience, and thousands of dishes are actually produced, unfolding an immersive food picture like a “Chinese Food Illustrated Book”. “Shangshi” created a feast of food culture for the audience, not only relying on the food itself to tell a good Chinese story, but also presenting to the audience the traditional cultural skills and Chinese food culture behind the food The spirit, in the seemingly simple meal, contains the cultural development of the Chinese nation for thousands of years.

Food culture goes overseas, film and television works tell Chinese stories well

“Shangshi” will land on Singapore Media Channel U on December 15, 2022. It has been broadcast on multiple overseas film and television platforms before and has achieved many outstanding results. During the overseas launch period, the Google search index once reached the top, and nearly 90 overseas media voiced that Amway Shangshi Delicious went abroad. Since March 2022, the hidden dishes of “Yao Zijin’s same style” reproduced in Hong’an Restaurant in Malaysia have attracted many diners to try their early adopters, forming a wide and profound influence on the global audience. Behind the dominance of the overseas screens of Chinese delicacies with delicious taste and taste, Huanyu Film and Television is committed to blowing the “Chinese style of film and television” to the world and helping “Hua Liu” to go overseas with excellent film and television works. From “Strategy of Yanxi Palace” and “The Sideburns Are Not Begonia Red” going abroad, to “Shangshi” and “The Tale of Delicacy” and other overseas broadcasts, Huanyu Film and Television has continuously opened up new realms of “going overseas” in film and television, integrating excellent traditional Chinese culture into film and television creation , to present an amiable, respectable and lovely image of China to the world.

In the future, Huanyu Film and Television will continue to uphold its original aspirations, dig deep into the contemporary value of excellent traditional culture and the value of humanistic spirit in stories, and use excellent film and television content as the carrier to continue to present more excellent film and television drama works to the audience.


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