Science Fiction “Pioneer” TV series “Three-Body Problem” made a model for science fiction

Science Fiction “Pioneer” TV series “Three-Body Problem” made a model for science fiction

The TV series “Three-Body Problem” recently ended. More than 330,000 people scored 8.6 points on Douban, the highest score for domestic dramas of the year. Drama fans. Behind the success of “Three-Body Problem” is the long and hard work of the production team “seven years of sharpening a sword”, and it is also an adventure journey that begins with feelings.

At the end of “The Three-Body Problem”, the reporter interviewed Bai Yicong, the show’s producer, chief producer, founder and president of Linghe Culture, who brought us the sci-fi pioneers who “eat crabs for the first time” The story also shared his thoughts on the future of Chinese science fiction dramas from the perspective of a senior film and television creator.


  Seven years in a blink of an eye, the adventure begins with love

In 2015, Bai Yicong and Sansody Universe, the copyright owner of Sansody, reached an agreement to develop a drama version of Sansody, and then Tencent Video joined in, adding support from the platform side to the main creative team, and the team has been combined. However, no one in the main creative team thought that the development of “Three-Body” would last for seven years, and it was known as “seven years of sharpening a sword”.

From development to meeting with the audience, the process of “seven years of sharpening a sword” in “The Three-Body Problem” can be described as a microcosm of the creation of a science fiction drama. Readers who have watched “Three-Body Problem” first reacted to the film and television drama of the play as “this should be How to shoot?” Indeed, seven years ago, the domestic sci-fi market was almost zero production.

Even though the creation is extremely difficult, Bai Yicong is still very determined and excited, “Actually, I have called on many industry conferences to pay attention to Chinese science fiction, and we have always wanted to do Chinese science fiction, but we have never encountered particularly good ones.” Opportunity. When “The Three-Body Problem” appeared, my first reaction was the mentality of a fan reader. If such a good work found us, we will definitely do it. There is nothing to hesitate! If it is difficult, we also think that this project is aimed at the whole country , Whoever does it will face the same difficulties, that is, there is no lesson learned from the past, and there is no experience to refer to, so we can only explore, and we will just explore.”

What supports Bai Yicong is the unique feelings of film and television creators, and he is also a senior “Three-Body” book fan. While the difficulties are “ignored” for the time being, he is also a little lucky, “Because our Linghe itself is not In a purely capitalized company, there will be no shareholders chasing after you for profit. Relatively speaking, sometimes we tend to be “willful” when making works. Our idea is very simple. As long as we can shoot, we can survive without losing too much money in the end. , just do it, we want to make something that makes everyone happy and excited.”


  Released in seven years, a production full of details

Seven years later, in 2023, “Three-Body Problem” will be broadcast successfully. From content to production, “Three-Body” has received positive feedback from many audiences. For the degree of restoration, the “original party” is even admirable. For the production audience, they are full of details such as “Chizi Road” and “Qin Opera”. Like the tide.

Looking back on the entire creation process of “The Three-Body Problem”, Bai Yicong said bluntly, “Basically, there are no difficulties, because when there are basically difficulties, it doesn’t show that it is not difficult.” Production control is a team operation, not controlled by one or two people, so when the team faces difficulties, overcoming them together is the only way to deal with them.

It is reported that “Three-Body Problem” has more than 2,000 CG shots, nearly 300 CG characters, and 11 large-scale scenes. It is the first time that the drama uses scanning motion capture technology on a large scale. “The special effects of the Three-Body Problem are unimaginably large. There are no repertoires that can be referenced and borrowed from national dramas before. Many creations and productions are carried out by groping.” Behind the groping, It is indeed the creative team led by Bai Yicong who has embarked on a road of creating hardcore science fiction for national dramas.

Another way to solve the problem is that Bai Yicong accurately found the realistic angle of “Three-Body Problem” and used it as the core of his creation for film and television. Bai Yicong hopes that it can be truly achieved, using realistic expression techniques, to make the fictional science fiction world resonate with the audience close at hand. “We need to tell this story clearly and complete the transmission of the world view of Three-Body Problem, but also make everything based on realistic expression techniques, so that everyone can believe that in this world and this environment, all our developments are logical and based , everyone can believe in the authenticity of these things, and that these things are real and will happen. This increases the difficulty of screenwriting.”

The “Three-Body Problem” deserves praise from the audience for its perfect integration of film and television and scientists. In order to better restore the scientific scenes in “Three-Body Problem”, the main creative team except for the interior construction of the Red Bank Base and the Operation Center, almost all other scenes are uniform. Using live shooting, they even knocked on the doors of scientific research institutions such as the National Nanoscience Center. For this, Bai Yicong is very grateful, “We have benefited from the work of “Three-Body Problem” and teacher Liu Cixin, but we actually failed at the beginning, but when they heard that we came for “Three-Body Problem”, they immediately Agreeing to host us, these real scientists, a lot of people love this work.”


  Seven years later, “Three-Body Problem” brought new revelations to the industry

In addition to the excellent report card of “Three-Body”, the long-tail effect it brings and the sci-fi track opened to the Chinese film and television industry are even more valuable. Some industry experts said, “The Three-Body Problem is a milestone in Chinese science fiction.”

In addition to thanking many parties for their recognition, Bai Yicong also put forward new thinking. He believes that the future of sci-fi films requires continuous efforts from the entire industry, as well as continuous support from policies and platforms. I dare not be too optimistic, the reason is that the investment cycle of science fiction projects like “Three-Body Problem” is too long, and it is risky in terms of capital and return on investment.”

Another revelation brought by “Three-Body” is that Bai Yicong believes that building confidence in science fiction is very important, “”Three-Body” may only provide a direction for domestic science fiction themes, and realism may be a way for us to create science fiction at the current stage. It is very important to clearly realize the gap between our accumulation and the big science fiction countries. At the same time, “Three-Body Problem” can give everyone a little confidence that the Chinese team can actually do a good job in science fiction dramas. I hope this theme will be released in the future The track can gradually prosper.”

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