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Honor’s new AI strategy empowers the entire industry chain, and Honor Magic 6 series flagship new products are released

Honor’s new AI strategy empowers the entire industry chain, and Honor Magic 6 series flagship new products are released

On March 18, Honor released its new AI-enabled full-scenario strategy at its spring flagship new product launch, launching platform-level AI empowerment, a human-centered cross-operating system experience, a new human-computer interaction based on intent recognition, and global A series of smart devices such as Honor Magic6 Ultimate Edition, Honor Magic6 RSR Porsche Design, AI PC Honor MagicBook Pro 16, etc., which are resonant and innovative in the industry chain.

It is worth mentioning that as early as MWC, Honor won the MWC2024 GLOMO Product Award by virtue of the innovation and experience of Honor Magic V2 RSR Porsche design, as well as its outstanding AI performance at the platform and system levels. The release of this new product and the announcement of the AI-enabled full-scenario strategy further proves Honor’s leading position in the global technology field and its determination and strength to combine China’s excellent industrial chain resources with global innovation.

At the press conference, Honor Terminal Co., Ltd. CEO Zhao Ming said: Honor is building platform-level AI, which is the underlying core capability of Honor to lead this AI revolution and build consumers’ AI experience for the future. Honor’s thinking and practice in AI will lead the entire industry chain. We firmly believe that by building underlying technological advantages in a down-to-earth manner, integrating China’s industrial chain with global innovation, and using open and closed competition, we can bring breakthrough hardware innovation and better user experience.

  Honor is a submarine that has reached the deep sea of ​​AI, bringing about a new revolution in human-computer interaction.

Honor began to deploy AI as early as 2016, proposing the concept of mobile AI for the first time in the industry, releasing the Magic Live smart system, opening the door to mobile artificial intelligence OS, and laying the foundation for the formation of human-computer interaction with intent recognition; by 2022, On MagicOS 7.0, Honor has built platform-level AI, which is a further exploration of Honor’s intention to recognize human-computer interaction. Seven years of exploration and industry-leading foresight have brought Honor to the forefront in the field of mobile AI technology. At this press conference, Honor released a new AI-enabled full-scenario strategy, clearly demonstrating Honor’s new AI strategic architecture.

At the press conference, Honor’s AI strategy divided the AI ​​of smart terminals into four layers. That is, the first layer uses AI to enable cross-system integration, allowing different operating systems to make decisions through AI to realize integration between mobile phones, tablets, PCs and other devices. Seamless connection and data sharing between mobile phones; the second layer uses AI to reconstruct the operating system so that the phone understands you better and becomes better the more you use it. The new way of human-computer interaction based on intent recognition is a typical result; the third layer It is the application of AI on the device side, such as cutting out pictures, taking pictures and rendering, and summarizing documents; the fourth layer is the device-cloud collaboration of AI, which presents large network AI model applications.

As one of the terminal manufacturers deploying AI, Honor has always adhered to the value concept of “openness and win-win” and led a new trend of global technological cooperation through continuous innovation. The platform-level AI created by Honor empowers different devices, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, wearable devices, and other cross-device and cross-operating system platform-level AI capabilities, turning open operating systems such as Android, Windows, and IoT into a holistic ecosystem . It is precisely because of Honor’s leading ideas and strategies that it has attracted AI companies such as Microsoft, Qualcomm, Intel, and Nvidia. They are willing to share their technology, capabilities, and innovations and work with Honor to promote the development of “platform-level AI” so that Honor can own The strength of open ecology against closed ecology can provide an experience that is comparable to or even surpasses closed ecology.

Of course, the strength of Honor AI is inseparable from continuous technological development and investment. So far, Honor AI’s accumulated research and development expenses have reached 10 billion, and the results of AI patents have exceeded 2,000. The multi-mode ecosystem supported by platform-level AI uses AI to drive cross-system collaboration and interaction, allowing devices and applications of different systems to quickly identify and understand user intentions, bringing a leading experience to mobile phones and AI PCs, and truly transforming AI into Introduce the PC side, build a new PC interaction model, and enter a new era of AI PC.

  Resonating with the global industrial chain, Honor leads the overall rise of domestic mobile phones

In addition to its leadership in AI strategy, Honor is also an industry leader in technological innovation. Behind continuous innovation are the opportunities it brings to the entire industry chain. As one of the most high-profile brands among Chinese mobile phone manufacturers, Honor has always been committed to technological innovation and product optimization, constantly promoting the development of the mobile phone industry, and winning the recognition of more and more consumers.


The newly released Honor Magic6 series, Honor Magic6 Ultimate Edition and Honor Magic6 RSR Porsche Design, are two flagship phones. Their cross-border joint innovation in imaging can be regarded as an industry model. Honor has applied cross-border industry autonomous driving components to imaging systems. For the first time, it has applied LOFIC technology and lidar focusing system in the field of autonomous driving to achieve breakthroughs in mobile phone imaging, bringing SLR-level super-dynamic Eagle Eye cameras. This innovation not only subverts the traditional innovation model, but also deeply integrates the industrial chain of the mobile phone industry, breaking the monopoly of foreign high-end imaging components and further enhancing the competitiveness of domestic technology in the global market. In terms of screen technology, the close cooperation between Honor Magic6 RSR Porsche Design and BOE has once again achieved a breakthrough. The Honor Stacked Oasis Eye Protection Screen not only improves the display effect and user experience of mobile phone screens, but also injects new ideas into the development of screen technology in the mobile phone industry. vitality. The unique design concept and luxurious technology elements of this mobile phone have also attracted widespread attention from the industry and consumers. It integrates Porsche’s classic design elements with Honor’s innovative technology, demonstrating the combination of technology and luxury.


As a masterpiece of innovation, Honor Magic6 series mobile phones continue to lead the industry in inclusive technological innovation through independent research and development and collaborative innovation with the industry chain, making new productivity more effective. Honor Hongyan Communications reconstructs the direct-connection satellite communication solution for mobile phones, the newly upgraded second-generation Qinghai Lake battery, the ultra-fall-resistant Honor Ju Rhino glass, the Honor Eagle Eye camera with better captures, and continues to lead in eye protection technology. Six major industries, including Magic OS, which leads the transformation of operating systems, lead technological innovation. Behind the innovation is the result of deep coupling and collaborative innovation between Honor and its partners at the industrial chain nodes. Taking batteries as an example, the commercial use of Honor Qinghai Lake batteries not only achieved a technological breakthrough in the localization of silicon carbon anodes, but also led the technology of the mobile phone battery industry chain to find a new direction, injecting new impetus into corporate development; Honor Oasis eye protection screen technology The launch also integrates the power of industry organizations, scientific research and academic institutions, medical institutions and other partners to jointly promote the development of new screen health display formats.


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