High-end national fashion women’s clothing brand LFAX debuts at Shanghai Fashion Week to explore the multiple identities of independent women


On March 29, 2024, the high-end national fashion women’s clothing brand LFAX held a grand 2024 autumn and winter show at Shanghai Fashion Week, attracting a lot of attention with a visual and fashion feast. With the theme of “Connection”, this show aims to explore the multiple identities of independent women through the lines and colors of clothing, and convey the humanistic thoughts and connotations of modern women’s confident, independent, and diverse life attitudes.

The LFAX brand always insists on taking the life and commuting needs of modern independent women as its design inspiration, focusing on using natural fibers as raw materials, adhering to the elegant design concept, and creating a series of unique and original designs through clean tailoring and high-definition fine craftsmanship. Women’s ready-to-wear. These garments not only focus on comfort and practicality, but also demonstrate the brand’s pursuit of quality in the details.

On the show floor, the models wore LFAX brand’s oversized coats, fur coats and cashmere suits, showing a lazy and comfortable style with an elegant and frank attitude. The bright and soft tones highlight the powerful and romantic inner world of independent women, allowing people to feel the inner strength and tenderness of women while appreciating fashion.

Ms. Wang Qin, the founder of the LFAX brand, said that she hopes to lead people to explore the multiple identities of independent women through this series. She believes that modern women must not only demonstrate their professional abilities and talents in the workplace, but also play various roles in family and society. Therefore, the design concept of the LFAX brand has always centered around the multiple identities of independent women, aiming to provide women with a more diversified and considerate quality experience.

It is understood that the LFAX brand is committed to creating a brand with stories, beliefs, life and full of humanistic thoughts and connotations. “Luxury quality at affordable prices.” Founder Ms. Wang Qin has always regarded this as the brand’s mission. In the development process of the brand, LFAX has always adhered to the spirit of ingenuity and professional and considerate service concepts, constantly pursuing innovation and breakthroughs, so that independent femininity can shine anytime and anywhere, and integrating classical and fashionable elements to bring happiness to female consumers. High-quality brands that are more in line with their lifestyles.

This appearance at Shanghai Fashion Week not only demonstrates the strength of the LFAX brand in design, craftsmanship and service, but also allows more people to learn about this national trend brand that is full of vitality and innovative spirit. LFAX, with its elegant design concept and fine craftsmanship, provides modern women with a new fashion choice, allowing women to show independence and confidence while pursuing beauty.

With the rise of national trend culture and consumers’ pursuit of quality life, the LFAX brand has gradually emerged in the market. In the future, LFAX will continue to adhere to its design concept and service concept, and continue to launch more products that meet the aesthetic needs of modern women. “Luxurious quality, only at affordable luxury prices.” Provide women with more diversified and higher quality products lifestyle experience.

In short, the LFAX brand’s appearance at Shanghai Fashion Week was a successful fashion journey. It not only demonstrates the charm and strength of the brand itself, but also injects new vitality and creativity into the entire national fashion women’s clothing market. I believe that in the future, LFAX will continue to lead the fashion trend and become the first choice brand for more female consumers.

The brand looks forward to working with more like-minded partners to create a better future together.



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