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Heping Joy City, the Dragon Boat Festival national tide is in full swing, and “rice dumplings” are unstoppable

Heping Joy City, the Dragon Boat Festival national tide is in full swing, and “rice dumplings” are unstoppable

The Dragon Boat Festival holiday is coming, and Heping Joy City created the “Plan of Rice Dumplings” ingeniously and innovatively. The new way of playing the national trend, the trendy debut, detonated a different holiday experience. Mecha pandas with bamboo-style lighting decorations, the festive atmosphere is directly filled; Hanfu parade shows the national style, making the beauty of Chinese style shine; MAYBEer’s slightly drunk music Live and the front trunk market of the Tesla Club, awakening the DNA of summer Hi on vacation…Peace Joy City’s Dragon Boat Festival event showcases appearance, brain hole, luck, and talent in all aspects of the “rice dumpling” gameplay, and its strength captures the hearts of cool people, two-dimensional groups, and young fans, and becomes the core CBD The most popular “rice dumpling” boy in the business district!

  The national tide of the Dragon Boat Festival is just the national treasure, and Hanfu is coming to pick up “rice dumplings

This Dragon Boat Festival holiday, Heping Joy City has a new appearance, and the addition of strong Dragon Boat theme elements directly fills up the festive atmosphere. The net red mecha panda Apanda lined up at the entrance, the cute pandas are dressed in cool armor, forming a sense of extreme contrast, bringing an unprecedented new experience of national treasures. During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, a group of new Chinese-style bamboo light boxes made a surprise appearance, surrounded by mecha pandas, conveying the beauty of the national style of the “Plan of Making Rice Dumplings”.

Apanda’s punk mecha style and the traditional Chinese style of Chinese lighting collide with each other, creating a unique national style that is different from “zong”, so that young people in Jincheng can enjoy the “national treasure + national style” without leaving the city. An alternative way to check in and play pandas. At the same time, combined with the customs of the Dragon Boat Festival, Heping Joy City also set up gorgeous and stunning Hanfu parade and exhibition activities. The shadows on the temples are ringed with jingles, feast your eyes on the beauty! National treasures, national customs, Hanfu, and “rice dumplings” come here. This Dragon Boat Festival and Peaceful Joy City are in full swing, showing the oriental romance unique to Chinese people!

  Weixue Music Live brings Dare to start the market, and the fun is different from “Zong”

In the name of music, we will cooperate with MAYBEer music label, Tesla car club, etc. to create the most pyrotechnic and slightly drunk scene. Peace Joy City will start this year’s Dragon Boat Festival with a dare, and all-round “rice dumpling” fun holiday, Create intoxicating memories of summer nights. Taking the “Fireworks Night Market” to a new level, the front trunk market of the Tesla Fan Club is freshly launched. Beautiful cars gather together and open the large front trunk. There are all kinds of delicious food such as ground coffee, adding another “taste” to the summer night.

At the same time, there is also a lively and beautiful green electric life festival in the market, which is “created by me and reborn with intelligence”. The tent in the shape of zongzi is super eye-catching. You can also play shooting five poisons, fishing zongzi, realgar dots, DIY Summer “ice rice dumpling” and so on; luck out of the “rice dumpling” area: you can buy sports lottery tickets to test your luck happily; talent out of the “rice dumpling” area: you can have close contact with “drama” in the Xiaobeiyi Station, an interactive game, and invite friends to play together Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

  Super value discount surprise Yixia’s new product “Zong” group debut

With the arrival of 6.18 and the Dragon Boat Festival, Heping Joy City created a shopping carnival with discounted “rice dumplings”. From June 17th to June 24th, 50% off the whole site, and a large wave of full discount discounts have been launched one after another. Heping Joy City Mini Program 79 groups 100, full 799 get 200 vouchers, palm life food 70 groups 100, 50% discount on 100 yuan gourmet coupons for a limited time and flash sale… All-round super value benefits for consumers, ultra-low summer “price” stimulate summer shopping desire, cool and worry-free shopping in summer! At the same time, Heping Joy City’s powerful fans are full of sincerity, membership privileges are full of sincerity, not only can the points be used as money to spend directly in exchange for vouchers, but also the exclusive summer “Ting Xia” healing meditation party, community lottery to receive “teamLab Wuxiang Art” for free Space” tickets and other special events, full of surprises.

And this summer, Heping Joy City ushered in a wave of new brand openings, and many well-known international and domestic brands made their debut in groups. Tianjin’s first fresh fruit yogurt brand with zero additives, “Qushanye”, and the trendy shop “Jiumu Miscellaneous Society” of Girls’ Heart MAX all appeared in Heping Joy City during the Dragon Boat Festival. More brands worth looking forward to debut this summer: NB1906, Jiaoshita, NO ONE ELSE, Luckin, Bawang Cha Ji, Nishimachi Muraya, Ikebukuro BBQ, Wang Ning, GEMMO, Alice’s Living Room, etc., injecting a steady stream of new energy into the business district Freshness.

Heping Joy City dared to try something new, and boldly combined the traditional Chinese festival Dragon Boat Festival with cool wind, night economy, and young people’s favorite music, Hanfu, markets, etc., to create novel ways of playing, and successfully stimulated the summer consumption boom. There will be more surprises in July, including domestic top hip-hop competitions and IP special exhibitions.

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