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Healthy Tianjin starts from “morning”-Healthy Home-Northern Network

Healthy Tianjin starts from “morning”-Healthy Home-Northern Network

  Recently, the Nutritious Breakfast Challenge of the “Healthy China Our Action-Tianjin Station” series of activities sponsored by the Tianjin Health Education Association kicked off at the Amway Experience Center. As a family health education base awarded by the Tianjin Women and Children Development Foundation, the Amway Experience Center will carry out a variety of nutrition and health science popularization projects, including health science popularization exhibitions, public welfare nutrition lectures, healthy living community activities, etc., to popularize nutrition and health concepts to families .

  National health is the foundation of a country

  Healthy life starts with nutritious breakfast

  The “Healthy China 2030” planning outline proposes to maintain and protect people’s health in an all-round and full-cycle manner and significantly improve health levels. Huang Lan, senior nutrition consultant at Amway, said: “Health is an important foundation for a better life, and national health is the foundation of a country. Improving health literacy is one of the most fundamental, economical and effective measures to improve national health and promote a healthy China. Construction requires joint action by the country, society, individuals and families, and Amway people are willing to work hard for this.”

  Healthy Tianjin puts nutrition first and contributes Tianjin’s strength to a healthy China. A day’s plan begins in the morning, and a good life begins with a nutritious breakfast. Breakfast is the beginning of the day’s nutritional acquisition and the first stop for a reasonable diet and proactive health. Amway Senior Nutrition Consultant Wei Yiqi said: “Today’s Nutritious Breakfast Challenge is a very meaningful thing that benefits people’s livelihood. Through cognitive changes, literacy improvement, and habit formation, we can achieve public health and realize the vision of a better life. Participate in these two days of activities. There are more than 500 families in China, and we hope that every family will have a family health manager to build a healthy barrier for themselves and their families.”

  Breakfast Trap “Hidden Hunger”

  Cells feel full but hungry

  According to the “White Paper on Breakfast Behavior of Chinese Residents”, people need to consume four types of nutrients for breakfast every day, including cereals and potatoes, vegetables and fruits, meat, eggs, milk, and beans and nuts. However, more than half of residents do not have enough breakfast varieties. , Insufficient nutrition. Speaking of Tianjin’s breakfast, pancakes, crispy rice, tofu curd, rolls, soy milk… we will think of “two highs and four deficiencies”, that is, high carbohydrates, high fats, insufficient vitamins and minerals, and unsaturated fatty acids. Insufficient, insufficient dietary fiber and insufficient protein. Tianjin people who value breakfast so much have fallen into the “breakfast trap”.

  This phenomenon of feeling full but having unbalanced nutrition or lacking certain vitamins and essential minerals is called “hidden hunger.” “Hidden hunger” has no obvious symptoms, but its consequences are catastrophic: about 70% of chronic diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, obesity, cancer, etc., are related to insufficient intake of human nutrients. It is related to balance, and “hidden hunger” is becoming an invisible killer of health.

  Liu Bing, Amway’s senior nutrition consultant, believes: “Food is the most important thing for people, and loving to eat does not mean knowing how to eat it. The nutritious breakfast activity is actually the beginning. The ultimate goal is to nourish every meal. Through our own actions, we can lead more families to be delicious-oriented. Transform your taste habits into scientific habits that balance deliciousness and nutrition, and ultimately make a contribution to the health of all people.”

  “6+1” nutritional intake

  Having a good breakfast is so easy

  Recently, the “Breakfast Nutrition and Health Model for Chinese Residents” compiled by the Chinese Nutrition Society’s Reasonable Diet Expert Group and supported by the Amway Nutrilite Nutrition and Health Research Center was released, which proposed a “6+1” healthy breakfast model suitable for Chinese residents, that is, a multi-dimensional Multi-minerals, high-quality protein, fatty acids, phospholipids, phytonutrients, dietary fiber, and probiotics are designed to guide the public to pay attention to breakfast nutrition and develop an independent and self-disciplined healthy lifestyle.

  “With such a rush every morning, can the 6+1 intake method be realized?” Faced with the doubts of the audience, the answer was given in the “15-minute nutritious breakfast” challenge session. Contestant Zhang Yin broke through the competition and became the winner through the “big pie with everything”. The flatbread is paired with lettuce, ham, eggs, milk, and bananas to ensure the nutritional intake of carbohydrates, dietary fiber, protein, and multivitamins while being quick and delicious.

  Contestant Liu Chang won with a good-looking breakfast. Beef is known as the “most delicious meat”, and paired with fresh fruits and vegetables, it is simply a “golden CP”. Garnished with a small amount of nuts, it instantly wakes up your taste buds all day long.

  Contestant Liu Na chose whole-grain sweet potatoes with tomatoes, asparagus, mushrooms, and prawns to reduce carbohydrate intake and increase the intake of high-quality protein and multivitamins. It is fat-reducing and nutritious.

  Amway Senior Nutrition Consultant Zhang Huan said, “Balance of nutrition in breakfast is very important for each of our families, because it provides a supply of key nutrients throughout the day. Especially for children, eating a good breakfast is not only beneficial to the growth and development of the body, but also improves health. Learning efficiency, so every family must pay attention to breakfast!”

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