From this social responsibility report, understand the original intention of Bank of Shanghai

From this social responsibility report, understand the original intention of Bank of Shanghai

Recently, Bank of Shanghai released the 2022 Social Responsibility Report (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”).

The report shows,At present, Bank of Shanghai has total assets of nearly 2.9 trillion yuan, annual revenue of more than 50 billion yuan, and profit of more than 20 billion yuan. It is one of the 19 systemically important banks in China. It is listed in the top 1000 global banks by the British “Banker” magazine Among the top 100.

It is worth mentioning that in 2022, Bank of Shanghai will actively explore ESG (environment, society, and corporate governance) practices, promote the organic integration of its own high-quality development and fulfillment of social responsibilities, and continue to deepen value creation.For the whole year of 2022, Bank of Shanghai achieved a net profit of 22.28 billion yuan attributable to shareholders of the parent company, a non-performing loan ratio at the end of the year of 1.25%, and a social contribution value of 6.5 yuan per share. It was included in the “China ESG 50” list released by Forbes China for the first time.

Jin Yu, chairman of Bank of Shanghai, said in his speech in the report: “In 2022, the successful convening of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China sounded the clarion call for building a socialist modern country in an all-round way. Standing at a new historical height, Bank of Shanghai actively responded to the great call , adhere to the new development concept, carry forward the feelings of serving the country, stick to the heart of the people, gather forces for good, deepen value creation, maintain stable operations, continue to improve professional, efficient, and high-quality financial services, support high-quality economic development, and meet people’s high-quality life need.”

  1 for economy

Bank of Shanghai adheres to the essence of financial services for the real economy, strives to give full play to the allocation function of financial resources, and promotes high-quality development.

In 2022, the Bank of Shanghai will implement the policy orientation of stabilizing growth, stabilizing market players, and stabilizing employment, and highlight support for green finance, inclusive finance, strategic emerging industries and technology-based enterprises, rural revitalization, infrastructure construction, and livelihood undertakings. , promote the optimization of the business environment, and continuously improve the quality and efficiency of financial services.

The development of inclusive finance is the banking industry’s due responsibility to serve the real economy and practice finance for the people. In 2022, Bank of Shanghai will integrate existing inclusive financial products, launch the “Small and Micro Enterprise Financial Service Cloud Supermarket”, and release the “Uplink Benefits” inclusive financial brand to create a “one-stop” comprehensive financial service platform for small and micro enterprises. At the same time, Bank of Shanghai optimized the product system of “Quick Loan for Small and Micro Enterprises” and pioneered the non-contact financial service of “Online Quick Loan for Guarantee Funds”, becoming the only commercial bank in the industry that supports online guarantee fund loan business.In 2022, the amount of inclusive loans will increase by 67% year-on-year; by the end of 2022, the number of inclusive loan customers will increase by 133% compared with the end of the previous year.

  2 for people’s livelihood

In order to protect people’s livelihood, Bank of Shanghai insists on putting financial services first. Bank of Shanghai continues to deepen its understanding of the people’s growing needs for a better life, and extends its service tentacles to various fields of people’s livelihood to promote financial inclusion, improve people’s livelihood, and enhance people’s livelihood and well-being.

As the largest pension agency bank in Shanghai,On the basis of providing pension financial services at 232 outlets in Shanghai, Bank of Shanghai has built 50 pension financial sub-branches and 51 peak pension business outlets according to local conditions, and continues to do a good job in serving the elderly.

It is reported that Bank of Shanghai continues to provide “morning market services” and deploys bank guide volunteers at outlets with large passenger flow for the elderly; For convenient online services.

In addition, as a member of Shanghai’s “convenient medical service” digital transformation construction team, Bank of Shanghai has provided comprehensive service support for about 150 public hospitals in Shanghai, and the cooperation coverage rate ranks first in the industry; Key service innovation projects help build the first hospital in Shanghai to fully launch the digital RMB payment function.

  3 for clients

Bank of Shanghai adheres to the “customer-centric” concept, relies on digital transformation, upgrades financial services in an all-round way, pays close attention to customer feedback and service improvement, protects customer rights and interests, and promotes continuous improvement of customer experience.

In 2022, Bank of Shanghai’s corporate online banking will launch a number of “cloud services” such as online contract signing and online transfer of funds to increase credit lines to help companies resume work and production. It is reported that the corporate mobile banking has launched a special area of ​​”Shangshang Huizhuan” to create an online one-stop inclusive financial service platform, adding digital and convenient services such as corporate income and expenditure report analysis and news push, serving a large number of small and micro enterprises.

Since June 1, 2022, the Shanghai area has fully restored the normal life order in the city. Bank of Shanghai has actively and effectively deployed outlets to resume work and production. A series of caring measures such as “as soon as possible, as early as possible, as long as possible” have effectively responded to the surge in branch business and the peak of pension payment, and ensured the needs of people’s livelihood.

  4 for the environment

What is commendable is that the Bank of Shanghai takes the development of green finance as the priority and realizes its own green and low-carbon transformation as the foundation. Be a good practitioner and pioneer of green and low carbon.

Bank of Shanghai has always regarded green finance as an important aspect of serving the real economy and an important direction for future development, continuously improving its professional capabilities in green finance, launching the “Green Tree City Bank” financial service brand, accurately “knowing green”, “helping green” with heart, Patiently “protect the green”, continue to improve the product service system, expand service areas, and provide enterprises with one-stop comprehensive financial services.

Bank of Shanghai pays attention to the integrated development of inclusive finance and green finance, and has determined three green inclusive development directions of “ecological agriculture, energy-saving services, and green transportation”, and promotes Huinong loans, contract energy loans, and new energy commercial vehicle loans.As of the end of 2022, the balance of Bank of Shanghai’s green loans increased by 116.38% compared with the end of the previous year; the number of green loan customers increased by 148.05% compared with the end of the previous year.

  5 for employees

Bank of Shanghai adheres to the concept of people-oriented, effectively protects the rights and interests of employees, cares for the growth of employees, strives to create a highland for talent development, continuously improves employees’ sense of gain, and creates common value with employees.

Focusing on the development strategy and combining the needs of the whole bank’s team capacity building, Bank of Shanghai further improved the hierarchical and classified training, consolidated the foundation of training ability, and strived to build a comprehensive, multi-level training system covering all employees, so as to play the positive role of training empowerment. At the same time, Bank of Shanghai focuses on “key groups and key areas”, highlights the three driving forces of “management ability, professional ability, and digital ability”, and conducts training in a differentiated and multi-form manner.

  6 for society

A rose with someone, a lingering fragrance in your hand.

Bank of Shanghai insists on repaying the society and co-existing harmoniously with the society, carrying out various activities in the fields of fixed-point assistance, social welfare, cultural and sports undertakings, adhering to normalized financial education, implementing responsible procurement, gathering forces for good, and building a more socially warm Shanghai bank.In 2022, Bank of Shanghai will invest more than 34 million yuan in social welfare undertakings.

For example, Bank of Shanghai actively implements consumption assistance and integrates resources to create a full-chain model of consumption assistance.

One is to purchase products from Yunnan Province in the procurement of related employee benefits, especially in favor of Yanshan County, Yunnan, which the company is paired with.

The second is to mobilize the majority of employees and customers to “buy instead of help” and further deepen the brand building of “together” assistance.

The third is to integrate resources to promote connection with large markets and large platforms. Assisted in recommending Ameng Town?Fengzhong Breeding Farmers Professional Cooperative was approved as “Shanghai Extension Vegetable Production Base”, assisted Yanshan Gaofeng beef, Ashe Township apples, and Luotaiyi soft seed pomegranate to participate in the evaluation of Shanghai’s “Hundred Counties and Hundred Products” ” brand, launched on the Shanghai Consumer Assistance Platform and the “Hundred Counties and Hundred Products” micro-official website and live broadcast room.

At the same time, Bank of Shanghai continued to carry out the paired student aid of “Shanghai Bank Love · Yanshan Dream” with the working mode of “1 assistance target + 1 pair person + 1 party and league organization” to expand and absorb social assistance Strength, innovative forms of voluntary assistance.

  7 Outlook

It is not difficult to see that Bank of Shanghai embraces the “big country” and fulfills the role of state-owned enterprises. In terms of social responsibility, it is even more “making great progress and making further progress”.

Zhu Jian, President of the Bank of Shanghai, said in his speech in the report: “2023 is the first year to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Adhere to serving the country with finance, serving the people, and doing good with finance, and accelerate the planning of the layout, with a higher position, a broader vision, and the determination to commit to the most difficult and far-reaching goals, and promote high-quality sustainable development, which is a Chinese-style Modernization continues to contribute to the upside.”

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